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Coach of the Year Adam Sandoval Spearheads Lake Travis’s Triumph at Region 4-6A Championships

Lake Travis is crowned as the 2024 Region 4-6A Champions. The Cavalier’s success can be credited to their eight semifinalists, seven finalists, and four champions. Brett Burgess, Will Deutschlander, Kaiden Antonacci, and Laird Borbón all won gold and will be wrestlers to watch at the state championship. Lake Travis’s first-year head coach, Adam Sandoval wins the Region 4 Coach of the Year award. Vandegrift, Dripping Springs, and Hutto follow behind Lake Travis and they each had two of their own champions. Lake Travis will be bringing eight wrestlers to the state tournament, Vandegrift seven, Dripping Springs six, and Hutto four. All of these teams and even those not listed have potential state placers coming from this region.


  • Champions – Lake Travis – 196 points
  • Runner-Ups – Vandegrift – 174 points
  • 3rd – Dripping Springs – 146 points
  • 4th – Hutto – 113 points

Below are the results and a breakdown of each weight class.

106 Championship

#3 Jackson Shipley from Dripping Springs is the first champion of the year from Region 4. Shipley gets things done very easily allowing zero real points, only four escapes the entire tournament. He collected three falls and a major decision on his championship run. He will likely be one of six wrestlers that reach the podium next weekend at state. Braiden Bartlett, David Hughes, and Geronimo Hernandez are the other state qualifiers.

  • 1st Place – #3 Jackson Shipley of Dripping Springs
  • 2nd Place – #14 Braiden Bartlett of Austin Lake Travis
  • 3rd Place – David Hughes of Killeen Harker Heights
  • 4th Place – #19 Geronimo Hernandez of San Antonio Churchill
  • 5th Place – Jaylon Scott of Converse Judson

1st Place Match

  • Jackson Shipley (Dripping Springs) So. over Braiden Bartlett (Austin Lake Travis) Fr. (Fall 1:04)

3rd Place Match

  • David Hughes (Killeen Harker Heights) over Jaylon Scott (Converse Judson) (Fall 1:22)

5th Place Match

  • Geronimo Hernandez (San Antonio Churchill) over Jaylon Scott (Converse Judson) (Dec 9-2)

113 Championship

Three periods were not enough time for the championship or third-place match at this weight class. A the end of regulation Patterson had gotten out from bottom twice and his opponent curtis white had one reversal in the second period. Twenty seconds into overtime Curtis White of San Antonio Churchill gets the sudden victory takedown and is crowned as the region champion. Trujillo and Martinez both lost by decision to the finalists and needed extra periods for their placement match as well. Sudden victory wasn’t enough for these two as they went into the first tiebreaker period where Charlie Trujillo could get his escape and win bronze. 

  • 1st Place – #12 Curtis White of San Antonio Churchill
  • 2nd Place – #13 Garrett Patterson of San Antonio Johnson
  • 3rd Place – #7 Charlie Trujillo of Austin Vandegrift
  • 4th Place – Jesus Martinez of La Joya
  • 5th Place – Pedro Gutierrez of Pflugerville Weiss

1st Place Match

  • Curtis White (San Antonio Churchill) 40-5, Sr. over Garrett Patterson (San Antonio Johnson) Jr. (SV-1 4-2)

3rd Place Match

  • Charlie Trujillo (Austin Vandegrift) over Jesus Martinez (La Joya) (TB-1 2-1)

5th Place Match

  • Jesus Martinez (La Joya) over Pedro Gutierrez (Pflugerville Weiss) (Fall 0:56)

120 Championship

As expected Derek Ruffin of Vandegrift made his way through the bracket pretty easily. His only challenge was in the semifinals against Jonah Arellano from Lake Travis, but Ruffin secured the 7-3 decision. Every other match besides this ended in a pin in the favor of Ruffin. Arellano claimed third place over Victor Reyna. 

  • 1st Place – #2 Derek Ruffin of Austin Vandegrift
  • 2nd Place – #18 Yahya Piere of Austin Akins
  • 3rd Place – #8 Jonah Arellano of Austin Lake Travis
  • 4th Place – #13 Victor Reyna of San Antonio Johnson
  • 5th Place – Gilbert Avila of Edinburg Economedes

1st Place Match

  • Derek Ruffin (Austin Vandegrift) 40-3, Sr. over Yahya Piere (Austin Akins) Sr. (Fall 3:09)

3rd Place Match

  • Jonah Arellano (Austin Lake Travis) over Victor Reyna (San Antonio Johnson) (Dec 6-2)

5th Place Match

  • Victor Reyna (San Antonio Johnson) over Gilbert Avila (Edinburg Economedes) (SV-1 8-6)

126 Championship

Clyde Adams from Hutto was able to pull off a couple of upsets to become champion in this weight class. Adams was able to defeat #11 Mccaskill and #10 Morales to advance to the finals where he would face Corbin Porter. Adams made that match quickly to earn gold in this weight class. Unranked Corbin Porter of Copperas Cove came out of nowhere and made the finals.

  • 1st Place – #12 Clyde Adams of Hutto
  • 2nd Place – Corbin Porter of Copperas Cove
  • 3rd Place – #11 Micah Mccaskill of San Antonio Churchill
  • 4th Place – #13 Cole Sides of Dripping Springs
  • 5th Place – #10 Cruz Morales of New Braunfels

1st Place Match

  • Clyde Adams (Hutto) Sr. over Corbin Porter (Copperas Cove) Jr. (Fall 0:28)

3rd Place Match

  • Micah Mccaskill (San Antonio Churchill) over Cole Sides (Dripping Springs) (Dec 2-1)

132 Championship

Back-to-back Adams victory after Luke Adams defeated Hagen Shipley by decision in the finals here at 132. Adams pinned his way up to the finals and was brought his only test of the tournament. Shipley defeated #10 McQuone 11-1 in the semifinals and should have a spot in the top ten of the new rankings. Unranked Gabriel Quiroga was able to defeat #10 McQuone in the third-place match by decision.

  • 1st Place – #4 Luke Adams of Hutto
  • 2nd Place – #13 Hagen Shipley of Dripping Springs
  • 3rd Place – Gabriel Quiroga of Weslaco
  • 4th Place – #10 Colin McQuone of New Braunfels
  • 5th Place – #12 Connor O`Brien of San Antonio Reagan

1st Place Match

  • Luke Adams (Hutto) Sr. over Hagen Shipley (Dripping Springs) Sr. (Dec 7-3)

3rd Place Match

  • Gabriel Quiroga (Weslaco) over Colin McQuone (New Braunfels) (Dec 6-3)

138 Championship

#6 Joel Aguilar of Temple showed dominance this weekend as he defeated all of his opponents by fall of tech fall. Aguilar also scored the most match points in the tournament putting up sixty-four points in four matches. Unranked Abel Silverman was able to grab third place at this weight with a major decision over Patterson, who was defeated by Figueroa in the fourth-place match.

  • 1st Place – #6 Joel Aguilar of Temple
  • 2nd Place – #8 Brandon Runhaar of Austin Vandegrift
  • 3rd Place – Abel Silverman of Dripping Springs
  • 4th Place – #7 Henry Figueroa of Round Rock
  • 5th Place – Wesley Patterson of San Antonio Johnson

1st Place Match

  • Joel Aguilar (Temple) 45-2, Sr. over Brandon Runhaar (Austin Vandegrift) Sr. (Fall 4:35)

3rd Place Match

  • Abel Silverman (Dripping Springs) over Wesley Patterson (San Antonio Johnson) (MD 11-0)

5th Place Match

  • Henry Figueroa (Round Rock) over Wesley Patterson (San Antonio Johnson) (Fall 4:01)

144 Championship

The first champion from Lake Travis resides here at 144. Brett Burgess racked up three pins to reach the finals where he faced Gabriel Eckert of Vandegrift. A second-period escape and a third-period ride out is what gave Burgess the victory, making him a 2x Region 4-6A Champion. Schnieders cleaned up the consolation side after falling to Burgess in the semifinals to get himself a bronze medal. 

  • 1st Place – #11 Brett Burgess of Austin Lake Travis
  • 2nd Place – Gabriel Eckert of Austin Vandegrift
  • 3rd Place – #17 Grant Schnieders of San Antonio Reagan
  • 4th Place – Gian Balderas of San Antonio Madison
  • 5th Place – Ayden Flanagan of Hutto

1st Place Match

  • Brett Burgess (Austin Lake Travis) 41-5, Jr. over Gabriel Eckert (Austin Vandegrift) So. (Dec 1-0)

3rd Place Match

  • Grant Schnieders (San Antonio Reagan) over Gian Balderas (San Antonio Madison) (Fall 2:34)

150 Championship

This bracket was one of two where the top five placers are all ranked. Will Deutschlander proved he is the best out of them with six-point decision wins over #8 Blenis and #9 Harden. Deutschlander will be one of the top wrestlers from this region to 

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