Andy Garcia Empire Invitational

In the first clash of the year, two powerhouse wrestling teams, #4 Eastwood and #9 Franklin, met at the Andy Garcia Tournament hosted by El Dorado HS. Franklin emerged victorious, starting their season strong with 9 placers in the top 3 out of more than 14 competing teams, securing a 209.5 point win.

The final standings saw Franklin leading with 209.5 points, followed by Eastwood at 179, Americas at 119, Del Valle at 105.5, and Burges rounding off the top 5 with 71 team points.

The 106 weight Hector Oritz of Eastwood gets the fall in the 1st period over Dunn from Riverside. Oritz moves on to the semis to face Lopez from Ysleta and wins by major decision 12-1 getting half his points in the last period. In the finals Ortiz took on Munoz of El Dorado. Ortiz went on the attack first with a quick two and rode out Munoz to end the period. Munoz deferred in the second, Oritz chose Neutral. Some great defense from both wrestlers to keep the match 2-0 Ortiz going into the third period. Without hesitation Oritz gets the takedown right into a pinning combination to win the match with a fall 12 seconds into the third. 

The 113 weight class with some anticipated action in the semis. Alexander Tapia gets a 1st round fall over Lopez from Ysleta. The anticipated semi finals match between Tapia and Magana of Eastwood we witnessed an upset as #2 ranked Noah Magana of Eastwood fell 4-1 to Franklin’s Alexander Tapia in the semi-finals. Tapia and Magana after many attempts show great defense to stall each others attacks. 2nd period Magana defers and Tapia chooses bottom, Tapis gets a quick reversal and rides Magana for 30 seconds before his escape. Tapia gets a takedown as the end of the 2nd period ends to put him up 4-1. 3rd period Magana chooses bottom after several attempts to escape or reverse, Tapias rides out Magana the entire period move onto the championship match. Tapia went on to clinch the weight class title with a 2nd period fall over Del Valle’s Casillas.

The 120 weight Braulio Estrada 6A state placer from last year is 5-0 coming into the tournament. Estrada gets off to a fast start with a 1st period fall over Mateo from Burges. Continues to have roll in the semis with another 1st period pin over Moralez from El Paso High. In the finals Estrada gets a takedown and near fault to put him up 4-0 over Hendren of Eastwood. Hendren takes top in the 2nd period. Estrada gets a quick escape, takedown to near fault, lets Hendren escape and continues with a take down to more near fall to end the match in a tech fall 15-1 making Estrada your champion.

The 126 weight class Franklin’s Ian Abdallah, a three-time state placer, dominated the tournament with consecutive falls, securing a first-place finish. Abdallah starts off the tournament with a fall in the 2nd period over Rodrigeuz of Riverside. Adallah moves on to get the fall or Carrillo of Burges in the 1st period. In the semis Abdallah pins Parra of Gadsden New Mexico in the 2nd period. In the finals Adallah faced Fernandez of Americas. Abdallah gets a fast takedown, Fernandez escapes then Adallah stays on the attack with another takedown and 4 more points off of near fault. Fernandez escapes to get his last point of the match and Adallah takes advantage and gets a takedown and near fault before the end of the 1st period. Going into the 2nd Abdallah is up 12-2, Fernandez defers to Abdalla chooses bottom and gets and escape and a take down to a pin to end the match. 

The 132 weight class Isaac Ibarra of Eastwood comes into the tournament 4-0. Ibarra gets the 1st period fall over Montes of El Dorado in the first round. In the quarter finals Ibarra manages to get the decision over Casillas of Del Valle 12-5. In the semis Ibarra gets the fall in the 1st period over Hernandez of El Paso High. Ibarra faces off versus Dimas Sosa a freshman from Franklin. Sosa off to a strong start with a takedown and ride out to end the 1st period. Sosa defers Ibarra take bottom and gets a reversal and near fault to end the 2nd period. 5-2 going into the 3rd Sosa chooses bottom gets the escape but Ibarra with senior experience gets takedown to a fall to win in the finals. 

The 138 weight features an Eastwood freshman Andrew Tarango. Tarango meets up with a state qualifier as a sophomore Ronald Woo of Burges and Tarango manages to get the decision 7-1 over Woo. In semis Tarango goes on to get the fall over Rodela from Riverside. The championship match against Gutierrez of Franklin, Tarango gets off to a solid stare with a first period takedown and tilt to get near fall. Tarango defers in the 2nd and Gutierrez chooses bottom. Tarango gets near fall before Gutierez escapes. Tarango gets right back on the attack with a takedown and Gutierrez with a quick escape after to end the 2nd Tarango up 9-2. Going into the 3rd Tarango chooses neutral goes back to work on a takedown, Tarango with a quick escape. Tarango with relentless pressure gets the take down to a fall to end the match as your 138 champion. 

The 144 weight Gavin Gonzalez earns a 1st round fall over Garcia of Eastwood. Gonzalez gets a win in the semis by injury default over Pacheco of Riverside after being up by 2-0. Gonzalez goes on to wrestle Barde of El Paso High in the championship match. Gonzalez gets taken down by Barde and gets hit with his first stalling on bottom. 2nd period Barde chooses bottom and Gonzalez goes to work on top going on a 10 point near fault run until Barde gets a reversal. 3rd period Barde chooses neutral and gets a takedown Gonzales gets a quick reversal and rides out the match to win the championship match 12-6. 

The 150 weight class Edison Sutton of Americas gets a fall in the first round against Franklins Alderete. In the semis Sutton faces Torres of Gadsden, New Mexico and once again gets the fall before the end of the 1st period can end. In the championship match Sutton faces off against Kang of Andress. Sutton gets a takedown to start the match, Kang gets the reversal, Sutton gets a reversal right before the period ends to take a 4-2 lead. Kang defers in the 2nd period Sutton chooses bottom and gets a reversal before getting the fall over Kang. 

The 157 weight class Jacob Torres of Americas gets a fall in the 2nd period over Rodriguez of Gadsden, New Mexico. In the semis Torres gets the fall over Cordova in the 2nd period. Torres takes on Williams of Americas to make it an all Americas final. Torres gets a 1st period takedown, Williams with a quick reversal with a quick escape and end the 1st period in neutral. Torres leading 3-2. Williams defers in the 2nd Torres chooses bottom, Torres gets the escape before getting the takedown straight to a fall to win the championship match. 

The 165 weight class Gilberto Carpio of Franklin gets a fall over Del Valle’s Brunjes. In the semis Carpio gets a fall in the 1st over Andrade of Gadsden, New Mexico. Carpio faces off versus Alvarado of Americas. Alvarado gets off to quick start with a takedown to 3 near fall before Carpio can escape and get a takedown of his own to end the period 3-5 Alvarado. In the 2nd period Alvarado defers and Carpio chooses bottom where he gets a reversal and getting 4 points worth of near fall before ending the 2nd. The 3rd period Alvarado chooses neutral, Carpio takes the opening and gets the fall in the 3rd period to be your champion at 165. 

The 175 weight class Vance Mark a senior from Coronado bulldozes through the tournament to three 1st period falls. Mark gets the fall in his first match over Payne of Riverside. In the semis gets the fall over Zamarripa of Riverside in the 1st period. In the championship match he faced off against Fleming of Franklin, Mark got a takedown rallied up 5 near fall points before getting the fall over Fleming. Mark wrestled for just over 2 minutes and 40 seconds all day!

The 190 weight class Alius Soto of Gadsden, New Mexico takes the weight class. Gets falls against Martinez of El Paso Bowie, Stevens of Franklin and in the championship match wins 5-0 against Cordova of El Dorado. 

The 215 weight class Zacary Adams of El Dorado puts together a solid day of wrestling. Adams gets the fall over Vasquez of Socorro. In the semis he manages to get the fall over Fraire of Andress before the end of the 1st period. In the Championship match the young sophomore faces off against some tested competition from Cano of Burges. Cano gets a stalling call from Adams aggressive attack and finally gets a takedown and while riding out the period gets hit with a stalling call of his own. Cano defers in the 2nd and Adams take bottom where Cano rides tough and holds Adams down the entire period. 3rd period Adams is up 2-0, Cano chooses bottom and manages to escape and get a takedown of his own. Cano up 3-2 at this point when Cano gets another stalling giving Adams a point. Adamas manages to get the reversal and rides out the time to win the match in a grueling going back and forth till the end. 

The 285 weight class Carlos Carbajal of El Paso High takes home the championship after a three falls in a row. Carbajal’s first match he gets the fall over Pena of Franklin. In the semes he gets the fall over Durate of Chaparral, New Mexico. In the championship match Carbajal gets the fall over Bautista of Eastwood taking him from feet to back to bring home the championship. 

Noteworthy absence from the tournament included #4 ranked Miguel Solis, #4 Cayden Rios, #8 Elijah Molinar, #4 Rudy Bautista, and #12 Samuel Montes from Eastwood.

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Written by Marco Chavez

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