College Wrestler Recruiting
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Have You Got Your College Recruiter Profile Yet???

College Wrestler Recruiting is a great way to get noticed and seen from college coaches.  Its always been a goal of Wrestlingtexas to help Texas Wrestlers get noticed by College Coaches and have a better chance of going to College.  With College Wrestler Recruiting we have added another avenue for that to happen.

They are a profile-based recruiting assistance company. The high school student/parent will sign in and build a unique profile for the wrestler. The wrestler/parent can update the profile as often as they would like. Everything from GPA, TEST scores, Transcripts, Regional areas of interest for school, wrestling backgrounds info, personal bio, pictures and small videos can be added as well. On The College coaches side, The college coaches log in and can search the wrestlers based on any type of items, from GPA, TEST scores, Transcripts, Regional areas of interest for school, wrestling achievements, etc. the coaches can then make direct contact with the athlete and parents. They currently have just over 120 colleges at all different levels using our system to search for kids. The Colleges and college coaches do not pay anything for the service to search for kids. The wrestler does pay for the service 59.00 annually.

If a wrestler or parent needs help with anything along the way, we do assist them how ever we can as well without any additional fees. On the website is all the information needed on recruiting, being a college wrestler, timelines for high school recruiting, high school checklist, general understanding of all the different recruiting information. Funding, etc. all these things can be found on the site and downloaded/printed for free.

They also help the coaches when there is a time when they cannot talk to athlete, a few coaches will call us and ask us questions and we will work with the coach and the wrestler to answer any question along the way. They have a lot of coaches calling us regularly with their upcoming needs i.e., weights, grad year, male, female, gpa.

They are working all over the country to help high school kids and parent manage the expectations of what is reality for their wrestler. Not everyone is a DI recruit, although if someone wants to wrestle there is a place for them to wrestle. The sport is growing at an incredible rate and there are roster spots left open due to not enough kids filling them. This doesn’t mean there’s a full ride but if you have good grades and test scores, there opportunities for some money through different departments in some schools.

You can find them online 2 different ways

They put 7 kids into a program this first year of being live online. They put those kids in DI, DII, NAIA, NCWA programs.  THEY DO NOT SELL PROFILE INFORMATION TO ANYONE. Every other service like theirs does sell your information to school departments, testing company’s, camps, etc. AGAIN THEY DO NOT SELL YOUR INFORMATION.

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Written by TexasWrestling