Day 4 Fargo, Tompkins in the Semifinals, Lone Texan Standing

Photo By: Farrah Sheeren @ Phlox Photography

After session 3 

16U update.

Shipley @100lbs-16U was the lone Texas wrestler on the champ side making the round of 16 at 3-0.

7 others, Dylan Ota @ 100lbs, Charlie Trujillo @ 106lbs, Maddox Preskitt @ 113lbs, Dominic Wilson @ 132lbs, Logan Milsaps @ 138lbs, Will Deutschlander @ 145, and Jared Remington @ 152lbs was still alive on the consolation side going into session 4.

Session 4

Going into the first round of session 4 Shipley drops a nail biter by a 6-5 decision in the round of 16 to head to the consolation side.  Shipley gets a win to continue on to Cons 8#1.  While all the other 7 wrestlers made their exit.  Shipley in his next match joined his fellow Texas wrestlers has he loses his match with Virginia to end his freestyle tournament 1 match from the blood round.

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