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Updated 5A Girls Rankings

In the world of Texas high school sports, the wrestling mat has become a stage where young athletes not only display their physical prowess but also tell stories of perseverance, dedication, and rapid growth. The latest Texas 5A Girls High School Wrestling rankings are out, painting a vivid picture of emerging talents and seasoned competitors who are reshaping the landscape of the sport. From astonishing leaps in rankings to the dominance of upperclassmen, these rankings offer a glimpse into the dynamic world of high school wrestling in Texas.

As we dive into the details, names like Zurri Zamora, Alexa Rodriguez, and Mackenzie Leach stand out, not just for their rankings but for their remarkable journeys and the trends they represent in the sport. Join us as we explore the latest rankings, uncovering the stories behind the numbers and celebrating the young athletes who are setting new benchmarks in Texas high school wrestling.

The latest¬†Texas 5A Girls High School Wrestling rankings¬†provide an exciting overview of the top athletes in the state. Let’s take a glimpse into the top talents dominating the wrestling scene.

Delving deeper into the Texas 5A Girls High School Wrestling rankings, some interesting data and trends emerge:

  1. Grade Distribution: The majority of top-ranked wrestlers are juniors (101 wrestlers), followed by seniors (82), sophomores (48), and freshmen (9). This suggests that junior year is a pivotal time for wrestlers to peak in performance.
  2. Significant Ranking Jumps: Several athletes have made impressive leaps in their rankings, indicating remarkable improvement or breakout performances this season:
  • Alexa Rodriguez (Dallas Hillcrest, 100 weight class) jumped from 14th to 2nd place, a staggering 12-rank improvement.
  • Mackenzie Leach (Amarillo Caprock, 152 weight class) made a significant leap from 16th to 6th, showcasing her dominance in the higher weight category.
  • Other notable jumps include Serese Guillen (Dumas, 100 weight class), Melanie Garcia (Carrollton Turner, 100 weight class), Aaliyah Escalante (PSJA North, 100 weight class), Dana Estrada (Anna, 114 weight class), Ava Aregon (McAllen, 114 weight class), and Jessica Yanez (Victoria West, 132 weight class), all of whom improved their rankings by 5 or more spots.

These trends reflect the dynamic and competitive nature of high school wrestling in Texas. The significant jumps in rankings particularly highlight the potential for rapid growth and development in young athletes. As the season progresses, it will be intriguing to see how these wrestlers continue to evolve and impact the overall landscape of Texas 5A Girls High School Wrestling.

Texas 5A Girls Wrestling Team Rankings

RankSchoolPointsWrestlers Ranked
1Lubbock Cooper888
4El Paso Bel Air514
7Amarillo Tascosa403
9Amarillo Caprock395
10Rio Grande City372
10Corpus Christi Carroll372
12Comal Pieper364
13CC Veterans Memorial343
14Dallas Hillcrest334
17Richmond Foster257
17Killeen Chaparral253
20Canyon Randall243
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Texas 5A Girls Wrestling Individual Rankings

RankWeightNameSchoolGradePrev. RankTeam Pts
1100Zurri ZamoraAmarillo TascosaSR125
2100Alexa RodriguezDallas HillcrestJR1421
3100Heidi CaprioNorthwestSO418
4100Sheily MoralesWhitehouseJR615
5100Sofia De AlbaSan Antonio MacArthurJR812
6100Abigail MendozaCC Veterans MemorialJR99
7100Darlah Louis-CharlesKilleen EllisonJR10
8100Karisma RamosLubbockSR11
9100Sadie RodriguezFrisco MemorialSR12
10100Khloe KingHumble Kingwood ParkJR13
11100Serese GuillenDumasJR16
12100Melanie GarciaCarrollton TurnerJR18
13100Aaliyah EscalantePSJA NorthSR20
14100Makynzee BrooksCanyon RandallJRNR
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