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Caprock Wins the Womens State Duals!

5A Amarillo Caprock pulls out a fall on the last match of the championship dual to tie the score against 6A Prosper.  The dual had to go to criteria where Caprock had more wins 5-4.  The match started out at the 128 pound weight.  We break down the weights below.

#5-6A Juliana Baugher of Prosper and #10-5A Coleby Velasquez of Caprock where Baugher starts out Prosper with a fall in the 1st period. Score 6-0 Prosper.

It was Jaden Culifer of Caprock who bumped up from 128 to take on Anjolie Wujek of Prosper.  Wujek got the 1st period fall for another 6 points for Prosper.  Score 12-0 Prosper

#3-6A Taylor Martinez of Prosper went up against #19-5A Karla Cano of Caprock.  Martinez got a 1st period fall here as well for another 6 points for Prosper. Score 18-0 Prosper.

#5-5A Vienna Barbosa of Caprock vs unranked Emily Alvarez who bumped up from 148 was the first win for Caprock.  Barbosa gets a decision over Alvarez 11-4. Score 18-3 Prosper.

Audrey Walker of Prosper bumps up from 165 to take on Niyasia McCampbell of Caprock both unranked wrestlers and with both exchanging take downs and escapes.  Walker gets a takedown and the fall giving Prosper another 6 points.  Score is now 24-3 Propser

Prosper gives up a forfeit to Caprock so Sarya Soto gives Caprock 6 points. Score 24-9 Prosper.

Double Forfeit. Score Remains 24-9

Starting at this weigh Caprock hits the strength of their line up. #11-5A Aubrey Garcia of Caprock bumps up from 95 to take on Malaina Bowlby of Prosper.  After 3 periods Garcia takes the decision win 7-1.  Score 24-12 Prosper.

Ashton Roddy of Prosper goes up against #3-5A Vanessa Macedo of Caprock. Macedo of Caprock gets right to it getting the fall in the 1st period for another 6 points for Caprock.  Score 24-18 Prosper.

The final match needs a fall for the tie and Caprock sends out #1-5A ranked Tatianna Garcia.  A good test for #14-6A Cece Adams of Prosper.  Garcia goes out and gets the takedown then the fall to give Caprock 6 points and ties the score.   Score is 24-24

Match goes to criteria.  It came down to criteria D which is most matches won including forfeits which went to Caprock 5 wins to 4.  Making Amarillo Caprock your Womens Duel State Champion.  The next criteria if even would of been most falls that went Prospers way.  The forfeit at 215 proves to be the difference in the match.

The 3rd place match was between Hereford and Keller Central with Hereford taking the win 31-19 for 3rd place.

The 5th place match went to Plano West over Bushland 30-24.

The 7th place match went to Canyon Randall over Carrollton Creekview 33-18.

Thanks to Chris Allen of Caprock for putting on a well ran Dual Tournament and Hospitally.

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