Fargo Day 3, 16U & Junior Boys Freestyle Texas Results

Fargo Day 3

The 16U and Junior boys got weighted in Sunday night with 23-16U wrestlers and 25 Junior wrestlers competing.  The brackets are a lot larger with some of the weights having to go to the round of 256 meaning some wrestlers will have to win 5 matches just to get to the quarterfinals.  If you loss your first match it could take 9 wins just to reach the blood round meaning you could go 9-2 and not even place.

 Well a few of the wrestlers did lose their first match, actually 9 juniors and 9-16U wrestlers who already in the consolation side in the first session will have to fight their way back to All-American.

3-16U wrestlers went 0-2 while 1 junior wrestler went 0-2 not making the 2nd session in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the Juniors still had 15 on the championship side and the 16U had 11 on the championship side going into the 2nd session.

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Written by Ray Shoaf

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