Horton takes home a Gold and a Silver

Horton was the lone Texan placing at this years 2021 Veterans World Championships in Greece.  Horton doubled up by making the finals in both Freestyle and Greco Roman taking the Gold in Freestyle and the Silver in Greco Roman.
The other 2 Texans in the Freestyle division Sion King and James Miller both made the bronze medal matches but both fell to the Russian competitors having to take 5th place

“Quote from Steve Horton” After his Freestyle finals match.

Last 10 seconds of my world championship match! I was down 2-1, And hit a low single to score with three seconds remaining. When you train hard you always have something in the tank when you need to go get a score!

In the Greco Roman, Ernesto Alarcon lost in a tight 2-0 to Turkey,  Alarcon needed Turkey to win in the semi finals to be pulled back in.  But Steve Horton had something to say about that as he won against Turkey in the semi finals 7-2 spring boarding Horton back into the finals causing Alarcon’s journey to end.Horton had to settle for the Silver Medal as he dropped his finals match to a Georgian.

Congratulations to all the wrestlers making the long trip to Greece and still competing.


Below is the complete match results for our Texas wrestlers.







Division D-70kg

Gold Medal Match

 Stephen Bradford HORTON (USA) df. Vadim DANILOV (RUS) 

by VPO1, 3 – 2

Semi Finals Match Stephen Bradford HORTON (USA) df. Lorenzo CARIERI (ITA) by VPO1, 3 – 2by VPO1, 3 – 2

Quarter Finals Match

 Stephen Bradford HORTON (USA) df. Shamshe TLASHADZE (GEO) 

by VPO1, 8 – 6


 Stephen Bradford HORTON (USA) df. Stefan BITTMANN (GER) 

by VSU, 11 – 0

Division B-88kg

Bronze Medal Match

 Mukhamed SHEBZUKHOV (RUS) df. Sion Christam KING (USA) by VPO, 8 – 0

by VPO, 8 – 0

Semi Finals

 Dmitrii DARMODEKHIN (RUS) df. Sion Christam KING (USA) 

by VPO, 2 – 0

Quarter Finals 

Sion Christam KING (USA) df. Serghei BOLGAR (MDA) 

by VPO1, 5 – 2


 Sion Christam KING (USA) df. Filippos MARKAKIS (GRE) by VFA, 8 – 0

Division E-88kg

Bronze Medal Match

 Radislav NAVAZHAP (RUS) df. James Paul MILLER (USA) by VFA, 6 – 0

by VFA, 6 – 0

Semi Finals

 Gyozo Gyula LAKATOS (HUN) df. James Paul MILLER (USA) 

by VPO1, 7 – 5

Quarter Finals

 James Paul MILLER (USA) df. Kim SKHASHOK (RUS) by VPO1, 5 – 2

by VPO1, 5 – 2


Division D-70kg

Gold Medal Match Tariel SHAVADZE (GEO) df. Stephen Bradford HORTON (USA) by VFA, 4 – 0

by VFA, 4 – 0

Semi Finals

 Stephen Bradford HORTON (USA) df. Omer TOPAL (TUR) by VPO1, 7 – 2

Quarter Finals

 Stephen Bradford HORTON (USA) df. Gabor MATYAS (HUN) 

by VPO1, 7 – 4

 Omer TOPAL (TUR) df. Ernesto ALARCON (USA) 

by VPO, 2 – 0


 Stephen Bradford HORTON (USA) df. Gunnar SPRUNK (GER) 

by VSU, 9 – 0

 Ernesto ALARCON (USA) df. Szabolcs ZSIRKA (HUN) 

by VSU, 8 – 0

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Written by Ray Shoaf

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