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About WrestlingTexas

– Our Mission –

WrestlingTexas is dedicated to the promotion of competitive folkstyle, freestyle and greco-Roman wrestling at all levels.  We are here to facilitate conversation, share information and generate enthusiasm about the sport from 5 year old tots through collegiate champions.

– Our Contributors –

WrestlingTexas was founded by entrepreneur, fitness club owner and former wrestler Ray Shoaf of Savannah, Texas.  With the shutdown of the only active amateur wrestling message forum in Texas in 2015, Ray picked up the baton and launched this new enterprise.  Having worked as a professional photographer, covering national high school and NCAA events, Ray has had a passion for the sport his entire life.

Contributions and submissions to the site are collected from throughout the wrestling community.  Coaches, wrestlers, parents and other freelance journalists submit articles, photographs, opinions, and results year round.   We are continuously expanding our reach, and the depth and volume of our contributions.  Keep them coming!

– State Rankings –

Wrestling Texas is the ONLY media outlet that independently develops, maintains and publishes team and individual rankings in Texas.  Starting with top-10 rankings in 2015, the database was expanded in 2017 to track and rank the top 20 wrestlers in all four competitive divisions – a total of 48 weight classes – that’s 960 high school ranking slots being maintained and posted every Wednesday.

– Media Guides and Photography –

In our mission to increase the visibility and promotion of the sport.  Our staff reporters and analysts prepare preview and media guides for several major events each year.  WrestlingTexas is also a royalty-free source of action shots for media outlets and student publications.  When allowed by contract, our photographers also provide reasonably priced images and prints to individuals and teams.  Working with partner photography companies, WrestlingTexas can assist in delivering on-site photo printing kiosks at various events.

– Join the Team –

Promoting a camp or event? Following a team as reporter, statistician or photographer? Student journalist looking for more real time editing and publishing experience?  We could use your help!  We can especially use more content from the Panhandle, West Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. Contact [email protected].