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Sisters on the Mat Win Duals in Iowa

The Sisters on the Mat Club ran by Coach Monica Allen made their annual trip to Independence Iowa this past weekend and came home with the Dual Team Title in the High School Division for the first time since they started attending the charity event.  The Youth Girls didn’t do as well team wise but was giving up a few forfeits and that never helps.

Mia Diaz @ 100, Aubrey Yauger @ 126, and Madison Sandquist @ 132 were tournament champions in the high school girls.  Jasmine Robinson was the lone middle school champ. Stefany Barrera and Zaylyn Woods was champs for the kids division.

Congratulations to the whole squad making the trip.


“Quote from Coach Allen”

This trip remains our favorite! This is the first year the HS girls placed 1st and they were very excited about that. The group of girls we brought were so great. They were all so coachable, respectful, and hard working. We received so many compliments on how sweet and respectful they were, that is what makes me most proud. After they collected their medals, they began rolling up mats and picking up trash. Moms were sweeping the floors, it was just a great, humbling experience this weekend. I look forward to the trip every year and the tournament raises $$ for the Cancer Center at their children’s hospital and the presentation on Saturday is so heartwarming! Practicing in the Dan Gable Natioanal wrestling museum was SO cool. The renovations they did over the past year or so was great. I really hope this weekend was a memorable one for the girls like it was for us coaches!!

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Written by TexasWrestling