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WrestlingTexas has been covering amateur wrestling in Texas since 2009. Our mission is to report on and promote amateur wrestling at all levels — from youth and high school wrestling to college and International level wrestling.

WrestlingTexas is THE SOURCE for Texas individual and team high school rankings, open tournament information, wrestling records, high school results, wrestling camps, feature articles.

In addition to WrestlingTexas Web Site.  The Social Media continues to grow in popularity and is a great way to reach wrestling fans – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  every story gets posted to the Facebook page and the Twitter page

List your tournament on WrestlingTexas Web Site  Event Calendar so anyone with internet access can easily find and print your tournament information. Let WrestlingTexas promote your tournament for you. No Charge at this time.

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Rankings can be per class or all (Prep, 6A, 5A, Team, P4P, coaches rankings) 12 spots in all
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$200 per month for complete State Champion (14), Fargo AA boys, girls, and World team 17 pages in all.
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$40 per month individual pages on Fargo AA boys, or girls, or World Team

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