Updated Rankings (PRE-STATE)

The excitement surrounding Texas high school wrestling intensifies as the latest pre-state rankings are released, setting the stage for the upcoming state championship showdowns. With the top 20 wrestlers at each weight class meticulously ranked, the comprehensive list spans an impressive total of 1040 athletes across both boys’ and girls’ divisions. This pre-state ranking system is a crucial indicator of the talent distribution and competitive landscape that will converge at the state championships, providing insights into potential matchups and highlighting the athletes and teams to watch. The dedication and hard work of these young wrestlers are encapsulated in these rankings, offering a glimpse into the fierce competition and high stakes at play as the state tournament approaches.

In the team rankings, the pre-state data paints a vivid picture of the wrestling powerhouses across the 6A and 5A divisions, with Allen leading the 6A boys with 199 points and 11 wrestlers ranked, while Melissa commands the 5A boys’ category with 130 points. On the girls’ side, Allen and Lubbock Cooper top their respective 6A and 5A divisions, showcasing the strength and depth of their programs. These rankings are not just numbers; they represent the culmination of countless hours of training, strategy, and perseverance. As teams and individual athletes prepare for the ultimate test at the state championships, these pre-state rankings serve as a benchmark for excellence and a motivator for those aiming to climb the ranks and etch their names in Texas high school wrestling history.


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