5A Dual State

Result Round 1

Pool A:
Dripping springs def Chapin 51-9
Chisholm trail def highland park 41-36
Pool B:
CC Ray def EP Hanks 40-34
Prosper def RL Turner 53-18
Pool C:
Randall def CC Vet Memorial 64-15
Centennial def Fabens 72-12
Pool D:
Del valley receives bye (sharyland a no show)
Creekview def Burges 61-18


Results from round 2:

Pool A:
Highland Park def Chapin 60-24
Dripping Springs def Chisholm Trail 42-37
Pool B:
EP Hanks def RL Turner 54-23
Prosper def CC Ray 63-15
Pool C:
Randall def Fabens 68-10
Centennial def CC Vet Memorial 62-18
Pool D:
Creekview def Del Valle 49-24
EP Burges received bye (Sharyland no show)
Creekview wins pool D

Results Round 3

Pool A:
Chisholm Trail def Chapin 63-10
Dripping Springs def Highland Park 40-36
Pool results:
1. Dripping Springs
2. Chisholm Trail
3. Highland Park
4. Chapin
Pool B:
Prosper def EP Hanks 65-11
CC Ray def RL Turner 48-28
Pool results:
1. Prosper
2. CC Ray
3. EP Hanks
4. RL Turner
Pool C:
Randall def Centennial 50-21
CC Memorial Vet def Fabens 51-21
Pool results:
1. Randall
2. Centennial
3. CC Veterans Memorial
4. Fabens
Pool D:
EP Del Valle def EP Burges 60-24
Creekview receives bye (Sharyland no show)
Pool results:
1. Creekview
2. Del Valle
3. EP Burges
Semifinal matchups:
Gold bracket:
Randall vs. Prosper
Creekview vs. Dripping Springs
Silver bracket:
Chisholm Trail vs. Del Valle
Centennial vs. CC Ray
Bronze bracket:
Highland Park vs. Burges
CC Vet Memorial vs. EP Hanks
Consolation bracket:
Chapin vs. Fabens
RL Turner gets bye

Semi final Results

Gold Bracket:
Creekview def Dripping Springs 48-36
Prosper def Randall 48-18
Finals = Creekview vs Prosper
3rd place = Randall vs Dripping Springs
Silver bracket:
Chisholm Trail def Del Valle 43-22
Centennial def CC Ray 60-18
5th place = Chisholm Trail vs Centennial
7th place = Del Valle vs CC Ray
Bronze bracket:
Highland Park def EP Burges 57-21
EP Hanks def CC Vet Memorial 63-18
9th place = Highland Park vs EP Hanks
11th place = EP Burges vs CC Vet
Consolation bracket:
Fabens def Chapin 31-31 criteria
13th place = Fabens vs RL Turner

Gold bracket:
1st- Prosper def Creekview 61-13
3rd Randall def Dripping Springs 42-33

Silver bracket:
5th – Chisholm Trail def Centennial 39-36
7th – EP Del Valle def CC Ray 43-33

Bronze bracket:
9th – EP Hanks over Highland Park 49-23
11th – EP Burges def CC Vet Mem 57-30


13th – RL Turner def Fabens 44-24

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Written by TexasWrestling