Preseason Nationals, Texas has 4 Champs

Preseason Nationals wraps up this weekend and out of the 217 registered wrestlers only 184 made the trip to Des Moines Iowa to the Hyvee Hall Events Center.  Texas had multiple placers this year in all divisions and even ran into some head to head Texas matches.  Some causing some to go home.  Texas had 4 Champs over all through the weekend with 46 placers total.

The High School Boys finished up on Saturday with 7 placers in the 11th & 12th grade division and the 9th & 10th grade division Texas had 4 placers.  

The 11th & 12th grade top finisher were Eamonn Jimenez @ 113lbs and Tristan Winters @ 220lbs both placing 4th.  Winters ranked #2 @ 220-6A beat Peyton Madawi ranked #10-6A along the way.  Both Jimenez and Winters went 5-2 on the weekend.  #1 ranked @160-6A Austin Hartmangruber and Drake Madole both wrestled to a 5th place finish.  Both wrestlers made the semi finals before gaining their first loss.  #3 ranked @ 106-6A Juan Cantu @ 113lbs made the semifinals as well but had to settle for 6th place.  #7 ranked @ 106-5A Copper Chapman and #1 ranked @ 138-6A Jakob Smith after both making the quarter finals placed 8th.  Chapman beat Nikolas Govea a top 10 ranked 6A wrestler along the way.  

The star in the 9th & 10th grade division would have to go to the up and coming freshman for College Park, Caio Aron @ 113lbs who isn’t ranked yet in the Texas rankings “YET” ran the gauntlet all the way to the finals before taking his first loss and settling for 2nd place.  Aron has always been a top placer and champ on the national schoolboy scene and looks to extend his winning ways to the high school scene.  Kody Tanimoto who placed 4th at the freakshow a couple of weeks ago wrestled to a 5th place finish here at 100lbs after reaching the semifinals.  Ibraheem Ahmed @ 170lbs and Luke Garcia @ 195lbs both placed 7th.

The Middle School Boys had 10 placers out of the 19 wrestlers competing with 2 champions and 1 runner up.  Steel Meyers @ 136lbs and Aiden Cooley @ 187lbs both won a Championship with Noah Santiago @ 149lbs making the finals but had to settle for 2nd place.  Mikey Ruiz @ 92lbs lost in the round of 16 and stormed back in the consolation side to reach the 3rd place match and took it placing 3rd.  Shea McKee @ 149 also made the semifinals before taking his first loss, made it to the 3rd place match and settled for 4th place.  Will Deutschlander @ 136lbs battled his way to a 5th place finish.  Dylan Ota @ 83lbs, Maddux Tindal @ 87lbs, and Maddox Preskitt @ 102 all placed 8th.

The Elementary Boys had 7 of the 11 wrestlers place with no champs but,  Vinny Ferrari @ 78lbs made the finals but had to take a 2nd place finish in the 5th & 6th grade boys along with Benjamin Iturrino @ 105lbs taking 2nd as well but in the 3rd & 4th grade division.  Ben Gruner @ 84lbs and Michael Lopez @ 105lbs both placed 5th in the 3rd & 4th grade boys with Costa Tuttle taking 6th place at 77lbs.  Jaxon Johnson @ 70lbs in the 5th & 6th grade boys took a 7th place finish.  Gino Ferrari @ 56 in the 1st & 2nd grade division took a 7thplace finish.

Now the Girls.  The girls although only having 45 wrestlers competing had 24 top ranked wrestlers in the mix. With the 138lb class having 3 of the 4 ranked top 2. Over-all the girls had 16 placers with 2 champs.  Starting out with 100lbs, #1 ranked @ 95-6A and 2x state champ Olivia DeGeorgio lost in the quarter finals to the eventual champ and stormed back taking 3rd placed.  Isabella Cruz placed 6th and Brenna Trang placed 8th. 106lbs Akeelah Moore was the only placer at 6th place.  At 112lbs Texas had 8 women in battle with the marque match being the battle of the state champs for 3rd place.  #1 ranked @ 110-6ABayley Trang, 2021 state champ and #2 ranked @ 110-5A Avery Ashley, 2020 state champ went the way of Trang 4-2 with the 1st period of Ashley’s takedown going the distance to the 3rd period when with 12 seconds left Trang got the escape and then a takedown for the win.  It was challenged by Ashley but held giving the extra point to Trang. Trang got to the 3rd place match the hard way after losing to Bernal in the round of 16, but avenging the loss in the consolation semifinals for the Trang vs Ashley match up.   They were the only 2 placing out of the 8 Texas girls.

At the 117 weight it was an all Texas finals with #2 @ 119-5A Madison Canales vs #4 @ 119-6A Alyssa Ruiz.  Canales got the fall in the 2nd period.   At 122 #1 ranked @ 119-6A Olivia Moreno won the championship with a fall in the 2nd period as well becoming the 2nd women’s champ.  Brooke Trevino place 8th in this weight as well.  At 127lbs Brooke McCurley took a 7th place finish.  The 138lb class had 8 Texas wrestlers as well with #1 ranked @ 128-5A Aubrey Yauger grabbing the 4th place finish.  #2 ranked @ 138-6A Olivia Crutchley got a 6th place finish which should move her up to the new #1.  #9 @ 128-6 A Rebecca Natvig got her a 7th place finish.  Maegan E. Flaherty placed 8th @ 144lbs.  152lbs Bailey Ford ranked #5 @ 148 placed 6th.  Shenita Lawson placed 4th at 180lbs.

The Middle School Girls standout was Nevada Daniels @ 110lbs reaching the finals but had to settle for a 2nd place.  Analia Urias at the same weight took 5th place and Aniz Ramirez @ 97 took a 4th place finish.

Below is the compete W/L of all the wrestlers

11th-12th Grade Boys
106 lbsNikolas Govea1-2
106 lbsCooper Chapman3-38th place
113 lbsEamonn Jimenez512 Outlaw Wrestling5-24th place
113 lbsJuan CantuGracie Barra Westchase Wrestling Club3-36th place
113 lbsTy FergusonCobra Kai Elite Wrestling Academy0-2
113 lbsMarcus Hayes0-2
120 lbsCarter Taylor3F Wrestling1-2
120 lbsMaddox OakleySpartan Mat Club0-2
120 lbsCaden Lopez0-2
120 lbsJohnathan HaneisenSpartan Mat Club0-2
120 lbsLuke Burgess3F Wrestling0-2
120 lbsNoah LedyardKT 3 Style Wrestling Club0-2
120 lbsKane Sistrunk512 Outlaw Wrestling1-2
126 lbsDeCory HusseyOhana Northeast Wrestling Academy0-2
126 lbsFrancisco LimonG.Y.M.R.0-2
126 lbsRichard DavilaCaprock High School Wrestling3-2
126 lbsJustin MaricleSpartan Mat Club0-2
126 lbsJackson HermanPraetorian Wrestling Club0-2
126 lbsJosiah PinaCaprock High School Wrestling2-2
126 lbsZachary EvansArlington Martin2-2
126 lbsAnthony Tritico0-2
132 lbsNicholas SilvaThundercat Wrestling Club0-2
126 lbsNicholas GormanBRYAN3-2
132 lbsCaden BrownBest Trained Wrestling2-2
132 lbsGian RangelG.Y.M.R.0-2
132 lbsJoseph RichardsonTexas Pride Wrestling Club2-2
132 lbsEsteban DuranTribe Wrestling Club0-2
132 lbsKhoi HoangCobra Kai Elite Wrestling Academy1-2
138 lbsXavier PayneG.Y.M.R.0-2
138 lbsMason GordonTexas Pride Wrestling Club3-2
138 lbsJimmy BenneNB Elite Wrestling Club0-2
138 lbsAdrian DelgadoCaprock High School Wrestling0-2
138 lbsNick Martinez0-2
138 lbsAdrian Martinez3F Wrestling1-2
138 lbsAidan Burke512 Outlaw Wrestling0-2
138 lbsSimon BehrndtColleyville Heritage High School Wrestling0-2
138 lbsCamden WhiteheadBurleson Area Wrestling Club0-2
145 lbsJoshua Moreno3F Wrestling0-2
145 lbsTyler GutierrezOhana Northeast Wrestling Academy0-2
145 lbsNoel TorresThundercat Wrestling Club0-2
145 lbsCole BennettSouthlake Carroll High School Wrestling0-2
145 lbsJakob SmithBoneyard Wrestling Academy3-38th place
145 lbsAiden ValadezNB Elite Wrestling Club3-2
145 lbsIsaiah HunterLovejoy Wrestling Club1-2
152 lbsTyten VolkLoftonStyle Wrestling Club4-2
152 lbsEmmanuel RamosG.Y.M.R.2-2
152 lbsSeth GutierrezOhana Northeast Wrestling Academy1-2
152 lbsTrent EvansCobra Kai Elite Wrestling Academy1-2
152 lbsSamuel NicholSpartan Mat Club0-2
152 lbsJacob MarquezFARMERS BRANCH0-2
152 lbsCarmelo Delgado0-2
160 lbsBenjamin Sanders1-2
160 lbsAustin HartmangruberOhana Northeast Wrestling Academy5-25th place
160 lbsFreddie PaganGracie Barra Westchase Wrestling Club1-2
160 lbsJohn Allen512 Outlaw Wrestling1-2
160 lbsMalaki Deleon2-2
160 lbsTitobiloluwa AkenroyeSouthlake Carroll High School Wrestling0-2
170 lbsLogan ParkSpartan Mat Club0-2
170 lbsRyan BithornG.Y.M.R.2-2
170 lbsSean PayneSpartan Mat Club1-2
170 lbsHasnat RazaSpartan Mat Club2-2
170 lbsBryce McLaren512 Outlaw Wrestling1-2
170 lbsAbdus-Samad Al-KhatibVici Wrestling Club0-2
170 lbsCorey SolizLovejoy High School Wrestling0-2
182 lbsTyrese RobinsonOhana Northeast Wrestling Academy2-2
182 lbsCameron Tobias3F Wrestling0-2
182 lbsVincenzo OlivaBest Trained Wrestling2-2
182 lbsJoshua MitchellG.Y.M.R.0-2
182 lbsblake palmerBest Trained Wrestling0-2
182 lbsRyan NicholsBest Trained Wrestling2-2
182 lbsAndrew ClaytonSpring Klein Wrestling Club1-2
195 lbsJayson StahlBest Trained Wrestling2-2
195 lbsPorter TravesCaprock High School Wrestling1-2
220 lbsTristan WintersTimber Creek High School Wrestling5-24th place
220 lbsTrenton KellyARGYLE2-2
220 lbsPeyton MadawiPower Wrestling Club1-2
220 lbsPeter EtheredgeSouthlake Carroll High School Wrestling0-2
285 lbsKadence BakerFLOWERMOUND1-2
285 lbsDrake MadoleBest Trained Wrestling2-25th place
9th-10th Grade Boys
100 lbsKody TanimotoSpartan Mat Club4-25th place
100 lbsAodhan Jimenez512 Outlaw Wrestling2-2
106 lbsTitus Howell0-2
106 lbsColton JonesOhana Northeast Wrestling Academy0-2
106 lbsIvan Lopez1-2
113 lbsSantiago Ramirez1-2
113 lbsChristopher RouseSpartan Mat Club0-2
113 lbsBrett Burgess3F Wrestling0-2
113 lbsDiego GalvanCaprock High School Wrestling1-2
113 lbsEnrique UribeBest Trained Wrestling1-2
113 lbsConnor OBrienNB Elite Wrestling Club0-2
113 lbsAaron MartinezProsper Wrestling Academy0-2
113 lbsCaio AronBoneyard Wrestling Academy5-12nd place
120 lbsJadyn Johnson0-2
120 lbsjoseph liescheskiBest Trained Wrestling2-2
120 lbsZalantrice SealeCaprock High School Wrestling2-2
126 lbsKaleb SmithBoneyard Wrestling Academy2-2
126 lbsEthyn RameyG.Y.M.R.1-2
126 lbsXavier Royere0-2
126 lbsAlan Villanueva2-2
126 lbsJack McDonaldSpartan Mat Club3-2
126 lbsGavin Garcia1-2
132 lbsNathaniel RuizCaprock High School Wrestling4-2
132 lbsDeLante TurneySpartan Mat Club1-2
132 lbsVincent EchavarryGracie Barra Westchase Wrestling Club0-2
132 lbsJoshua WaltersBoneyard Wrestling Academy0-2
138 lbsKyle Lew3-2
138 lbsGriffin Mitchell0-2
138 lbsMercer AshleyLovejoy Wrestling Club1-2
145 lbsKolten ObornyCy-Select Wrestling, Inc.0-2
152 lbsGavin RamosNXT Level Wrestling Academy4-2
152 lbsAllistair Mohmed0-2
160 lbsKevin FarrellSpartan Mat Club3-2
160 lbsMatteo NikolovKaty Area Wrestling Club0-2
170 lbsIsaac SheerenSpring Klein Wrestling Club1-2
170 lbsIbraheem Ahmed4-27th place
195 lbsLuke Garcia0-27th place
7th-8th Grade Boys
77 lbsAaron GarciaKaty Area Wrestling Club0-2
83 lbsDylan OtaDragon Youth Wrestling3-38th place
83 lbsNathan Reilly512 Outlaw Wrestling3-2
87 lbsMaddux TindalBest Trained Wrestling2-38th place
92 lbsMikey RuizWesley Club Wrestling6-13rd place
97 lbsYusuf UribeBest Trained Wrestling2-2
102 lbsKeagan Sieracki3F Wrestling0-2
102 lbsMaddox Preskitt4-38th place
114 lbsEnrique UribeBest Trained Wrestling3-38th place
114 lbsBrodie BedfordSpartan Mat Club0-2
119 lbsLuke Burgar0-2
119 lbsNicholas TorresThundercat Wrestling Club0-2
119 lbsJack Malinconico512 Outlaw Wrestling1-2
136 lbsWill Deutschlander3F Wrestling4-25th place
136 lbssteel meyersWhitted Trained Wrestling Club4-0Champ
149 lbsNoah SantiagoWesley Club Wrestling4-12nd place
149 lbsShea McKeeSpartan Mat Club4-24th place
149 lbsXavier BrooksProsper Wrestling Academy1-2
187 lbsAiden CooleyBest Trained Wrestling3-0Champ
Elementary Boys
Boys – 1st & 2nd Grade ONLY56 lbsGino Ferrari2-2, 7th place
Boys – 3rd & 4th Grade ONLY105 lbsBenjamin Iturrino3-1, 2nd placeProsper Wrestling Academy
Boys – 3rd & 4th Grade ONLY105 lbsMichael Lopez0-4, 5th placeOhana Northeast Wrestling Academy
Boys – 3rd & 4th Grade ONLY77 lbscosta tuttle2-3, 6th place512 Outlaw Wrestling
Boys – 3rd & 4th Grade ONLY84 lbsBen Gruner4-2, 5th placeScots Wrestling Club
Boys – 5th & 6th Grade ONLY67 lbsAdam Uribe3-2Best Trained Wrestling
Boys – 5th & 6th Grade ONLY70 lbsJaxon Johnson4-2, 7th place
Boys – 5th & 6th Grade ONLY74 lbsErnest Franklin0-2Scots Wrestling Club
Boys – 5th & 6th Grade ONLY82lbsJax Hanson0-2Scots Wrestling Club
Boys – 5th & 6th Grade ONLY78 lbsVinny Ferrari4-1,  2nd place
Boys – 5th & 6th Grade ONLY92 lbsHolden Jacobs0-1Scots Wrestling Club
9th-12th Grade Girls
#1, 95-6A100 lbsOlivia DeGeorgio5-13rd placeBoneyard Wrestling Academy
100 lbsIsabella Cruz2-36th placeAll American Wrestling Club
100 lbsBrenna Trang2-38th placeAll American Wrestling Club
106 lbsAkeelah Moore4-36th placeLoftonStyle Wrestling Club
#5, 102-6A106 lbsMelissa Cifuentes2-2
#2, 102-6A106 lbsArianna Rodriguez Sauceda1-2Spartan Mat Club
106 lbsValerie Gonzalez1-2Southlake Carroll High School Wrestling
#2, 110-6A112 lbsJocelyn Lass3-23F Wrestling
112 lbsMeadow Hernandez2-2All American Wrestling Club
#2, 110-5A112 lbsAvery Ashley4-24th placeLovejoy Wrestling Club
#10, 110-6A112 lbsNeelie Parker2-2Spartan Mat Club
#1, 110-6A112 lbsBayley Trang7-13rd placeAll American Wrestling Club
112 lbsJulianna Zavala0-2
112 lbsEliana Martinez2-2Rise Wrestling
#3, 102-6A112 lbsKaylynn Martin2-23F Wrestling
117 lbsBela Madrid0-23F Wrestling
#2, 119-5A117 lbsMadison Canales4-0ChampGracie Barra Westchase Wrestling Club
#4, 119-6A117 lbsAlyssa Ruiz3-12nd placeAll American Wrestling Club
122 lbsNicole Gallagher0-2All American Wrestling Club
#10, 119-6A122 lbsAsalynne Herrera1-2Ohana Northeast Wrestling Academy
122 lbsBrooke Trevino3-38th place
#1, 119-6A122 lbsOlivia Moreno4-0Champ3F Wrestling
122 lbsStephanie Gonzalez0-2
#7, 128-6A127 lbsBrooke McCurley3-27th place512 Outlaw Wrestling
127 lbsLaisha Rios1-2
132 lbsLilly Harden0-2512 Outlaw Wrestling
138 lbsLily Bedford0-2Spartan Mat Club
#2, 138-6A138 lbsOlivia Crutchley2-36th placeG.Y.M.R.
#4, 138-6A138 lbsShaili Davis1-23F Wrestling
138 lbsKhailey Toney1-2All American Wrestling Club
#1, 128-5A138 lbsAubrey Yauger3-24th placeSpartan Mat Club
#9, 128-6A138 lbsRebecca Natvig3-27th placeSouthlake Carroll High School Wrestling
#1, 138-6A138 lbsTaylor R. Martinez1-2Prosper Wrestling Academy
#7, 148-6A138 lbsAnisa Moreno0-23F Wrestling
144 lbsNevaeh Loter0-2
144 lbsMaegan E. Flaherty2-38th placeProsper Wrestling Academy
152 lbsOlivia Fischer0-2G.Y.M.R.
#5, 148-5A152 lbsBailey Ford6th placeSpartan Mat Club
#2, 165-6A164 lbsMarisol Lopez0-2G.Y.M.R.
#3, 165-5A164 lbsErika Peterson1-23F Wrestling
164 lbsRuth Mendez1-2
164 lbsKenzy Sobh0-2Southlake Carroll High School Wrestling
#3, 185-6A180 lbsFaith Perez0-2G.Y.M.R.
180 lbsShenita Lawson2-24th placeAll American Wrestling Club
200 lbsDaisy Cabriales0-2Southlake Carroll High School Wrestling
Middle School Girls
92 lbsMarisa Iturrino0-2Prosper Wrestling Academy
97 lbsAniz Ramirez2-24th place512 Outlaw Wrestling
110 lbsAnalia Urias1-25th placeNB Elite Wrestling Club
110 lbsNevada Daniels2-12nd placeKaty Area Wrestling Club

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