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Texas Brings Home Some Champs

Kansas City Missouri was where the action was this past weekend as they were holding the Rocky Mountain Nationals at the Hy-Vee Arena. ¬†This tournament started out with Duals, went into a Folkstyle tournament and wrapped up with a Freestyle Tournament. The HS, 15U, 12U, and 9U boys duals started out the tournament, women didn’t have duals. ¬†Ohana Wrestling Academy out of San Antonio was the only Texas Club to compete in the dual tournament and that was the High School Duals which had the toughest teams from around the nation. ¬†Ohana WC took 4th in the silver bracket after the first day of Pool wrestling.
On Saturday the folkstyle started with the young boys at 10U with Vinny Ferrari and Shiloh Jackson-Bey both placing 2nd and 3rd respectfully. ¬†The 12U boys 5 placers with Mikey Ruiz, Charlie Trujillo, Aaron Garcia, Jair Jackson-Bey, and Will Deutschlander. ¬†The 15U got a little tougher as Texas had at least 14 boys competing with only 3 placers and no champs. ¬†Javin Jackson-Bey with Whitted Trained pulled out a 2nd place finish, Mitchell Borynack of Frisco Liberty was wrestling for Elite Athletic Club placed 5th, and Rex Jacobs with 3F Wrestling Club took a 6th place finish. 2 girls competed at the 15U with Erika Peterson of 3F Wrestling club being the only placer at 3rd. ¬†The 18U was where all the Texas action was though with 36 wrestlers total by my count 5 of those in the womens division. ¬†Texas only had 5 placers in the boys and 4 placers in the girls. ¬†Mason Ding of Carrollton Creekview High School a 5A-195 state champ this past season was the only mens champ wrestling for the Texas Pride Wrestling Club. ¬†John Richardson of Prosper High School and Austin Hartmangruber both wrestling for Ohana Wrestling Academy came up short and took a 2nd place finish along with Deshawn Cosby whom in my opinion was outstanding as he lost his first match to the eventual champion and wrestled back 11, yes that’s correct 11 straight matches to win a true 2nd place in a 64 man bracket. ¬†Conrad Hendriksen wrestling for LoftenStyle Wrestling Club took a 3rd place finish, and Darwin Hull place 6th for Ohana.
Devin Patton was the lone champ for the 18U Texas women wrestling for The Texas Pride with Mikayla Wallace of Vici Wrestling club taking 3rd, Brittany Cotter placing 4th for Gracie Barra and Avery Ashley taking 6th for Loftenstyle.

Sunday started the Freestyle with the young kids like the day before but not as many Texas wrestlers. Probably because the parents had to get back to work today “Monday” the brackets were still full however. ¬†Michael Baxter of the Punisher Wrestling Club was the lone placer and Champ in the boys 10U. ¬†Tre Haines of Punisher was the lone Texas Champ in the 12U with Charlie Trujillo and Keagan Sieracki of 3F Wrestling Club placing 3rd and 4th respectfully. ¬†Gavin Young placed 4th for Punisher. ¬†The 15U boys had 4 placers with Jimmy Benne of NB Elite and Dustin Baxter of Punisher both placing 3rd. ¬†Julius Soltero and Isaac Sheeran both of Spring Klein Wrestling Club both placed 6th. ¬†Erika Peterson of 3F Wrestling in the girls placed 2nd.
Now here come the 18U Freestyle with 31 Texas wrestlers to my count with only 3 women. ¬†There was a drop in Texas wrestlers until the Katy Area Wrestling Club showed up with 5 guys to replace the folk style wrestlers not competing. ¬†Texas had 2 champs here with Conrad Hendriksen with Loftenstyle and John”LJ” Richardson with Ohana both taking the crown at the their respective weights 106 and 152. ¬†Troy Guerra of NB Elite, Austin Hartmangruber and Darwin Hull of Ohana each placed 2nd. ¬†Deshawn Cosby again loses his first match to the the eventual finalist but this time only has to come back 5 matches to win 3rd place. ¬†Cosby couldn’t compete for a true 2nd because that was his first loss. 2 days and 16 matches all on the consolation side. “still Wow” going 16-2 not counting byes. ¬†Evan Atchley of Spartan Mat Club and Diego Hinojosa of Ohana took 4th. ¬†William Austin of Texas Pride took a 5th place finish. ¬† Dragon Davilla of Ohana, Jackson Crandall of Katy Area, Luke Newton of Katy Area, and Jaxson Gonzalez of NB Elite took 6th.
The women once again with Devin Patton of Texas pride claimed another championship making her the only double champ of the weekend,  Brittany Cotter placed 4th with Gracie Barra and Ashley Morris of Spring Klein WC place 5th.

Congratulations to all the Texas Wrestlers who made the trip and my apologies for those that were missed.

Stay Safe.

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Written by TexasWrestling