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Complete Texas Recap of Super 32

Starting off day 2 at the Super 32 almost every wrestler is nationally ranked or beat someone nationally ranked to get to the Consolation 8 #1 in the high school boys division.  The Girls and the Youth also started competition.  This is only the 3rd year for the Women so the brackets aren’t as large nearly as the boys brackets and the women were wrestling freestyle NOT folk style as all the boys were.

Braxton Brown takes 4th place.
Dominic Chavez takes 6h place.
Skylar Smith takes 7th place.
Samara Chavez takes 1st place
Olivia Mottley takes 6th place
Shiloh Jackson-Bey takes 5th place.

How Day 2 Went Down for the HS Boys

Braxton Brown in his first match handles easily D. Nini of Florida then with controversy and some arguing by the coach to get the right call Brown gets by #11 J. Strickenburger of Colorado 4-2 decision.  Brown had a reversal and back points but points were awarded to Strickenburger.  The Consi 4 match was against #13 B. Hankin another Colorado wrestler where a lot of points were given but Brown gets by with a 11-7 decision.  In the Consolation Semi Finals Erik Roggie was the next match who gave Brown his loss in Day 1 in SV.  The 1st period ended with Brown getting a takedown and riding out. 2nd period Roggie was down and stayed down the whole period and gave up 2 false starts, still 2-0 Brown. 3rd period Brown takes down and gets riden out till the last second, gets the escape and wins 3-0 to face #17 C. Dibert who defeated the #3 ranked wrestler and #1 seed J. Reno for 3rd place.  The match starts out with a 0-0 1st period and Dibert chooses down in the 2nd. Brown rides Dibert out in the 2nd and chooses down in the 3rd.  Still 0-0.  Dibert gets Brown in the cheap tilt for 3, Brown Escapes and can’t get the takedown so match ends 3-1 and Brown takes 4th for the 2nd year in a row.

Dominic Chavez @ 120 his first match getting by F. Soloman of PA 8-6 then it goes to sudden victory with #14 Norris of Ohio in his 2nd match where it then goes to the ride out where Chavez wins by riding Norris out for  the 30 seconds.  Chavez faced unranked but the #7 seed T. Spratley of NY in first medal round and after several blood stoppages on Spratley, Chavez comes away with the win 6-1 to make the Consolation Semi Finals where he faced A. Almeyda of New Jersey.  The 1st period was scoreless.  2nd period Chavez takes the down position and gets the escape but gives up the takedown at the end to close the 2nd period 2-1.  3rd period Almeyda takes down and after 40 seconds of riding Chavez lets him up and couldn’t quite get the takedown and the match ends 3-1.  Chavez will go for 5th place. In the 5th place match Chavez was against the #10 ranked wrestler and #4 seed Dean Peterson of New Jersey.  1st period was 0-0. 2nd period Chavez choose down and gets an escape 20 seconds in the period and in a big scramble Chavez gives up the takedown and gets another escape and after a couple more scrambles the period ends 2-2. 3rd period Chavez gives up a quick reversal and with 30seconds left gets an escape. and in a great effort gives up a last second take down to end the match at 6-3.  Chavez takes 6th place.

Skylar Smith @ 132 beats A. White 3-1 his first match of the day then  ran into #7 D. Cardenas of Colorado and gets the first takedown and a  3-1 win to put him into the medal round where he faced #19 P. Noonan of PA where after a scoreless 1st period, Smith gave up the take down with some back points and got rode out the remainder of the 2nd period.  Smith got an escape and takedown in the 3rd but the come back was to late and Smith losses 8-3 and will wrestle for 7th placed against J. Farber of Georgia.   Through the 2nd period score was 4-3. In the 3rd Smith takes down and Farber releases him for an escape making it 5-3 Smith and that’s how it ends with Skylar Smith placing 7th with a 5-3 win.

Tagen Jamison @ 132 faced the #5 ranked wrestler and the #2 seed F. Talshahar of Florida and loses a 6-2 decision. If Jamison would of won he would of faced the #2 ranked wrestler and the 1 seed in Jesse Mendez of Indiana.  One could argue that Jamison had the toughest road but finishes one match away from the medal rounds.

Luke Sloan @ 138 faced the #17 ranked wrestler in M. Bianchi of Wisconsin which ended his run one match away from a medal losing a close 3-0 decision.

Chase Warden had a potential concussion after his first match and had to forfeit.

 Middle School Boys didn’t fair so well and none of them placed.  However there was some close matches that could of went the other way.   Experience gain here.

Elementary School Boys -Shiloh Jackson-Bey was the lone placer here placing.  Jackson-Bey lost his first match of the day and came back with 4 straight wins before dropping another to go for 5th place.  Jackson Bey takes a 5th place medal with a 4-2 defeat of R. Dillard of PA.

The Girls (freestyle)
#7 ranked and 2nd seed Samara Chavez @ 115. Chavez won 13-8 in her first match then reeled off 2 tech falls 10-0 to reach the semi finals where she faced the #9 ranked and 3rd seed Alexis Janiak, sophomore from Illinois and in a back and forth match Chavez  wins a 10-8 decision to make the finals. In the finals Chavez will face unranked but 4th seed Ava Bayless a Wyoming Sem. wrestler who defeated the #1 ranked and #1 seed wrestler Montana Delawder 12-5.  The finals start with Bayless stepping out to give up 1, then a takedown by Chavez that is challenged and won so the 1st period ends 1-0 Chavez.  2nd period starts with Chavez going for a head lock and missing with Bayless behind throwing her for 4 point take down, then Chavez come back with her own 4pt throw then a takedown with the fall for the finals win.

Olivia Mottley @ 123  couldn’t get by the 4th seed Jaclyn Dehney the #10 ranked freshman from Hew Hampshire in the quarter finals and had to face off with another Texas girl Alexis Montes in the blood round which she did by tech fall to put her into the medal rounds for the 3 year in a row.  Mottley makes the consolation semi finals with a fall over R.Yunis to face the #4 ranked Amani Jones of Georgia.  In the 1st period Mottley scores first with a takedown  then Jones comes back with a takedown herself, then one more for Mottley ending the first period at 4-2.  2nd period Mottley gets another 2 takedowns  and gives up a reversal  and goes for 3rd placed with an 8-3 win.  Mottley 3rd place match was against Leilah Castro of Ohio the #3 ranked wrestler and #1 seed who was also beaten by Dehany whom she lost to earlier.  The 1st period goes all Castro with 3 takedowns.  then the 2nd period end in TF.  Mottley for the 2nd year in a row takes a 4th place finish.

Alexis Montes went 3-2 on the day.

Congratulations to all the wrestlers who made the trip

High School Boys
First Last weight School Grade State Place Super 32 place
Trebor Moreno 106 Eastwood High School 9th 2-2
Zarek Hernandez 106 Ronald Reagan High School 11th 2-2
Braxton Brown 113 Allen High School 10th 1 4th 7-3
Sam Shafer 113 All Saints Episcopal 11th 1 0-2
Christian Lopez 120 Westside High School 12th 3 4-2
Dominic Chavez 120 Martin Arlingotn HS 12th 1 6th 8-3
Noah Gochberg 126 Austin Vandegrift HS 11th 2 2-2
Skylar Smith 132 Liberty Christian School 11th 1 7th 7-2
Nicholas Thompson 132 All Saints Episcopal School 12th 4 1-2
Jaren Powell 132 Liberty Christian School 11th 3 0-2
Tagen Jamison 132 Plano West 11th 1 4-2
Andrew Flores 138 Eastwood High School 10th 0-2
DeShawn Cosby 138 Samuel Clemens High School 11th 2 2-2
Luke Sloan 138 Vandegrift High School 12th 2 5-2
Chase Warden 145 Dripping Springs High School 12th 1 0-2
Sebastian Jimenez 145 St. John’s School 11th 1 0-2
Aaron Lofton 152 Vista Ridge High School 11th 3 3-2
Darwin Hull 170 Samuel Clemens High School 11th 3-2
Eli Sheeren 182 Klein High School 11th 4 3-2
Daniel Norris 285 Cypress Park Highschool 10th 0-2
Middle School Boys
Jair Jackson-Bey 80 WT Academy 6th 0-2
Javin Jackson-Bey 90 WT Academy 7th 1-2
Joseph Liescheski 100 Curtis Middle School 8th 0-2
Gavin Ramos 112 John Drugan 8th 0-1
Elementary Boys
Shiloh Jackson-Bey 70 WT Academy 4th 5th 7-2
Steel Meyers 95 6th 2-2
cayden rios 75 NXT LVL 5th 1-2
Samara Chavez 115 Arlington Martin High School 11th 1 CHAMP 6-0
Alexis Montes 123 Eastwood high school 9th 3-2
Olivia Mottley 123 Cypress Ranch HS 12th 4 4TH 5-2



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