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Leander Glenn Girls Dominates District 13-5A Wrestling Tournament with Impressive Team Score

In the District 13-5A girls wrestling tournament held at the Delco Activity Center in Austin, TX, several thrilling matches unfolded, showcasing the talent and determination of the participating athletes. 

In the 100-pound weight class, the 1st place match saw Chennesy Hehr from Buda Hays facing off against Hava Hernandez of Austin Crockett. Hehr secured the victory with a pin at 3 minutes and 59 seconds, claiming the top spot. For the 3rd place match in the same weight class, Addison Baker of Leander Glenn emerged victorious, earning the bronze medal through a bye. 

Moving to the 107-pound category, Rachel Corley of Cedar Park dominated the 1st place match against Taylor Niece from Leander Glenn, securing a major decision victory with a score of 13-1, solidifying her championship title. In the 3rd place bout, Isabella Sandoval of Leander Rouse displayed her prowess, defeating Amaya Roberts from Austin LASA with a pin at the one-minute mark, securing the bronze medal. The 4th place match in the 107-pound weight class saw Amaya Roberts of Austin LASA prevailing over Jacinda Rodgers from Austin Crockett. 

In the 114-pound weight class, Melinda Hester of Leander Glenn emerged triumphant in the 1st place match against Harper Labbe of Liberty Hill, securing the victory with a swift pin at 46 seconds. For the 3rd place match, Rylie Shieh of Austin LASA showcased her skills by defeating Keenyah Oliver from Buda Hays with a fall at 2 minutes and 8 seconds. The 4th place match in the same weight class saw Keenyah Oliver of Buda Hays securing the win over Asra Roe of Leander with a non-competitive result. 

Moving on to the 120-pound weight class, Sophia Silva of Leander Rouse dominated the 1st place match against Jade Friedman of Austin LASA, achieving a pin in just 1 minute and 5 seconds. In the 3rd place match, Isabella Borjas of Liberty Hill secured a victory over Sharon Sierra of Austin Crockett with a 7-3 decision. The 4th place match in this weight class witnessed Sharon Sierra of Austin Crockett prevailing over Clair Elam of Leander Glenn with a non-competitive result.

In the 126-pound weight class, Madison Rich of Leander Glenn secured the 1st place position with an impressive victory over Nataly Dizon from Buda Hays, pinning her opponent in just 23 seconds. For the 3rd place match, Mia Munguia of Austin Navarro exhibited…

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