Author Topic: College Duals of the Week: #7 Iowa @ Iowa State; #12 Wyoming @ Air Force  (Read 273 times)


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The Iowa Hawkeyes visited the Iowa State Cyclones on Sunday, Feb. 18th 2018:

The ongoing process behind working to enable ISU to rebound from years of malaise is probably more interesting than the dual's results, which are detailed here:

It's been years since this dual was even remotely suspenseful.   This photo is from the previous head coach's era:

Iowa State now has a new coaching staff though.    Coach Kevin Dresser (a native Iowan) previously helped turn around Virginia Tech.'s program after building a pair of high school wrestling team powerhouses in Virginia (at Grundy H.S. and Christiansburg H.S.).   He spent about a decade at each of those 3 Va. high school & college institutions which are now all wrestling powerhouses.   Anyhow the Cy-Hawk rivalry will likely reclaim its suspenseful reputation someday.    Traditionally the fan-turnout and participation have been very substantial.   2018 was no exception.  Nearly 9,000 fans turned out for the CyHawk showdown at Iowa State:

That is reportedly the most fans since the CyHawk showdown held during December of 2009.

Wrestling needs for the CyHawk showdown to return to its former glory.   Interestingly enough, the U. of Northern Iowa is now contending against IA and IA State, having defeated the latter this season.   Stay tuned!   :-)

   Meanwhile, also on Feb. 18, 2018, Colorado's Air Force Academy visited the University of Northern Colorado in a showdown between two regional NCAA D1 teams which each have TexanS on their rosters:

Air Force was on the rebound from a challenging dual after hosting #12 Wyoming (which has at least 1 Texan on its own wrestling roster), days before:

Interestingly enough, Air Force previously concluded its most recent participation in the 24th Annual All-Academy Championships:

Did you know that all of the participating military colleges & universities have (at least until very recently) had Texans on their NCAA wrestling rosters?   

*Air Force (near Colorado Springs, CO):
*Army (West Point, NY):
*Citadel (Charleston, SC):
*Coast Guard Academy (New London, CT):
*Merchant Marine Academy (King's Point, NY):
*Navy (Annapolis, MD):
*Norwich University (Northfield, VT):
*Virginia Military Institute (VMI) (Lexington, VA):

All of those teams WANT Texan wrestlers, and their coaches are aware that Texans have won the All-Academy championships before... San Antonio's Aaron Walker won his weight for the Citadel at the championships earlier this decade:

   Elsewhere, Houston's own Juan Adams (Strake Jesuit H.S.) fairly recently concluded a successful wrestling career at the Virginia Military Institute, where he also obtained a degree in electrical engineering:

While we're on the subject, VMI is NCAA D1, co-educational, and has a loyal alumni network nationwide and worldwide.   VMI is institutionally impressed with Texans and would be happy to hear from prospects or their allies:

One need not opt for a career in the military if one attends VMI.   But military careers enable one to get military scholarships there.  Athletic scholarships are also available however, and VMI recently got a brand new wrestling training facility.   Meanwhile fan support at VMI's home meets is considerable, as well as audible.   The Keydets don't call their wrestling arena the Thunderdome for nothing!   :-)    For more details about potentially carrying the Texas baton there now that Juan has graduated:

Here is a video of VMI's new wrestling facility, etc:

 All of the USA's service academy wrestling programs need more Texans, whether they already adequately realize it or not.  Please feel free to recommend any and all military colleges & universities sponsoring wrestling to anyone whom you consider to be potentially interested in participating or supporting their endeavors.   It's a good cause for so many reasons, isn't it?    Have you seen how far behind the U.S. military is falling?

That's the case despite the U.S. military's getting nearly a fifth of the U.S. annual federal budget:

Our military will have to learn to accomplish more with le$$, right?  After all:   Who better than trained Texas wrestlers to help show the way then, even if Texas  resumes being its own country (as this shows to be quite feasible: )?   


    Anyhow, for additional info. about college wrestling here in the USA, including viewing opportunities about the abovementioned (or other) wrestling showdowns, please visit:

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   Any predictions?    Please weigh in here:
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