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Radiance on the Mats: Highlights from the Girls Region 4-5A Wrestling Tournament Day 1 at Delco Center 

The Girls Region 4-5A Wrestling Tournament at the Delco Center unfolded as a radiant spectacle, a captivating fusion of beauty and raw athleticism. In the serene backdrop of the Delco Activity Center, the early morning atmosphere set the stage for a day that would witness the prowess of female wrestlers taking to the mats and dominating their respective weight classes. The delicate balance between grace and strength became apparent as the competition commenced, with each wrestler vying for a coveted place on the podium. This introduction encapsulates the anticipation and vibrancy that permeated the tournament, showcasing the dedication and skill of the participating athletes. 

In the 100-pound category, notable performances earned Arleth Rodriguez of McAllen Memorial, Hailyn Gonzalez of Mission Sharyland Pioneer, Abigail Mendoza of Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial, and Alexis Avalos of Comal Smithson Valley the 6th place in their respective matches. 

Moving to the 107-pound division, Rachel Corley of Cedar Park, Marsha Partain of Comal Davenport, Ava Aragon of McAllen, and Trinity Duran of Corpus Christi King exhibited their skills, each securing the 6th place. The 114-pound category saw Rozella Fadaie of Brownsville Veterans Memorial, Tyler Rokosz of Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial, Genevieve Bellino of Corpus Christi Carroll, and Danielle Silva of Edinburg Vela earning their spots on the podium with a 6th place finish. 

In the 120-pound weight class, commendable performances by Savannah Schaaf of Comal Pieper, Su`Nae Burden of Comal Canyon, Leah Cisneros of Corpus Christi Carroll, and Xandrea Garza-Hurtado of Corpus Christi Miller led to their securing the 6th place. Additionally, Elvia Davila of Mission Sharyland, Abigail Fuentes of McAllen, Svala Starcher of Comal Smithson Valley, and Madison Rich of Leander Glenn also earned the 6th place in the same weight class. 

Continuing through the weight classes, the 132-pound division showcased the talents of Gillian Eckert of Comal Pieper, Gideon Sanchez of San Antonio Burbank, Kara Hidalgo of McAllen, and Dafne Gaona of La Joya Juarez-Lincoln, each earning the 6th place. In the 138-pound category, Xen Reddell of Comal Canyon, Alyssa Reyes of Corpus Christi Veterans

Memorial, Graciela Juarez of Pharr-San Juan-Alamo North, and Kylee Foulds of Leander secured their places with a 6th place finish. 

The 145-pound weight class featured Maria Munoz of San Antonio Edison, Viviilelagi Kalili of Leander Glenn, Gabriela Garcia of Corpus Christi King, and Bronwyn Arsyn Sadlier of McAllen, all claiming the 6th place. In the 152-pound division, Ivanna Reyes of Corpus Christi Ray, Allyson Alaniz of Comal Smithson Valley, Natania Workman of San Antonio Veterans Memorial, and Shylynn Brown of Leander Glenn showcased their skills, securing the 6th place in closely contested matches. 

In the 165-pound category, commendable performances from Savannah Cerda of Corpus Christi Carroll, Jena Reyes of Corpus Christi Ray, Cameron Massie of Comal Pieper, and Nissi Rosas of San Antonio MacArthur led to their 6th place finishes. The 185-pound weight class featured Katelynn Galvan of Corpus Christi King, Lia Gutierrez of Rio Grande City, Meela Stubbs of Comal Pieper, and Mia Trujillo of San Antonio Veterans Memorial securing the 6th place. 

Finally, in the heavyweight category (235 pounds), Alyciana Rogers of Liberty Hill, Layla Chapa of Corpus Christi Moody, Lilliana Canales of Rio Grande City, and Ayleen Ortiz of Pharr Valley View showcased their strength and technique, each earning the 6th place in the tournament. 

As the echoes of the final bouts faded within the Delco Center, the Girls Region 4-5A Wrestling Tournament Day 1 left an indelible mark on the mats. The tournament, a testament to the beauty and tenacity of female wrestlers, concluded with triumphant performances and hard-fought victories. From the determination displayed in the 100-pound category to the strength exhibited in the heavyweight division, each match spoke volumes about the athletes’ commitment to their craft. In the end, the Delco Center witnessed not just a series of wrestling matches but a celebration of resilience, talent, and the spirit of competition that defines the essence of girls’ wrestling in Region 4-5A. As the competitors left the mats, their journeys echoed the essence of the sport – a relentless pursuit of excellence and the embodiment of strength, skill, and sportsmanship.

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