State Tournament Results (Girls)



1st Place – Sydney Perez of College Station A&m Consolidated
2nd Place – Serese Guillen of Dumas
3rd Place – Britley Lopez of Borger
4th Place – Abigail Mendoza of Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial
5th Place – Joann Martinez of Victoria West
6th Place – Larissa Velazquez of Victoria East

1st Place Match Sydney Perez (College Station A&m Consolidated) 36-5, Jr. over Serese Guillen (Dumas) 46-7, Fr. (Dec 10-3)

3rd Place Match Britley Lopez (Borger) 16-5, Sr. over Abigail Mendoza (Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial) 32-7, Fr. (Dec 6-3)

5th Place Match Joann Martinez (Victoria West) 32-9, Sr. over Larissa Velazquez (Victoria East) 34-15, Jr. (Dec 3-0)


1st Place – Jaryn Ortegon of Canyon Randall
2nd Place – Judith Sandoval of El Paso Hanks
3rd Place – Valerie Fuentes of Arlington Seguin
4th Place – Victoria Baldivia of Amarillo Caprock
5th Place – Avery Campbell of Carrollton Creekview
6th Place – Emely Jimenez of Waller

1st Place Match Jaryn Ortegon (Canyon Randall) 31-1, Sr. over Judith Sandoval (El Paso Hanks) 30-2, Jr. (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match Valerie Fuentes (Arlington Seguin) 33-4, Sr. over Victoria Baldivia (Amarillo Caprock) 28-8, Jr. (Fall 1:42)

5th Place Match Avery Campbell (Carrollton Creekview) 27-10, Sr. over Emely Jimenez (Waller) 30-10, Jr. (Dec 5-4)


1st Place – Avery Ashley of Lucas Lovejoy
2nd Place – Mariah Dillard of Azle
3rd Place – Avery Martinez of Canyon Randall
4th Place – Miliyah Pacheco of Amarillo Tascosa
5th Place – Victoria Vasquez of Amarillo Palo Duro
6th Place – Jalene Romero of Burleson Centennial

1st Place Match Avery Ashley (Lucas Lovejoy) 47-0, Sr. over Mariah Dillard (Azle) 10-3, Fr. (MD 18-6)

3rd Place Match Avery Martinez (Canyon Randall) 43-4, Sr. over Miliyah Pacheco (Amarillo Tascosa) 41-7, So. (MD 11-2)

5th Place Match Victoria Vasquez (Amarillo Palo Duro) 34-13, So. over Jalene Romero (Burleson Centennial) 39-10, Sr. (Fall 4:53)


1st Place – Tatiana Garcia of Amarillo Caprock
2nd Place – Keilani Guillermo of El Paso Chapin
3rd Place – Julia Stevens of Borger
4th Place – Alicia Brown of Houston Northside
5th Place – Brooke Wieczorek of Prosper Rock Hill
6th Place – Angelica Avitia of El Paso Bel Air

1st Place Match Tatiana Garcia (Amarillo Caprock) 41-0, Sr. over Keilani Guillermo (El Paso Chapin) 47-5, Jr. (Dec 11-5)

3rd Place Match Julia Stevens (Borger) 28-10, So. over Alicia Brown (Houston Northside) 28-4, Jr. (Dec 7-4)

5th Place Match Brooke Wieczorek (Prosper Rock Hill) 32-7, Jr. over Angelica Avitia (El Paso Bel Air) 20-7, Jr. (Dec 6-0)


1st Place – Madison Canales of Richmond Foster
2nd Place – Belen Rios of Frisco
3rd Place – Zoe Bennett of Lubbock Cooper
4th Place – Mattison Goss of El Paso Austin
5th Place – Emily Loya of Dumas
6th Place – Maya Khabbaz of Pflugerville Weiss

1st Place Match Madison Canales (Richmond Foster) 37-0, So. over Belen Rios (Frisco) 40-1, Sr. (Fall 5:00)

3rd Place Match Zoe Bennett (Lubbock Cooper) 45-8, Fr. over Mattison Goss (El Paso Austin) 31-6, Jr. (SV-1 7-5)

5th Place Match Emily Loya (Dumas) 50-7, Jr. over Maya Khabbaz (Pflugerville Weiss) 24-14, Jr. (Dec 10-5)


1st Place – Serenity Delagarza of McAllen Memorial
2nd Place – Alicen Dillard of Azle
3rd Place – Hadley Snyder of Frisco Reedy
4th Place – Sierra Snodgrass of Georgetown
5th Place – Jaden Culifer of Amarillo Caprock
6th Place – Autumn Alvarez of Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial

1st Place Match Serenity Delagarza (McAllen Memorial) 31-0, Jr. over Alicen Dillard (Azle) 11-1, So. (Fall 3:43)

3rd Place Match Hadley Snyder (Frisco Reedy) 33-4, Sr. over Sierra Snodgrass (Georgetown) 34-4, Sr. (Dec 6-1)

5th Place Match Jaden Culifer (Amarillo Caprock) 38-5, Sr. over Autumn Alvarez (Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial) 34-12, Sr. (Fall 0:38)


1st Place – Kareli Cadena of Amarillo Caprock
2nd Place – Annabelle Davis of Azle
3rd Place – Avery Beckman of Friendswood
4th Place – Bailey Ford of Burleson Centennial
5th Place – Madeline Hodges of Midlothian
6th Place – Jazmine Garcia of El Paso Ysleta

1st Place Match Kareli Cadena (Amarillo Caprock) 38-2, So. over Annabelle Davis (Azle) 42-5, Fr. (SV-1 8-6)

3rd Place Match Avery Beckman (Friendswood) 32-2, . over Bailey Ford (Burleson Centennial) 39-5, Jr. (Fall 4:51)

5th Place Match Madeline Hodges (Midlothian) 26-10, Jr. over Jazmine Garcia (El Paso Ysleta) 32-8, Sr. (Dec 9-2)


1st Place – Pella LeFever of Azle
2nd Place – Eternity Delagarza of McAllen Memorial
3rd Place – Taylashia Sims of Arlington Seguin
4th Place – Eve Smith of Midlothian
5th Place – Shamiah McNezer of El Paso Chapin
6th Place – Erika Peterson of Cedar Park

1st Place Match Pella LeFever (Azle) 40-3, Jr. over Eternity Delagarza (McAllen Memorial) 31-2, Jr. (MD 12-1)

3rd Place Match Taylashia Sims (Arlington Seguin) 37-5, Jr. over Eve Smith (Midlothian) 29-13, Fr. (Dec 7-3)

5th Place Match Shamiah McNezer (El Paso Chapin) 41-8, So. over Erika Peterson (Cedar Park) 31-8, Jr. (Fall 3:18)


1st Place – J`nessa Reynoso of Canyon Randall
2nd Place – Niyasia McCampbell of Amarillo Caprock
3rd Place – Lorena Torres of PSJA Memorial
4th Place – Milana Vega of Corpus Christi King
5th Place – Mohagany Casel of Lubbock
6th Place – Taylor Rich of Richmond Foster

1st Place Match J`nessa Reynoso (Canyon Randall) 34-5, Jr. over Niyasia McCampbell (Amarillo Caprock) 33-6, Sr. (Dec 2-1)

3rd Place Match Lorena Torres (PSJA Memorial) 28-3, Sr. over Milana Vega (Corpus Christi King) 39-6, Jr. (Fall 2:30)

5th Place Match Mohagany Casel (Lubbock) 37-7, Jr. over Taylor Rich (Richmond Foster) 29-7, Sr. (For.)


1st Place – Lexi Shannon of Humble Kingwood Park
2nd Place – Samyra Thomas of Houston Kashmere
3rd Place – Leilani Sanchez of El Paso Andress
4th Place – Dally McConnell of Bushland
5th Place – Jaycee Portee of Lubbock Monterey
6th Place – Ariana Chavez of Borger

1st Place Match Lexi Shannon (Humble Kingwood Park) 47-1, Sr. over Samyra Thomas (Houston Kashmere) 21-3, Sr. (Fall 2:46)

3rd Place Match Leilani Sanchez (El Paso Andress) 17-3, Jr. over Dally McConnell (Bushland) 51-8, Jr. (Dec 8-4)

5th Place Match Jaycee Portee (Lubbock Monterey) 39-5, Sr. over Ariana Chavez (Borger) 28-8, Fr. (Fall 3:49)



1st Place – Sloan Stewart of Rockwall Heath
2nd Place – Alana Lee of Fort Worth Boswell
3rd Place – Isabella Cruz of Euless Trinity
4th Place – Lillian Zepata of Lewisville Flower Mound
5th Place – Brenna Trang of Southlake Carroll
6th Place – Forfeit – Maria Forfeit – Husain of Coppell

1st Place Match Sloan Stewart (Rockwall Heath) 30-7, Jr. over Alana Lee (Fort Worth Boswell) 23-1, Jr. (MD 11-2)

3rd Place Match Isabella Cruz (Euless Trinity) 47-2, Sr. over Lillian Zepata (Lewisville Flower Mound) 51-10, So. (Fall 1:16)

5th Place Match Brenna Trang (Southlake Carroll) 39-10, So. over Forfeit – Maria Forfeit – Husain (Coppell) 34-3, Sr. (For.)


1st Place – Olivia Degeorgio of Conroe Woodlands College Park
2nd Place – Eliana Martinez of Allen
3rd Place – Arianna Rodriguez of South Grand Prairie
4th Place – Maria Aponte of Cibolo Steele
5th Place – Vanessa De La Cruz of Humble Summer Creek
6th Place – Jasmine Cortez of El Paso Coronado

1st Place Match Olivia Degeorgio (Conroe Woodlands College Park) 32-1, Sr. over Eliana Martinez (Allen) 20-2, Sr. (Dec 10-4)

3rd Place Match Arianna Rodriguez (South Grand Prairie) 40-6, Jr. over Maria Aponte (Cibolo Steele) 39-7, Sr. (Dec 6-3)

5th Place Match Vanessa De La Cruz (Humble Summer Creek) 34-8, Fr. over Jasmine Cortez (El Paso Coronado) 24-8, Sr. (Fall 3:58)


1st Place – Bayley Trang of Southlake Carroll
2nd Place – Tabiah Walwyn-ton of Allen
3rd Place – Alexis Hanks of Killeen Ellison
4th Place – Jocelyn Lass of Austin Westlake
5th Place – Riley Rayome of Humble Kingwood
6th Place – Kaylynn Martin of San Marcos

1st Place Match Bayley Trang (Southlake Carroll) 40-2, Jr. over Tabiah Walwyn-ton (Allen) 39-4, Sr. (Dec 10-3)

3rd Place Match Alexis Hanks (Killeen Ellison) 43-4, Jr. over Jocelyn Lass (Austin Westlake) 37-5, Sr. (Dec 9-3)

5th Place Match Riley Rayome (Humble Kingwood) 48-4, Fr. over Kaylynn Martin (San Marcos) 14-6, Jr. (Fall 2:42)


1st Place – Olivia Moreno of Austin Bowie
2nd Place – Neelie Parker of Northwest Eaton
3rd Place – Alyssa Ruiz of Northwest Nelson
4th Place – Fernanda Lopez of Richardson Lake Highlands
5th Place – Scout Carrell of Coppell
6th Place – Crystal Venegas of San Antonio LEE

1st Place Match Olivia Moreno (Austin Bowie) 42-0, Jr. over Neelie Parker (Northwest Eaton) 41-5, So. (Fall 2:32)

3rd Place Match Alyssa Ruiz (Northwest Nelson) 32-4, Jr. over Fernanda Lopez (Richardson Lake Highlands) 31-3, Jr. (Fall 2:02)

5th Place Match Scout Carrell (Coppell) 39-4, Jr. over Crystal Venegas (San Antonio LEE) 27-7, Sr. (Fall 2:25)


1st Place – Elizabeth Duvall of Rockwall
2nd Place – Brooke Zejda of Plano West
3rd Place – Alyxandria Bennett of Wolfforth Frenship
4th Place – Rebecca Natvig of Southlake Carroll
5th Place – Elena Gutierrez of Klein Cain
6th Place – Sabrina Cervantes of San Antonio LEE

1st Place Match Elizabeth Duvall (Rockwall) 30-1, Sr. over Brooke Zejda (Plano West) 33-11, Sr. (Fall 2:57)

3rd Place Match Alyxandria Bennett (Wolfforth Frenship) 15-2, Sr. over Rebecca Natvig (Southlake Carroll) 42-7, Sr. (UTB 3-2)

5th Place Match Elena Gutierrez (Klein Cain) 49-7, Jr. over Sabrina Cervantes (San Antonio LEE) 27-6, Sr. (Dec 6-1)


1st Place – Shaili Davis of Cedar Park Vista Ridge
2nd Place – Hailey Tucker of Haltom City Haltom
3rd Place – Taylor Martinez of Prosper
4th Place – Gabriella Zarate of New Braunfels
5th Place – Mikayla Pool of Richardson
6th Place – Abigail Sebesta of Langham Creek

1st Place Match Shaili Davis (Cedar Park Vista Ridge) 38-3, Sr. over Hailey Tucker (Haltom City Haltom) 42-3, Sr. (Fall 5:12)

3rd Place Match Taylor Martinez (Prosper) 42-2, Sr. over Gabriella Zarate (New Braunfels) 40-12, Jr. (Fall 3:58)

5th Place Match Mikayla Pool (Richardson) 35-7, Sr. over Abigail Sebesta (Langham Creek) 39-6, Sr. (Dec 15-10)


1st Place – Sage Benca of Comal Smithson Valley
2nd Place – Maegan Flaherty of Prosper
3rd Place – Aremie Steele of El Paso Montwood
4th Place – Anna Vogt of Cypress Ranch
5th Place – Poorna Babu of Lewisville Flower Mound
6th Place – Judea Higgins-Morris of Katy (Girls)

1st Place Match Sage Benca (Comal Smithson Valley) 55-0, Sr. over Maegan Flaherty (Prosper) 43-3, Sr. (Fall 3:34)

3rd Place Match Aremie Steele (El Paso Montwood) 36-2, Sr. over Anna Vogt (Cypress Ranch) 44-12, Fr. (Dec 9-5)

5th Place Match Poorna Babu (Lewisville Flower Mound) 57-12, Sr. over Judea Higgins-Morris (Katy (Girls)) 46-20, Sr. (Fall 4:46)


1st Place – Jasmine Robinson of Allen
2nd Place – Camryn Tresler of League City Clear Falls
3rd Place – Faith Macharia of Keller Central
4th Place – Selena Sifuentes Shaffer of Comal Smithson Valley
5th Place – Nina Amico of Katy Seven Lakes (Girls)
6th Place – Eliza Stricklin of San Antonio Churchill

1st Place Match Jasmine Robinson (Allen) 43-0, So. over Camryn Tresler (League City Clear Falls) 47-2, Sr. (Fall 0:50)

3rd Place Match Faith Macharia (Keller Central) 29-6, Jr. over Selena Sifuentes Shaffer (Comal Smithson Valley) 49-4, Sr. (SV-1 7-5)

5th Place Match Nina Amico (Katy Seven Lakes (Girls)) 40-11, Jr. over Eliza Stricklin (San Antonio Churchill) 48-12, Jr. (Dec 7-4)


1st Place – Jessica Villanueva of Pharr-San Juan-Alamo
2nd Place – Shenita Lawson of Euless Trinity
3rd Place – Morgan Senior of Arlington Bowie
4th Place – Annmarie Janssen of Katy Seven Lakes (Girls)
5th Place – Fareeda Akewusola of Humble Kingwood
6th Place – Emma Thomas of Cypress Creek

1st Place Match Jessica Villanueva (Pharr-San Juan-Alamo) 40-0, Sr. over Shenita Lawson (Euless Trinity) 50-1, Sr. (Fall 2:50)

3rd Place Match Morgan Senior (Arlington Bowie) 17-5, Sr. over Annmarie Janssen (Katy Seven Lakes (Girls)) 36-4, Sr. (Dec 8-4)

5th Place Match Fareeda Akewusola (Humble Kingwood) 41-9, Sr. over Emma Thomas (Cypress Creek) 45-6, Jr. (Fall 3:55)


1st Place – Maddie Welch of Conroe Woodlands College Park
2nd Place – Erica Cobos of El Paso Americas
3rd Place – Rewa Chababo of Katy Mayde Creek (Girls)
4th Place – Tiffany Curry of Dallas Skyline
5th Place – Deonne Gonzalez of Austin Akins
6th Place – Esther Peters of Allen

1st Place Match Maddie Welch (Conroe Woodlands College Park) 45-3, Sr. over Erica Cobos (El Paso Americas) 25-3, So. (Dec 1-0)

3rd Place Match Rewa Chababo (Katy Mayde Creek (Girls)) 42-4, Sr. over Tiffany Curry (Dallas Skyline) 23-3, Jr. (Dec 5-0)

5th Place Match Deonne Gonzalez (Austin Akins) 32-6, Jr. over Esther Peters (Allen) 31-6, So. (Fall 4:13)

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