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Dumas Demonettes Clinch First Place at Tuttle Oklahoma Greg Henning Girls Invitational Tournament

The Dumas Demonettes wrestling team, under the leadership of Head Coach Chris Holzworth, delivered an outstanding performance at the Tuttle Oklahoma Wrestling Tournament, securing first place in this highly competitive event. This victory marks a significant milestone, reflecting the team’s growth and echoing their success as last year’s dual state championship team.

Leading the Demonettes was senior Jolee Jones, who showcased exceptional skill in the 235 weight class, earning 1st Place. Her leadership has been pivotal in guiding the team towards victory. The team also saw remarkable performances from:

  • – **Yadelyn Gavirio** in the 100 weight class, earning a strong 2nd Place.
  • – **Berkley Funderburg** in the 105 class, clinching 1st Place with her impressive skills.
  • – **Tessa Cook** in the 110 class, securing 4th Place with a commendable performance.
  • – **Yaritza Vargas** in the 120 class, achieving 5th Place, showcasing her potential.
  • – **Emmy Armstrong** in the 125 class, earning 4th Place, adding to the team’s successes.
  • – **Audiahna Pichardo** in the 130 class, claiming 2nd Place with her outstanding performance.
  • – **Ember Morgan** in the 135 class, securing 3rd Place, demonstrating her growing expertise.
  • – **Elaina Morgan** in the 140 class, dominating her category and achieving 1st Place.
  • – **Andrea Aguirre** in the 145 class, clinching 1st Place with her exceptional wrestling skills.
  • – **Mariana Avalos** in the 170 class, earning a commendable 3rd Place.

Coach Holzworth expressed his pride in the team: “These girls are competing very well and are starting to look like the dual state championship team we had last year. With Jolee Jones leading, all the girls are doing what they are supposed to be doing. They are wrestling all three periods, and in those close matches, we are coming out on top. We are excited to see how we look at the upcoming dual state tournament, and we are working to bring that dual state championship back to Dumas.”

The consistent improvement of the Demonettes has been impressive, showcasing their dedication and skill. Their performances in various weight classes demonstrate the depth and strength of the team. With the community’s support, the Demonettes are a strong contender for the upcoming dual state tournament, aiming to replicate their past success and bring the championship title back to Dumas.

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Written by Jose Loya

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