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Tagen Jamison Repeats @ Preseason Nationals Champion

#1-6A @ 132 Tagen Jamison repeats as the 132lb Preseason National Champ in the 11/12 grades.  Jamison went 6-0 and unseeded to a repeat championship going through the #1 seed in the round of 16.  Jamison defeated Julian Farber of Georgia in a 2-1 decision in the finals out of 80 other wrestlers in the bracket.

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12 others did All American placing in the top 8 in some of the largest brackets. The largest bracket for the 9/10 grades was the 106 and 113 weights with at 84 wrestlers, then the 132 weight with 74.  All 3 weights were 128 man brackets.
The Largest brackets for the 11/12 grades was 120 w/66, 132 w/80, 138 w/76,  145 w/90, and 152 w/79 all 128 man brackets.


9th-10th 100 Carter Taylor (9th) 3F Wrestling
9th-10th 100 Kenneth Hendriksen (10th) Creekview High School 7th Place
9th-10th 106 Joseph Richardson (9th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-10th 106 Colton Tidwell (9th) HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-10th 106 Kevin Aguinada (10th) Lions Den Wrestling
9th-10th 106 Matthew Thorsen (9th) Best Trained
9th-10th 106 Thiago Almeida (10th) TNT Wrestling
9th-10th 106 Trebor Moreno (9th) NXT Level Wrestling Academy 8th Place
9th-10th 113 David Ray (9th) Texas Pride
9th-10th 113 Joshua Stoddard (9th) Best Trained
9th-10th 113 Joshua Garcia (10th) HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-10th 113 Joshua Salais (10th) Texas Pride
9th-10th 113 Luke Newton (9th) Katy Area Wrestling Club
9th-10th 113 Mason Gordon (9th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-10th 113 Tyten Volk (10th) Frisco Texas Jacks
9th-10th 120 Reeves Baller (9th) Mile High Wrestling Club
9th-10th 120 Robert Franks (9th) Texas Best Trained Elite
9th-10th 126 Chase Abshear (9th) HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-10th 126 Mark Hayden (10th) Liberty Christian School
9th-10th 126 nathan mooney (10th) Mountaineer Wrestling Club
9th-10th 132 Jeremy Granadero (9th) HammerHead Wrestling Academy
9th-10th 132 Brennan Langdon (10th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-10th 132 Jackson Berg (10th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-10th 138 Bryce McLaren (10th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
9th-10th 145 Jarrett Moore (10th) Best Trained
9th-10th 145 Jayson Stahl (9th) Best Trained
9th-10th 145 Roberto Bautista (10th) Tech Fall 4th Place
9th-10th 152 James Marquez (10th) Lion`s Den Wrestling
9th-10th 152 Mario Danzi (10th) Best Trained 2nd Place
9th-10th 152 Alexander Luna (9th) HammerHead Wrestling Academy
11th-12th 106 Douglas Melrose (12th) Cobra Kai 2nd Place
11th-12th 106 Elijah Rincon (12th) Corpus Christi
11th-12th 113 Jack Tallant (11th) Texas Pride
11th-12th 106 Sam Shafer (11th) All Saints Episcopal School
11th-12th 113 Joe Stephens (11th) Frisco Texas Jacks
11th-12th 113 Kyle Edwards (11th) All American Wrestling Club
11th-12th 113 Trey Reed (12th) All American Wrestling Club
11th-12th 120 Austin Gordon (11th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th 120 Daniel Countryman (11th) Plano west
11th-12th 120 Jackson Crandall (11th) KT 3 Style
11th-12th 120 Jude Camacho (11th) W4R Training Center
11th-12th 120 Landon Brown (12th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th 120 Luke Cambere (11th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th 120 Maximiliano Barrera (12th) All-Valley Wrestling Club
11th-12th 120 Wright Hunter (11th) HammerHead Wrestling Academy
11th-12th 126 Caleb Freeman (11th) All American Wrestling Club
11th-12th 126 Carmine Marino (12th) Texas Pride
11th-12th 126 Curtis Haneisen (11th) HammerHead Wrestling Academy
11th-12th 126 Jacob Garcia (12th) HammerHead Wrestling Academy
11th-12th 126 John Bennett (12th) Frisco Texas Jacks
11th-12th 126 Mason Woodward (11th) Punisher Wrestling
11th-12th 126 Michael Branam (11th) JFlo Wrestling
11th-12th 126 Nick Thompson (12th) All Saints Episcopal School
11th-12th 132 Donovan Fisher (11th) NB Elite
11th-12th 132 Alexander Tinana (11th) Texas Style Wrestling Club
11th-12th 132 Armando Vasquez (12th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th 132 Hunter Duncan (10th) lovejoy leopards
11th-12th 132 Luke Holland (11th) KT 3 Style
11th-12th 132 Rance Waigand (12th) Best Trained 5th Place
11th-12th 132 Tagen jamison (11th) Texas Pride Champion
11th-12th 138 Jaren Powell (11th) Liberty Warrior Wrestling
11th-12th 138 John Richardson (11th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th 138 Ajani Reyes Nazario (12th) Cobra Kai
11th-12th 138 Coby Eikenhorst (12th) Creekview High School
11th-12th 138 Lawson Nagel (12th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th 138 Paul Nield (12th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th 138 Warren Asire (12th) All American Wrestling Club
11th-12th 138 Konnor Wright (11th) W4R Training Center
11th-12th 145 Jackson Bourne (12th) The Bombers of Frisco Wrestlin
11th-12th 145 Jacob Aragon (12th) Texas Pride
11th-12th 145 London Snow (12th) Frisco Texas Jacks
11th-12th 152 Braeden Baller (11th) All Saints Episcopal School
11th-12th 152 brian ramirez (11th) Lions Den Wrestling
11th-12th 152 Chandler Young (12th) Texas Style Wrestling Club
11th-12th 152 Chase Halme (11th) Timber Creek High Wrestling
11th-12th 152 Haven Garcia (11th) All-Valley Wrestling Club
11th-12th 152 Levi Olsen (12th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB
11th-12th 152 Roger Vislosky (12th) lovejoy leopards
11th-12th 152 Mark Leija (12th) Texas Style Wrestling Club
11th-12th 160 Humberto Alcala (12th) All-Valley Wrestling Club
11th-12th 160 Joshua Garza (12th) Texas Style Wrestling Club
11th-12th 160 Kevin Jackson (12th) Prosper High School
11th-12th 160 Ethan Kallis (12th) Cobra Kai
11th-12th 160 Gustav Ebberson Cobra Kai
11th-12th 160 Jesus Ceja (11th) All-Valley Wrestling Club
11th-12th 160 Kishawn Higgins (12th) Katy 6th Place
11th-12th 170 Brayden Brandvold (12th) Prosper High School
11th-12th 170 caleb derusha (12th) Lebanon Trail High School
11th-12th 170 Jakob Underwood (11th) lovejoy leopards
11th-12th 170 Skyler Malone (12th) Independent
11th-12th 182 Shay Burns (RS Jr) HammerHead Wrestling Academy
11th-12th 182 Ethan Wilson (11th) Liberty Warrior Wrestling
11th-12th 182 Mason Ding (11th) Texas Pride 7th Place
11th-12th 182 Xavier Rogers (11th) G-STYLE WRESTLING
11th-12th 195 Zane Davis (12th) Texas Best Trained Elite 7th Place
11th-12th 220 Rylan Bonds (12th) SPARTAN MAT CLUB 2nd Place
11th-12th 285 Evin Leson (11th) Cobra Kai
11th-12th 285 Nicholas Juarez (11th) The Lions Den
11th-12th 285 william bennett (12th) HammerHead Wrestling Academy 6th Place

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