Aiden Medina Wins the Freakshow

Over 70 wrestlers from Texas invaded Las Vegas this past weekend to compete in the Annual Freakshow Tournament put on by RMN Events.  This is a national tournament that has youth from 6U all the way up to 18U Elite.

Wesley Wrestling Club had a couple of stand outs with Aiden Medina the state runner up from Canyon Randall last season was the lone champion in the 18U and Mikey Ruiz was the lone champion in the 15U.   Roberto Bautista of Spring Klein in the 18U Elite high school division made the finals but settled for 2nd place.  Grayson Carpenter of Martin Warriors and Steel Meyers of Best Trained were both finalist in the 15U but settled for 2ndplace as well.

Multiple clubs had other placers including the girls with Hailey Delgado of NXT Level out of El Paso claiming herself a 12U girls championship along with an impressive 2nd place finish in the 11U boys division.

Steel Meyers with Best Trained who took 2nd in the 15U, won at his age group 13U the championship making him the only youth champion for the boys.

Below is the total results for the Texas Wrestlers that were recognized.

137Steel MeyersBest Trained5-12nd
116Tristan RiosBoneyard4-2
138Alec StrangeCypress0-2
138Alec StrangeCypress2-2
156Keefer StrangeCypress0-2
195Alexander EbertCypress1-3
152Adriel PiperEl Paso Wildcats2-2
120Jackson LambertLovejoy2-2
126Jaden BennettLovejoy1-2
132Zach DarrowLovejoy1-2
137Mercer AshleyLovejoy4-25th
195Austin BlairLovejoy5-36th
156Grayson CarpenterMartin3-12nd
126Bam PezNXT Level2-2
132Trebor MorenoNXT Level1-2
152Gavin RamosNXT Level4-2
120Zane TurnerRise2-2
99Kody TanimotoSpartan Mat Club2-24th
120Ryder ClarkSpartan Mat Club1-2
130Gavin GarciaSpartan Mat Club1-2
138Julian GarnicaSpartan Mat Club3-2
106Julius SolteroSpringklein0-2
106Julius SolteroSpringklein1-2
145Roberto BautistaSpringklein4-12nd
130Rudy BautistaTexas Techfall
137Rudy BautistaTexas Techfall1-2
126Aiden MedinaUnaffiliated7-01st
123Makalo RogersVici0-2
126Dylan PlowsVici3-2
144Jared Remingtonvici5-24th
152Julian BacaVici4-36th
170Joseph BarreraVici0-2
88Mikey RuizWesley WC2-01st
113Ashton BennertWesley WC7-36th
132Nathaniel RuizWesley WC3-2
116Luke BurgarWhitted Trained1-2
126Zachery Evans IIIWhitted Trained2-2
101Giuliana RiosBoneyard1-2
101Kayla PabloCypress0-2
109Avery AshleyLovejoy7-13rd
58Lenae FloresNXT Level2-24th
80Hailey DelgadoNXT Level4-01st
145Joy OrtizNXT Level0-2
HWTMcKenzie ShaverNXT Level0-2
101Vanessa De La CruzRise1-2
109Violet De La CruzRise1-2
191Lexi ShannonRise3-13rd
101Judy SandovalTech Fall3-2
109Jazmin BrionesTech Fall1-2
145Amalie LuceroTech Fall2-24th
145Amalie LuceroTech Fall2-2
116Zhivanna MagdalenoVici`2-2
145Avery BeckmanVici`5-24th
137Steel MeyersBest Trained3-01st
78Mason MilsapsBoneyard3-24th
90Victor MatosBoneyard4-25th
102Luca RiosBoneyard3-2
73Fernando JimenoKaty Area WC3-13rd
116Barrett BennettLovejoy1-2
46Molses ContrerasNxt Level3-25th
49Sadie StephensonNxt Level0-2
54Natalie ShaverNxt Level0-2
58Chason Al-hanfooshNxt Level2-2
66Hailey StephensonNxt Level0-2
78Hailey DelgadoNxt Level5-12nd
81Randall ShaverNxt Level0-2
98D’Angelo ZunigaNxt Level1-25th
98D’Angelo ZunigaNxt Level0-2
172Alessio CisnerosNxt Level0-36th
HWTElijah LaraNxt Level1-12nd
116Brodie BedfordSpartan Mat Club3-2
109Jaden MontezSpringKlein0-2
49Axel ForsmanVici4-13rd
114Keith RemingtonVici0-2
116Tristan ForsmanVici3-2
88Mikey RuizWesley WC3-24th
116Luke BurgarWhitted Trained2-2

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Written by Ray Shoaf

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