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Allen Tri Dual Results

It was a packed house in Allen and broken Arrow came down and took care of business in every dual.   Didn’t get to see some of the matches we was looking forward to with Allens 120 Rance Waigland not in the line up.  Arlington Martin came without 6 of their top ranked wrestlers due to sickness, injury, etc.. missing 106 Whitted, 120 Chavez, 126 Garcia, 152 Carpenter,  160 Two Lance, and 170 Tadeo.  We did however got to see the battle at 132 with Noah Yeamans and Jaden Two Lance,  Two Lance took the win.  Also Nate Dooley and John Holland @ 182 with Dolley getting the fall here.  At 195 Zane Davis beat Max Soto.
Below are the individual results 
By Jose Delgado
Broken Arrow Hs (72) vs. Arlington Martin (0)

106: Bryce Cockrell (BAH) over (MARTIN) (For.) 113: Jackson Cockrell (BAH) over Brendon McCurry (MARTIN) (MD 9-1) 120: Jared Hill (BAH) over (MARTIN) (For.) 126: Blazik Perez (BAH) over (MARTIN) (For.) 132: Reece Witcraft (BAH) over Jaden Two Lance (MARTIN) (MD 18-5) 138: Blake Gonzalez (BAH) over Akobir Hodjihanov (MARTIN) (Fall 3:56) 145: William Martin (BAH) over Ian Cantu (MARTIN) (MD 9-1) 152: Diego Maturio (BAH) over Landen Jack (MARTIN) (Fall 5:03) 160: Tye Rozell (BAH) over Devin Pearcy (MARTIN) (Fall 5:21) 170: Bryce Mattioda (BAH) over (MARTIN) (For.) 182: Emmanuel Skillings (BAH) over John Holland (MARTIN) (Dec 5-2) 195: Gavin Potter (BAH) over Maxwell Soto (MARTIN) (Dec 6-1) 220: Zach Marcheselli (BAH) over Adam Nix (MARTIN) (Fall 2:15) 285: Noah Cortes (BAH) over Spike Widner (MARTIN) (Fall 0:51)

Broken Arrow Hs (38) vs. Allen (16)
113: Jackson Cockrell (BAH) over Kade Moore (ALLEN) (Dec 10-5) 120: Jared Hill (BAH) over (ALLEN) (For.) 126: Blazik Perez (BAH) over Gabriel Martinez (ALLEN) (Dec 10-6) 132: Reece Witcraft (BAH) over Colby Sanford (ALLEN) (Fall 4:50) 138: Blake Gonzalez (BAH) over Noah Yeamans (ALLEN) (Dec 8-6) 145: Trent Dooley (ALLEN) over William Martin (BAH) (Fall 1:15) 152: Diego Maturio (BAH) over Alejandro Cavazos (ALLEN) (Dec 4-3) 160: Mario Danzi (ALLEN) over Tye Rozell (BAH) (Dec 2-0) 170: Bryce Mattioda (BAH) over Will Villegas (ALLEN) (Dec 3-2) 182: Emmanuel Skillings (BAH) over Nate Dooley (ALLEN) (Dec 6-2) 195: Gavin Potter (BAH) over Zane Davis (ALLEN) (Dec 5-3) 220: Zach Marcheselli (BAH) over Isaiah Steel (ALLEN) (Fall 2:12) 285: Johnny Green (ALLEN) over Noah Cortes (BAH) (Dec 7-4) 106: Braxton Brown (ALLEN) over Bryce Cockrell (BAH) (MD 9-1) (BAH UCT Gavin Potter -1.0)
Allen (58) vs. Arlington Martin (9)
120: Double Forfeit 126: Gabriel Martinez (ALLEN) over (MARTIN) (For.) 132: Jaden Two Lance (MARTIN) over Noah Yeamans (ALLEN) (Dec 4-3) 138: Jakob Nakamura (ALLEN) over Akobir Hodjihanov (MARTIN) (Fall 4:46) 145: Trent Dooley (ALLEN) over Ian Cantu (MARTIN) (Fall 1:55) 152: Mario Danzi (ALLEN) over Landen Jack (MARTIN) (Fall 1:05) 160: Vincenzo Oliva (ALLEN) over Devin Pearcy (MARTIN) (Dec 7-2) 170: Will Villegas (ALLEN) over (MARTIN) (For.) 182: Nate Dooley (ALLEN) over John Holland (MARTIN) (Fall 3:34) 195: Zane Davis (ALLEN) over Maxwell Soto (MARTIN) (Dec 7-3) 220: Adam Nix (MARTIN) over Isaiah Steel (ALLEN) (Fall 1:26) 285: Johnny Green (ALLEN) over Spike Widner (MARTIN) (Fall 3:13) 106: Braxton Brown (ALLEN) over (MARTIN) (For.) 113: Kade Moore (ALLEN) over Brendon McCurry (MARTIN) (MD 14-2)
Middle School Scores
Broken Arrow – 34 Allen – 24
Broken Arrow – 62 – Southlake Carroll – 6
Allen – 30 Southlake Carroll – 18

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Written by TexasWrestling