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Schreiner Women Win Adrian Duals

Schreiner University continues to build with their women’s program as they picked up a dual team title this Saturday at the Adrian Duals at the Merillat Center at Adrian College in Michigan.

Complete results from the tournament are listed below.

  • 1st Place – Schreiner Unvirsity
  • 2nd Place – Adrian
  • 3rd Place – Lindenwood
  • 4th Place – Indiana Tech
  • 5th Place – Draw Team

Round 1

  • Adrian defeated Draw Team 35-12.
  • Schreiner Unvirsity defeated Lindenwood 21-20.
  • Indiana Tech defeated null 0-0.

Round 2

  • Adrian defeated Lindenwood 28-14.
  • Indiana Tech defeated Schreiner Unvirsity 28-16.
  • Draw Team defeated null 0-0.

Round 3

  • Adrian defeated null 0-0.
  • Lindenwood defeated Indiana Tech 30-12.
  • Schreiner Unvirsity defeated Draw Team 34-5.

Round 4

  • Schreiner Unvirsity defeated Adrian 26-19.
  • Indiana Tech defeated Draw Team 41-4.
  • Lindenwood defeated null 0-0.

Round 5

  • Adrian defeated Indiana Tech 32-14.
  • Lindenwood defeated Draw Team 39-10.
  • Schreiner Unvirsity defeated null 0-0.

They are competing today in the open tournament as well.

You can check out our interview with their head coach Madison Angelito below on our Rokfin page.

Madison Angelito, new women’s wrestling coach at Schreiner University | Rokfin

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