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Texas Girls Shine at the 2021 Women’s Nationals

The 2021 Women’s Nationals is in the books, formerly known as the Body Bar held in Las Colinas Texas on Mother’s Day every year and every year it gives Texas women a close to home tournament with the nation’s best wrestlers. Winners of the tournament become members of the USA World Team and represent the USA in world competition. The Cadet and Junior runner ups compete in the Pan Am Games.  The Texas women as in previous years come in record numbers with this year having a total of 122 Texas girls entered.  We did notice a few wrestlers not wrestling for their home states so the comments and placings wont reflect those women.

Texas only had 2 champions throughout the 3 day tournament and those came in the 10U and the 12U division with Zaylyn Woods at 10U and Hailey Delgado at the 12U.  Texas also won the 12U team championship.  Out of the 122 women wrestlers 33 of them became All-American.  

Below we break down each division and highlight the placers.

Texas didn’t have any entries in the 8U so we start with the 10U girls.

10U Girls only had 2 entries and both became All American.  Starting with Vivienne Yarbough @ 65lbs, Yarbough went 0-2 and pulled out a 5th place finish.  Zaylyn Woods @ 90lbs, out of 5 girls in the bracket was able to run the table and win one of Texas’s 2 championships winning by VSU1 in 3:49.  Team Texas finished 5th.

12U Girls had 7 entries in this division and all 7th girls placed and became All-America along with winning the Team Championship for this group 12U.  Hailey Delgado shined here and was the 2nd of the only 2 champions on the Mother’s Day weekend.  Delgado only wrestled 3 matches but didn’t give up a single point in any of her matches as well as getting the VSU/Techfall in all 3 matches.  Alexandra Sedwick @ 85lbs and Analia Urias @ 110lbs both got a 3rd place finish.  Addison Hunt @ 70lbs and Lauren McHam both pulled out a 4th place finish.  Lillian McHam @ 65lbs got a 5th place finish and Katelynn Dockery @ 75lbs got a 6th place finish.

14U Girls the entries picked up with 12 girls but so did the competition with only 5 of the 12 placing.  The Team placed 14th over all.  Ava Milliner @ 97lbs was the highest placer here at 6th place.  Annabelle Davis @ 145lbs pulled out a 7th place finish while Adeline Taylor @ 105lbs and Raquel Iturrino @ 110lbs placed 8th.

15U Girls only had 7 entries and none of the girls faired to well only winning 3 out of 14 matches between the team which placed 27th.

Cadet Women had 26 entries with only 3 placers and here is where things heat up. Team Texas tied for 10th place here.   Starting at 43kg The 95-6A state champion Olivia DeGeorgio lost her first match to a California wrestler and fought her way back 5 matches total to claim a 3rd place finish out of 12 wrestlers in this bracket.  The next weight 46kg Eliana Martinez the 102-6A state champion made it to the semifinals before settling for her first lost.  From there Martinez lost the next 2 claiming a 6th place finish out of 23 wrestlers.  The 49kg had a total of 25 wrestlers in the bracket with only one Texas girls entered going 2-2.  At the 53kg weight with 56 wrestlers in total one of the largest in the tournament Texas had 5 wrestlers entered with the top 2 being 6A-110 state champ Bayley Trang and 5A-119 3rd place finisher Madison Canales.  This bracket was so deep that both girls only reached the Consi of 8 #1, the round before the blood round before both getting eliminated going 4-2.  Texas had no entries at the 57kg weight.  The 61kg weight had 5 Texas wrestlers with only Hailey Tucker getting 2 wins while the rest went 0-2.  Tucker made her exit at 2-2 with 39 wrestlers in the weight.  Things get worse at the next weight of 65kg with only 4 wrestlers entered and 1 of the girls getting one win while the others went 0-2.  The 69kg bracket with 24 wrestlers total had better luck with state champ 6A-148 Jasmine Robinson placing 3rd losing in the semifinals to the national champ from California who didn’t give up a point all tournament.  Robinson other then her 1 loss won by VFA (fall) and VSU (techfall) in all the other matches.  The 73kg bracket didn’t have any Texas entries.

Junior Women as usual had more entries as the cadet girls normally double enter.  The juniors had a total of 40 Texas entries and placed 6th over all as a team with only 6 All-Americans and no champions.  We start with the 50kg bracket, the largest bracket for the junior girls which featured for Texas Samara Chavez who fore gone her senior UIL state tournament run to become a 3x state champ to concentrate on freestyle which is the style she will wrestle in college at King University next year.  Chavez reeled off 5 wins to get to the finals where she faced Emily Shilson of Minnesota for the best of 2 series.  Chavez dropped both matches to place 2nd.  3x state placer Avery Ashley, and Whitney Franco went 3-2.  At 53kg Texas had 6 entries with 37 girls in the bracket.  Only 2 of the 6 girls got 2 wins or more and didn’t place at the weight.  Camille Fournier went 3-2 and Victoria Nunez went 2-2 in a tough bracket full of college girls. 55kg didn’t fair much better with only 3 Texas women entered here. Rider Marks went 3-2 before making her exit in a 22 women bracket.  At 57kg this seasons state runner ups Lily Broadwick at 119 and Devin Patton at 128 in a 33 wrestler field both went 3-2 before making their exit.  Two other Texas girls went 0-2.  The 59kg gave Texas their next All American in Illyuana Martinez who placed 8th out of 23 wrestlers and of the 4 Texas girls entered.  At 62kg Texas climbed the placement 2 slots when Jordan Suarez took a 6th place finish out of the 34 wrestlers entered including 5 other Texas girls with onlu one other Emily Alderman going 3-2 before her exit. At 65kg after getting blanked in the cadet division 5A-128 state champ Aubrey Yauger is the lone placer here getting an 8th place All American out of a full 32 women bracket.  5 other Texas girls were competing with Juliana Baugher the only other Texas girl having a winning record of 3-2 before getting eliminated.  At 68kg 3 Texas women were entered but out of the 3 only one match was won.  76kg was the best showing for the junior girls with only 3 Texas girls entered out of the 18 total.  Ashley Lekas made it to the semifinals before losing her first match and then coming back to take a 3rd place finish.  Hunter Robinson was the 2nd of the 3 wrestlers to pull out an 8th place finish to All American. Wrapping up the junior girls.

U23 Women, Team Texas placed 5th over all.  The brackets where a little smaller ranging from  11-28 women but Texas had the most placers in this division placing 10 out of 27 Texas wrestlers entered. U23 women are mostly all college women but a couple of high school placed showing their ready for the next level.  Starting off at 50kg Texas the largest bracket for the U23 women had 4 women entered here all college girls but 1 in Kaycie Tanimoto who went 2-2 before her exit.  Jaclyn McNichols after making the quarter finals dropped her first match then came back strong on the back side to finish 5th overall.  At 53kg with 7 Texas women entered and all but Samara Chavez were college girls, but Chavez was the only placer here out of the 23 women bracket.  Chavez bumping up a weight from 50kg placed 4th behind 3 senior nationally ranked women.  At 55kg high school 4th place state finisher Ashley Morris the lone Texas girl entered here out of 15 total stepped her game up and pulled out a 6th place finish after getting blanked in the junior tournament showing she is ready for the college journey.  At 59kg with only 3 Texas wrestlers entered out of 20 total we had 2 of the 3 place.  XMP-Xochitl Mota-Pettis after winning at the senior level surprisingly takes a 5th place finish getting handed losses from a Washington and Hawaii wrestlers in the semifinals and then consolation semifinals.  Serena Cervantes pulled out a 7th place finish to All American.  The 62kg had 6 wrestlers from Texas entered and 24 overall with Jordan Suarez making the highest placer here getting 6th placed.  Sierra Brown Ton went 3-2 almost making the All American Cut off.  At 65kg Mary Ellen Lafferety the lone wrestler at this weight also pulled out an 8th place finish out of an 18 women bracket.  At 68kg the one wrestler went 0-2.  At 72kg both Texas women entered placed All American.  Breanna Denise Jennings lost her 1st match to the eventual runner up and reeled off 5 straight wins to take a 3rd place finish.  Mhina Oseitutu did the same but was only able to make a 7th place finish.  Lastly the 76kg women had 3 Texas girls and all 3 women made the blood round with only 1 making it out.  Hunter Robinson matched her junior tournament finish by placing 8th.  Ashley Lekas and Kaylynn Albrecht both fell in the Consi 8#2.

Congrats to all the Texas Wrestlers Competing below is a complete list of wrestlers who entered.

10U Girls Freestyle65 lbsVivienne Yarbrough5th
10U Girls Freestyle90 lbsZaylyn Woods1st
12U Girls Freestyle65 lbsLillian McHam5th
12U Girls Freestyle70 lbsAddison Hunt4th
12U Girls Freestyle75 lbsKatelynn Dockery6th
12U Girls Freestyle75 lbsHailey Delgado1st
12U Girls Freestyle80 lbsLauren McHam4th
12U Girls Freestyle85 lbsAlexandra Sedwick3rd
12U Girls Freestyle110 lbsAnalia Urias3rd
14U Girls Freestyle85 lbsMatti Givens0-2
14U Girls Freestyle97 lbsAva Milliner6th
14U Girls Freestyle105 lbsAdeline Taylor8th
14U Girls Freestyle105 lbsNevada Daniels6th
14U Girls Freestyle105 lbsGabriella Martinez0-2
14U Girls Freestyle105 lbsKhloe Womack0-2
14U Girls Freestyle110 lbsRaquel Iturrino8th
14U Girls Freestyle119 lbsNadyiha Elizondo1-2
14U Girls Freestyle119 lbsPresley King1-2
14U Girls Freestyle136 lbsMyleigh Hammarbeck0-2
14U Girls Freestyle145 lbsAnnabelle Davis7th
14U Girls Freestyle145 lbsLillian Jukes0-2
15U Women’s Freestyle39 kgMatti Givens1-2
15U Women’s Freestyle39 kgLillian Zapata1-2
15U Women’s Freestyle42 kgZURRI ZAMORA1-2
15U Women’s Freestyle50kgRiley Raymone0-2
15U Women’s Freestyle50 kgNeelie Parker0-2
15U Women’s Freestyle54kgAthena Solis0-2
15U Women’s Freestyle62kgCheyenne Kellison0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle43 kgOlivia DeGeorgio3rd
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle43 kgJisele Masumoto0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle46 kgEliana Martinez6th
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle46 kgMacie Taylor0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle46 kgIsabella Cruz0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle49kgArianna Rodriguez Sauceda2-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle53kgElla zachery0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle53kgMadison Canales4-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle53kgAlyssa Ruiz1-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle53kgBayley Trang4-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle57 kgEmily Loya
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle61 kgAbigail Ortiz0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle61 kgCarolina Garcia0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle61 kgALEXIS REHBEGER0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle61kgHalley Tucker2-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle65 kgAubrey Yauger0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle65 kgMadison Carsner0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle65 kgMIA RODRIQUEZ0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle61 kgElena Gutierrez1-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle69 kgAvery Beckman2-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle69 kgYara Pozo0-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle69 kgjasmine robinson3rd
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle69 kgPoorna Babu1-2
UWW Cadet Women’s Freestyle69 kgAzana King0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle50 kgVictoria Pena0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle50 kgAvery Ashley3-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle50 kgKaycie Tanimoto0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle50 kgSamara Chavez2nd
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle50 kgWhitney Franco3-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle53kgCamille Fournier3-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle53kgErin Matera0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle53kgKatherine Heath1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle53kgValerie Acosta1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle53kgVictoria Aragon-Marcial0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle53kgVictoria Nunuz2-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle55 kgMia Armstrong1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle55 kgAshley Morris0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle55 kgRider Marks3-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle57 kgLillian Broadrick3-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle57 kgTabitha Wood0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle57 kgJacqueline Ghent0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle57 kgDevin Patton3-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle59 kgElizabeth Duvall1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle59 kgIllyuana Martinez8th
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle59 kgKarina De La Torre0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle59 kgClarissa Archuleta1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle62 kgMadison Sandquist1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle62 kgJordan Suarez6th
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle62 kgEmily Alderman3-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle62 kgMattison Parker1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle62 kgNicole Gallagher0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle62 kgTAYLOR R. MARTINEZ1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle65 kgAubrey Yauger8th
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle65 kgJuliana Baugher3-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle65 kgMaryellen Lafferty1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle65 kgKayla Lanning0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle65 kgLorissa Maldonado1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle65 kgAngelina Archuleta1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle68 kgKayla Munoz1-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle68 kgMeagan Alexis0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle68 kgMarqelle Fisher0-2
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle76 kgAshley Lekas3rd
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle76 kgHunter Robinson8th
UWW Junior Women’s Freestyle76 kgMikayla Mata2-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle50 kgKaycie Tanimoto2-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle50 kgJaclyn McNichols5th
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle50 kgMadison Brown1-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle50 kgWhitney Franco0-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle53 kgAlina Kinsey0-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle53 kgCamille Fournier1-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle53 kgSamara Chavez4th
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle53 kgKatherine Heath0-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle53 kgVictoria Nunez0-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle53 kgValerie Acosta0-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle53 kgCharlotte Fowler1-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle55 kgAshley Morris6th
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle59 kgXochitl Mota-Pettis5th
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle59 kgMea Mohler2-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle59 kgSerena Cervantes7th
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle62 kgSierra Brown Ton3-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle62 kgJordan Suarez6th
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle62 kgEmily Alderman2-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle62 kgIllyuana Martinez1-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle62 kgMattison Parker0-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle65 kgMaryellen Lafferty8th
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle68 kgKayla Munoz0-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle72 kgMhina Oseitutu7th
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle72 kgBreanna Denise Jennings3rd
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle76 kgHunter Robinson8th
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle76 kgAshley Lekas2-2
UWW U23 Women’s Freestyle76 kgKaylynn Albrecht3-2

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Written by Ray Shoaf


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