Best Trained Wins Jazz Town Duals. How did the other Texas Teams Do?

Jazz Town Duals

While the National Duals were going on in Tulsa Oklahoma, 3 Texas Clubs took their teams to New Orleans to the Jazz Town Duals. Jazz Town Duals has always been rated as one of the top dual tournaments and it is a folkstyle tournament and not Freestyle/Greco Roman. A lot of the wrestlers here don’t do the freestyle/Greco events. This is an 18-team event with teams from South Dakota, Indiana, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Florida. The 3 Texas teams are Best Trained of Allen, Cypress and Vici Wrestling Club both from Houston. All 3 clubs got a heavy roster of champs. The tournament is set up into 3 pools with 5 rounds. The teams are guarantee to have at least 8 dual matches. Cypress and Vici Wrestling Club in Pool A and Best Trained in Pool B. One would have thought they would separate the Texas teams in Pool A especially from the same city, but can’t have our way every time. As it turned out it doesn’t matter as all 3 Texas teams made the championship bracket. Best Trained wins another 1st place trophy.  

Below is a recap of how each club did.

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Written by Ray Shoaf

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