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Texas Wrestlers at Southern Plains Regional Championships

This weekend capped off the final tournament for Texas wrestlers to qualify for Team Texas and National qualifiers for Fargo the Junior and 16U Nationals. With 77 wrestlers competing and Texas own Kat Balch doing the Kat Calls announcing for the tournament one would think you was still in Texas and not Kansas.  The tournament started off with Greco Roman on Saturday and Texas had 29 entries in the event claiming 16 placers with 1 champ, 7 runner ups, 5 3rd placer finishers, and 3 4th place finishers.  The girls freestyle also wrestled along with the Greco Roman tournament Saturday and Texas had 5 girls enter the competition with all five placing top 4 with 1 champ.  Sunday brought up the freestyle tournament which also brought out more wrestlers.  Texas had 43 freestyle wrestlers entered but only placed 12.  Texas had 2 champs, 2 runner ups, 5 3rd place finishers, and 3 4th place finishers.

Below we break down how the champs got it done.

Zayn Navarrete

Zayn Navarrete of NB Elite not only won a Freestyle Southern Plains Championship at 14U-102lbs going 3-0 and not even wrestling 2 full minutes in all combine matches but also wont the 2021 Cairns/Stormo Distinguished Wrestler Award given to one wrestler per state.  The Award represents Bob Cairns a pioneer in the development of youth wrestling programs in the southern plains region.  Bob had an unselfish dedication to and love for the sport.  David Stormo worked closely with Bob in those early years and shared his philosophy, working as an official for 36 consecutive years at this tournament.  The award is awarded to those who have shown the effort and attitude that both would have been enthusiastic about. Congratulations to Zayn Navarrete.  Navarrete took 2nd in the Greco Roman Division.

Kade Moore of Best Trained Wrestling the 6A-126 UIL State Champ, bumping up to wrestle 138lbs went 4-0 beating state champs along the way in a bracket full of state champs and state placers to his Freestlye Southern Plains Regional Championship. Moores first match was a tune up against an Arkansas wrestler, then the 2nd match was senior Kage Lenger a Liberty Missouri class 4 State Champ at 138lbs.  Then Drew Bell a 3-2-1A-132 Kansas State Champ in the semi finals. Then with the fall in the finals over junior Eli Ashcroft another Missouri State Champ this one a Class 3 Champ from Kearny at 132lb for the 138lb Southern Plains Regional Champion.

Bryson Huber of Vici Wrestling Club wrestling in the 14U-136 division went 3-0 and claimed himself a Greco Roman Southern Plains Regional Championship by beating a Missouri 12U state champ Elijah Avery in the finals by 12-10.  Huber placed 4th in Freestyle.  Special Note: Huber is from Idaho, wrestling for Coach Forsman whom is also from Idaho but representing Texas this weekend.

Zhivanna Magdaleno a UIL Texas state placer of Vici Wrestling Club wrestling in the HS Girls division at 112lbs went 3-0 in claiming her Southern Plains Regional Championship.  Magdaleno in her first match defeated a Kansas State Champ Sarah Zimmerman by TF 15-4.  Then another Kansas State Placer Olivia O’Donnell by TF 10-0.  Meeting Josiah Ortiz another Kansas State Placer in the finals winning 9-1 to claim her championship.

Other Notables:  Caleb Mata of Vici Wrestling Club and Roberto Bautista of Spring Klein Wrestling Club both state runner ups met in the consolation round in both tournaments with Mata getting the advantage each time to knock out Bautista.  Eli Sheeren of Spring Klein Wrestling club only losses were to the same wrestler who won both styles.  Jimmy Benne of NB Elite only Greco Roman loss was to the eventual champion.  Austin Letsche of Best Trained took 2nd in Greco Roman after being out of commission for the last 6 weeks with injury.  Andrew Clayton of Spring Klein Wrestling Club made the finals in both styles at 16U-182 and lost to the same Minnesota state placer each time to take 2nd place.  

Below is how all the Texas wrestlers faired.

12U BoysFreestyle86 lbsChance BerryTexas1-12nd Place
14U BoysFreestyle83 lbsCharlie Trujillo3F Wrestling1-2DNP
14U BoysFreestyle97 lbsKeagan Sieracki3F Wrestling1-2DNP
14U BoysFreestyle102 lbsDominic WilsonETX Pace Wrestling Club2-13rd Place
14U BoysFreestyle102 lbsZayn NavarreteNB Elite3-01st Place
14U BoysFreestyle110 lbsTristan ForsmanVici Wrestling Club0-2DNP
14U BoysFreestyle110 lbsLuke BurgarSpartan Mat Club1-24th Place
14U BoysFreestyle125 lbsDavid MoraRebel Wrestling Club1-23rd Place
14U BoysFreestyle136 lbsByson HuberVici Wrestling Club2-24th Place
14U BoysFreestyle136 lbsLogan SoileauCyclone Youth Wrestling1-2DNP
14U BoysFreestyle149 lbsJared RemingtonVici Wrestling Club3-13rd Place
14U BoysFreestyle250 lbsGrant BahnsenVici Wrestling Club1-35th Place
16U BoysFreestyle106 lbsDylan MilsterETX Pace Wrestling Club0-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle106 lbsJay HernandezRockwall High School Wrestling0-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle113 lbsDiego BarronETX Pace Wrestling Club0-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle113 lbsAustin LetscheBest Trained Wrestling1-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle120 lbsMakaio RogersVici Wrestling Club0-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle120 lbsTy AnnouraVici Wrestling Club0-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle126 lbsAdrian HernandezETX Pace Wrestling Club1-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle132 lbsHayden FulkersonETX Pace Wrestling Club0-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle138 lbsBryce VernoticoTexas0-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle138 lbsTyler BerryTexas0-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle138 lbsJimmy BenneNB Elite2-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle152 lbsKeller LockstedtNB Elite0-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle170 lbsIsaac SheerenSpring Klein Wrestling Club1-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle182 lbsAndrew ClaytonSpring Klein Wrestling Club2-12nd Place
16U BoysFreestyle195 lbsJake HurtadoTexas0-2DNP
16U BoysFreestyle285 lbsJayce ChewETX Pace Wrestling Club1-23rd Place
Junior BoysFreestyle120 lbsCaden LopezTexas1-2DNP
Junior BoysFreestyle126 lbsJeremy McPhersonSpartan Mat Club1-2DNP
Junior BoysFreestyle132 lbsDylan PlowsVici Wrestling Club2-2DNP
Junior BoysFreestyle132 lbsRuben CalderonWAR Training Center2-2DNP
Junior BoysFreestyle138 lbsKade MooreBest Trained Wrestling4-01st Place
Junior BoysFreestyle138 lbsChristopher Cayard JrVici Wrestling Club1-2DNP
Junior BoysFreestyle145 lbsRoberto BautistaSpring Klein Wrestling Club1-2DNP
Junior BoysFreestyle145 lbsCaleb MataVici Wrestling Club5-24th Place
Junior BoysFreestyle160 lbsLOGAN PARKSpartan Mat Club0-2DNP
Junior BoysFreestyle170 lbsJohn WardSpring Klein Wrestling Club1-2DNP
Junior BoysFreestyle195 lbsEli SheerenSpring Klein Wrestling Club3-13rd Place
12U BoysGreco-Roman86 lbsChance Berry1-12nd Place
14U BoysGreco-Roman83 lbsCharlie Trujillo3F Wrestling1-24th Place
14U BoysGreco-Roman97 lbsKeagan Sieracki3F Wrestling1-2DNP
14U BoysGreco-Roman102 lbsDominic WilsonETX Pace Wrestling Club2-24th Place
14U BoysGreco-Roman102 lbsZayn NavarreteNB Elite1-12nd Place
14U BoysGreco-Roman110 lbsTristan ForsmanVici Wrestling Club0-2DNP
14U BoysGreco-Roman110 lbsLuke BurgarSpartan Mat Club0-2DNP
14U BoysGreco-Roman136 lbsByson HuberVici Wrestling Club3-01st Place
14U BoysGreco-Roman136 lbsLogan SoileauCyclone Youth Wrestling2-13rd Place
14U BoysGreco-Roman149 lbsJared RemingtonVici Wrestling Club3-12nd Place
14U BoysGreco-Roman250 lbsGrant BahnsenVici Wrestling Club2-23rd Place
16U BoysGreco-Roman106 lbsDylan MilsterETX Pace Wrestling Club5-13rd Place
16U BoysGreco-Roman113 lbsDiego BarronETX Pace Wrestling Club0-2DNP
16U BoysGreco-Roman113 lbsAustin LetscheBest Trained Wrestling3-12nd Place
16U BoysGreco-Roman120 lbsMakaio Rogers0-2DNP
16U BoysGreco-Roman120 lbsTy AnnouraVici Wrestling Club2-2DNP
16U BoysGreco-Roman126 lbsAdrian HernandezETX Pace Wrestling Club0-2DNP
16U BoysGreco-Roman132 lbsHayden FulkersonETX Pace Wrestling Club0-2DNP
16U BoysGreco-Roman138 lbsJimmy BenneNB Elite3-13rd Place
16U BoysGreco-Roman152 lbsKeller Lockstedt0-2DNP
16U BoysGreco-Roman170 lbsIsaac SheerenSpring Klein Wrestling Club1-24th Place
16U BoysGreco-Roman182 lbsAndrew ClaytonSpring Klein Wrestling Club2-12nd Place
16U BoysGreco-Roman285 lbsJayce ChewETX Pace Wrestling Club0-23rd Place
Junior BoysGreco-Roman120 lbsCaden Lopez1-35th Place
Junior BoysGreco-Roman132 lbsDylan PlowsVici Wrestling Club1-2DNP
Junior BoysGreco-Roman132 lbsRuben CalderonWAR Training Center2-12nd Place
Junior BoysGreco-Roman145 lbsRoberto BautistaSpring Klein Wrestling Club0-2DNP
Junior BoysGreco-Roman145 lbsCaleb MataVici Wrestling Club2-2DNP
Junior BoysGreco-Roman195 lbsEli SheerenSpring Klein Wrestling Club3-02nd Place
HS GirlsFreestyle100 lbsBritain ChewETX Pace Wrestling Club0-22nd Place
HS GirlsFreestyle112 lbsZhivanna MagdalenoVici Wrestling Club3-01st Place
HS GirlsFreestyle117 lbsMegan EdwardsETX Pace Wrestling Club1-24th Place
HS GirlsFreestyle132 lbsMikayla WallaceVici Wrestling Club2-12nd Place
HS GirlsFreestyle164 lbsSelena Sifuentes ShafferNB Elite1-34th Place

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Written by Ray Shoaf


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