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Texas Boys Pound for Pound Rankings

High school wrestling in Texas is a fiercely competitive arena where athletes demonstrate exceptional skill and determination. The latest Texas Boys Pound for Pound Rankings for high school wrestling is a testament to the incredible talent and hard work of these young athletes. While the spotlight often shines on the top contenders, it’s essential to recognize that the true depth of talent lies in the broader list, extending to the top 35+ wrestlers. This comprehensive ranking is not just about the few at the top; it’s a celebration of the wider community of wrestlers who have shown remarkable prowess on the mat.

The top 5 in the rankings are a diverse group of athletes, each with their own unique journey and accomplishments.

At the pinnacle is Angelo Ferrari from Melissa High School, a senior in the 5A class, who competes in the 175-weight category. His impressive record includes a first-place finish in 2023, earning him the top national ranking.

Following him is Karson Tompkins from Midlothian, another senior in the 5A class, competing in the 190-weight category. Tompkins boasts an impressive record with multiple first-place finishes, including the national 6th rank.

In third place is Aiden Cooley from Allen, a sophomore in the 6A class, who also competes in the 190-weight category and holds the 9th national rank.

The fourth spot is taken by Dorian Olivarez, a homeschooled senior who competes in the 145-weight category and is nationally ranked.

Rounding out the top five is Isaak Arevalo from Arlington Martin, a junior in the 6A class, competing in the 120-weight category, with first-place finishes in 2022 and 2023. These athletes, along with those in the top 35+, embody the spirit and dedication inherent in Texas high school wrestling.

15A175Angelo FerrariMelissaSR1ST-2023 (#1 nationally ranked)
25A190Karson TompkinsMidlothianSR3rd-2021, 1st-2022, 1ST-2023, (#6 nationally ranked)
36A190Aiden CooleyAllenSO3rd-2023 (#9 nationally ranked)
4HS145Dorian OlivarezHome SchoolSRNationally ranked
56A120Isaak ArevaloArlington MartinJR1st-2022, 1ST-2023
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