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November 24, 2020|ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT, College Wrestling, Interview, Wrestling

Intro:  “Athlete Spotlight” Blog section is a section that has been created as a way to shine light on upcoming, established, and inspiring wrestling athletes. Today we are happy to have Kahil Tucker. Kahil currently attends  Texas Wesleyan University where he is studying criminal justice. Although Kahil is proud to have been a CCCAA Wrestling State Championship winner, he is still determined to continue wrestling so that he can one day be number one in America. Kahil is a fashionable, headstrong, and passionate athlete and American Wrestler can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the near future. 




Q. You can often be spotted in fashionable outfits and styles, what inspirers your looks?

a. I get a lot of my outfit inspirations from the weather, from there I just freestyle. I try not to match too much so that my outfits color coordinate perfectly.

Q. What top three artists have you been jamming, or working out to?

a. My top 3 artist right now will have to be Tommy Wright III, Brent Faiyaz, and Rio da young OG.



Q. If you won the lottery, what would you do?

a. First thing I would do if I win the lottery is invest the money into something that can make me more money ,then drop the rest on a Lamborghini truck so that I can be the first student with a Lamborghini truck in the drom lot.

Q. If you had to be Siamese twins with one-person, which person would you pick to be stuck with?

a. My old high school partner Jonathan Smart, we are like the same person just split so combining us would be no problem



Q. Tell us a little bit about your wrestling journey, who is Kahlil Tucker?

a. I started wrestling when I was a freshman, I had no interest in joining wrestling, but I got forced into it by the head coach and ever since then my love for it grew. In high school I won State Champ for Cali. My senior year I took 3rd at CIF and fell short at master in California due to injuries after high school. I wrestled two years at a community college in California. The first year I fell short to injuries again, this motivated me to give it my all the second year, and that when I won state. I knew I could do it, my body was just getting in the way. After that I started getting an overload of offers and then ended up at Texas Wesleyan University.



Q. For how long have you been wrestling?

a. A total of 6 years, I am currently on my 7th year.

Q. Has wrestling changed you as a person? If yes, how so?

a. Yes, it has changed me for the better. I became stronger mentally and physical. It’s true what they say once you wrestled everything else in life is easier. Discipline is a major aspect wrestling that has improved for me. The ability to eat healthy rather than eat very delicious junk is a power not many have.

Q. What do you consider to be your strength when it comes to wrestling?

a. One of my strengths in wrestling is that I’m 6ft and 133lbs, something that you don’t see every day.



Q. What has been your proudest accomplishment so far? And what would be the ultimate?

a. One of my proudest moments in wrestling is winning the CCCAA Wrestling State Championship, and the ultimate win would be to be number 1 in America.

Q. What do you love most about wrestling for Texas Wesleyan?

a. I love how cutthroat wrestling is at TXWES if u can’t make the cut you won’t survive which makes it a dog fight in the room. And there is nothing that I love more than some good hard wrestling.



Q. How do your coaches and peers inspire, or motivate you?

a. My coaches help me cut and make sure I’m on top of my grades  this is a constant reminder that all though it fun wrestling at TXWES I still have importance things to take care of if I want to continue this life which motivates me to go hard in everything from school to wrestling

Q. What are you currently studying and why?

a. I’m currently studying criminal justice. I plan to become a detective later on.

Q. What is the one thing you must cross of your bucket list?

a. Being number 1 in America for wrestling