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6A Boys Championship Recap

WoooooWeeeee we are here and what a tournament it was. With 13 of 14 finals matches decided by decision victories you know there was some very tight wrestling going on with many upsets, close matches, last-second victories, and good old Texas hard-nosed wrestling, you know it was a good weekend. 14 champions were crowned, and everyone else was left unhappy and/or not satisfied. That is ok, that is part of the game and hopefully, it will drive you to be better. To all the seniors who toed the line for the last time I applaud you, you are and will be better humans for what you have put yourself through. To the Parents and Coaches, your hard work and dedication are appreciated, and you have done your part in creating better humans. Now let’s get into it.  

1st Allen 201.5 pts.

With 3 of 3 in the finals and 10 of 13 placing it would be hard not to win. I applaud them for their 14th consecutive title. They are always a class act, well-coached, and in shape. And when it comes to the State Championships they always win. Top Birds: Kelby Bernard 120 1st, Cade Brown 144 1st, and Ryan Nichols 215 1st.

2nd Arlington Martin 186 pts.

So close, a few more wins and they could have finally taken down Allen. With 5 in the finals and 3 champions and 9-12 wrestlers placing you would have thought it would have been enough. Top Warriors where: Isaak Arevalo 1st 113, Shawn Ryncarz 126 1st, Julius Alfaro 1st 157

3rd College Park 110 pts.

With one finalist and no champions, it wasn’t going to get them ahead of Allen or Arlington Martin. But they had a lot of points scored on the backside with 7 of 10 wrestlers placing and a good core coming back next year they will be in contention. There Top Wieners: Caio Aron 126 2nd, Andrew Huerta 113 3rd, Ripper Oborny 150 3rd, and Alec Robeson 157 3rd

Now on to the Championship Matches


#1 Titus Howell, Keller Timber Creek

Dec 5-2

#8 Richie Walsh, Katy Cinco Ranch

Good scramble in the opening period, Howell gets a takedown but then gets hit with locked hands. Walsh gets an escape in the second making it 2-2 going into the third. Howell gets an escape off the opening whistle of the 3rd and a minute later gets the takedown and victory…

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Written by Gregory Vogt

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