THSCA Super Elite Wrestling Teams Announced

What are the Super Elite Teams?

The THSCA Super Elite Teams consists of high school players nominated by current professional members of the Texas High School Coaches Association. The player must meet the THSCA award criteria to be nominated. The award recognizes student athletes across the state of Texas for their exemplary athletic achievement in their respective sport.

Each nomination will go to the S.E.T. (Super Elite Teams) Committee to determine the finalists who have made the Super Elite team in each classification. Super Elite teams will be honored after the state championships have been announced. This award will begin in the Fall of the 2022-23 school year.​


  1. Be of good moral character
  2. Varsity sports only.
  3. Have been a member of the team in good standing at the time of nomination
  4. Player has excelled as an elite member in their respective sport

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