St John’s Wrestling Quad: A Display of Skill, Strategy, and Sheer Willpower

St John’s hosted a Quad with Lamar, George Ranch, and Kinkaid. While George Ranch put up a fight with a full roster loaded with talent, they were unable to pull out a team victory vs St John’s or Kinkaid. Lamar got some much-needed experience on the day but were mostly overmatched. The match up everyone was eager to see was St John’s vs Kinkaid, as St John’s was recently snubbed in the TX Prep Rankings and was out to prove they are still the prep team to beat in Texas. Although they were only ranked one slot lower than Kinkaid, they felt the disrespect. Did Kinkaid pull out the victory and prove the early rankings right? Let’s dive in.

In an electrifying display of wrestling prowess, St John’s hosted a quad meet featuring Lamar, George Ranch, and Kinkaid. Each team brought their unique strengths and talents to the mat, creating an atmosphere charged with anticipation and competitive spirit.

George Ranch’s Gallant Effort
Despite showcasing a full roster laden with talent, George Ranch faced stiff competition. They put up commendable performances but fell short of clinching team victories against St John’s and Kinkaid. Their effort, however, added a layer of competitive intensity to the event.

Lamar’s Learning Curve
Lamar, though less experienced, gained invaluable lessons from their matches. They faced some challenging bouts, and while they were often outmatched, the experience is expected to fuel their growth in future competitions.

St John’s vs. Kinkaid: The Duel That Captivated All
The highlight of the day was the much-anticipated clash between St John’s and Kinkaid. St John’s, recently ranked lower than expected in the Texas Prep Rankings, entered the mat with determination to assert their dominance in Texas wrestling.

Match-by-Match Breakdown:

  • 113 lbs: Kinkaid’s Huxley Johnson pinned Julian Tan of St John’s, putting Kinkaid ahead early in the competition.
  • 120 lbs: Braden Lane (ranked #6 ) of St John’s quickly equalized by pinning Connor Hanson from Kinkaid.
  • 126 lbs: Garrett Clark of Kinkaid (ranked #2 ) regained the lead by pinning Spencer Arouty (ranked #4 ) from St John’s.
  • 132 lbs: Mason Lum (ranked #2 ) of St John’s leveled the score once again with a win over Graham Erwin.
  • 138 lbs: John (Jet) Ligums (ranked #5) from St John’s took the lead with a win against Jack Denechaud (ranked #7).
  • 144 lbs: In a thrilling match, Morgan Tannery (ranked #3) of Kinkaid pinned Thomas Wade (ranked #3), tying the score.
    At this point, the dual felt like 2 heavy weight boxers trading haymakers, and nobody backed down. With each blow Kinkaid was saying, “We are here,” and St John’s answering to say, “We are still the champs.” What a matchup!
  • 150 lbs: St John’s Michael Mann (ranked #4) won a major decision over Takori Bradford, edging St John’s ahead.
  • 157 lbs: Henry Denham of St John’s extended their lead by pinning Zachary Nielson.
  • 165 lbs: Nico Gomez (ranked #2 ) of Kinkaid narrowed the gap with a win over Luke Nanna.
  • 175 lbs: Byson Huber from Kinkaid pinned Lyndon Huang (ranked #10), bringing Kinkaid back into the lead.
  • 190 lbs: Sebastian Rodriguez (ranked #7) of St John’s pinned Colton Silverstein, swinging the lead back to St John’s.
  • 215 lbs & HWT: Kinkaid forfeited these weight classes, resulting in wins for Lukas Fjeld-Hansen (ranked #10) and Leandro Avelar of St John’s.
  • 106 lbs: Cameron Baird of St John’s sealed their victory with a win over Thomas Leman.

Reflecting on the Absences
The event also highlighted notable absences from both teams, including top-ranked wrestlers such as Blake Butler, Will McMackin, and Oliver Eades for Kinkaid, and Yahya Mir, Barrett Mossman, and Nico Sturgis for St John’s. Their absence left many wondering how their presence could have altered the dynamics of the meet.

Conclusion: The Ongoing Saga
This event was not just a day of victories and defeats; it set the stage for an ongoing rivalry. With potential lineup changes and the return of absent key wrestlers, the future matches promise to be even more compelling. St John’s retained their crown for now, but the season ahead is ripe with possibilities and promises to be an enthralling journey of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship in Texas high school wrestling. Will those missing pieces swing the final score? Will this be the final weight classes for everyone? Will the coaches play chess with the lineups? Today was just round 1 of many battles to come this year between these 2 scrappy squads, and today St John’s keeps their crown. Let’s see how this plays out this year, it should be a fun ride.

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Written by Derek Clark

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