El Paso Bowie Tournament

This Tournament wasnt on trackwrestling, results were reported in from El Paso,   BIG THANKS TO 915 Wrestling.
1. Hanks 219
2. Franklin 107
3. Parkland 104
4. Bel Air 84
4. El Dorado 84
Boys top 5:
1. Franklin 275.5
2. Las Cruces, NM 244.5
3. Del Valle 146.5
4. Hanks 127
5. Montwood 116
6. Buena, AZ 115.5
7. Eastwood 111 (state champs Delgado and Chavez out due to healing injuries)
Franklin’s, James McClain-Green completely dominated his bracket.   Teched parkland’s Clinton Wells (state medalist) in semis and pinned El Paso  Camacho in the finals.
Bowie Tournament BOYS placers (over 35 teams in attendance)
1st Adrian Manuel Rodriguez- Franklin
2nd Dimitri Villanueva- Parkland
3rd Zackary Gomez- Pebble Hills
4th Jonathan Nunez- Bel Air
5th Aaron Hernandez- Eastwood
6th Jacob Lopez- Ysleta
1st Kobe Nelms- Franklin
2nd Jesus Gomez- Hanks
3rd Dominic Melendez- El Dorado
4th Mason Purvis- Chapin
5th Javier Duchene- Del Valle
6th Micheal Guadian- Bel Air
1st James McClain-Green- Franklin (Most Outstanding Wrestler)
2nd Breadon Camacho- El Paso
3rd Joey Saldana- Las Cruces
4th Clinton Wells- Parkland
5th Jose Acevedo- El Dorado
6th Jaden Stout- Montwood
1st Adrian Zubia- Franklin
2nd Saul Rocha- Hanks
3rd Jeremy Acevedo- Coronado
4th Jesus Cervantes- Fabens
5th Zeke Vargas- Las Cruces
6th AJ Ayala- Burges
1st Jesse Murillo- Franklin
2nd Joshua Jimenez- Coronado
3rd Justin Perez- Santa Teresa
4th Chris Camarillo- Montwood
5th Joshua Chacon- Hanks
6th Adrian Rascon- El Paso
1st Emilio Marquez- Las Cruces
2nd Kalob Jewett- Franklin
3rd Devin Doblado- Montwood
4th Nathan Aguayo- Coronado
5th Daniel Magana- Socorro
6th Joey Pena- Eastwood
1st Matthew Jewett- Franklin
2nd Oscar Lascano- Eastlake
3rd Elliot Cortes- Del Valle
4th Matthew Vasquez- Mayfield
5th Hector Rangel- Santa Teressa
6th Jacob Smith- Buena
1st Ruben Gonzalez- Las Cruces
2nd Matthew Engle- Parkland
3rd Hector Perez- Parkland
4th Moises Ramos- Douglas
5th Chris Carrillo- Montwood
6th James Boone- Americas
1st Brandon Baeza- Las Cruces
2nd Jaquavious Tinnyhill- Parkland
3rd Joel Ramos- Douglas
4th Ramond Montez- Del Valle
5th Mark Tavares- El Paso
6th Cosme Delgado- Mayfield
1st Mike Dominguez- Burges
2nd Max Banach- Buena
3rd AJ Carreon- Las Cruces
4th Victor Contreras- Del Valle
5th Yoseph Hernandez- Coronado
6th Yordan Orquiz- Franklin
1st Noah Vasquez- Eastwood (Most Outstanding Wrestler)
2nd Joey Castillo- Las Cruces
3rd Tereus Henry- Montwood
4th Tristan Ashford- Franklin
5th Raul Jimenez- Del Valle
6th Andrew Sevilla- Santa Teresa
1st Josh Molinar- Eastlake
2nd Freddy Gomez- Eastwood
3rd Chad Clowser- Buena
4th Tony Labrado- Hanks
5th Eduardo Cintron- Andress
6th Elias Robles- Montwood
1st Adrian Sanchez- Fabens
2nd Zayne Alley- Las Cruces
3rd Victor Molina- Franklin
4th Mario Estrada- Douglas
5th Daniel Vega- Eastwood
6th Kevin Meza- Buena
1st Benny Hernandez- Las Cruces
2ns Tristin Tuialuuluu- Del Valle
3rd Saki Leuluai- Buena
4th Daniel Hernandez- Jefferson
5th Jared Mendoza- El Dorado
6th Juan Parada- San Elizario
Bowie Tournament GIRLS placers: (over 25 teams in attendance)
1st Tiffany Gandara- Parkland (Most Outstanding Wrestler)
2nd Shania Melendez- El Dorado
3rd Nicole Cordova- Hanks
4th Daina Cavey- Chapin
5th Kaylee Romo- Burges
6th Esther Walker- Montwood
1st Shania Villalba- Hanks
2nd Christine Huante- Riverside
3rd Britney Federico- Montwood
4th Lily Vargas- Franklin
5th Mia Morales- Americas
6th Evy Fregoso- Eastwood
1st Jennifer Limas- Del Valle
2nd Leslie Ojeda- Parkland
3rd Vianey Varela- Franklin
4th Destiny Rentaria- Montwood
5th Ashley Herrera- Hanks
6th Jacquine Rojo- Bel Air
1st Miah Kline- Bel Air
2nd Andrea Bojorquez- Parkland
3rd Annette Enciso- Hanks
4th Katlyn Sandoval- Riverside
5th Jazlyn Martinez- Eastwood
6th Rebecca Martinez- Socorro
1st Angelina Balthazar- Hanks
2nd Precious Cadena- Fabens
3rd Julia Mata- El Dorado
4th Samantha Ortiz- Pebble Hills
5th Deborah Chavez- Jefferson
6th Mallory Torres- Montwood
1st Adrienne Holguin- Hanks (Most Outstanding Wrestler)
2nd Adrienne Garcia- Americas
3rd Isabelle Casillas- El Dorado
4th Jaqueline Jacquez- Bel Air
5th Jocelynne Ramos- Austin
6th Valerie Gaytan- Bel Air
1st Jaydn Sayre-Adona- Hanks
2nd Savannah Hernandez- Franklin
3rd Liz Rivas- El Paso
4th Ashley Diaz- Montwood
5th Daisy Rodriguez- Jefferson
6th Valerie Gaytan- Bel Air
1st Gianna Morales- Hanks
2nd Sofia Camps- Franklin
3rd Kimberley Vargas- Chapin
4th Clarissa Arreola- Jefferson
5th Briana Alvarez- Eastlake
6th Danielle Saldivar- Eastwood
1st Valeria Cruz- Eastlake
2nd Makenzie Gomez- Franklin
3rd Shayanne Murguia- Bowie
4th Hanna Fierro- Hanks
5th Sarah Rogulic- Socorro
6th Briana Olmos- Del Valle
1st Elvira Arevalo- Parkland
2nd Lizbeth Nevarez- Bel Air
3rd Teniah Daniel- El Dorado
4th Eva Leon- Andress
5th Aileen Frias- Eastwood
6th Emily Arreola- Jefferson

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Written by TexasWrestling