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We know you love all levels of Texas wrestling, that’s why you are here. We are looking for content creators for youth, high school, and college wrestling from all across Texas.

You get to:

  • Create your own schedule covering teams in your area or even watch live matches online
  • Create as much good content as you can; no limits on the amount
  • Create your own schedule; go to as many matches as you want
  • Write articles, interview coaches/wrestlers, or just create some awesome content

You get paid.

It’s a simple process for those who love wrestling.

Please fill out the information below and let’s elevate the level of wrestling coverage in Texas.

  • What can you add to WrestlingTexas?
  • Let us know about your past experiences creating content or what you'd like to add to be part of our team. What part of the state, or teams, would you like to cover?

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