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Zach Grimes is Your Greco Roman U23 National Champ

The U23 men had 8 Texas wrestlers competing and Zach Grimes ran the gauntlet and won to my knowledge his first ever Greco Roman National Championship at the 72kgs weight.  The Junior men had 8 wrestlers as well.
Below is a recap of how they got there.

U23 Men

Gabe Gray and Andrew Willi both lost their first round matches .  Willi lost his next match as well while Gray won his next match in the consolation semifinals to put him into the 3rd place match where he placed 4th.  Willi placed 7th.

Nicholas Segura and Brian Sever both went winless however Segura got an 8th place finish.

This is where the fireworks happened.  Dracius McKee and Zach Grimes the lone wrestlers at this weight met up in the quarter finals after McKee won his first match and Grimes had a bye.  Grimes took the win here and spring boarded himself into the finals where he won his first ever national championship in a Greco Roman Tournament.  McKee then on the consolation side reeled off 4 straight wins to give himself a 3rd place finish.

Brody Beckman went winless but captured an 8th place finish

Rylan Bonds went winless as well and captured a 6th place finish although he forfeited his last match.


Junior Men

Gregory Coapstick and Isaac Stalcup both lost their first round match. putting them on the consolation side where Coapstick had a bye and Stalcup won putting both wrestlers up against themselves where Coapstick got the fall.  chapstick then lost his next match in the blood round to keep him from the medal stand.

John Teed and Ian Sandoz were at this weight in a 9 man bracket where they both lost their first match in the quarter finals.  Then they both won their next match in the first round of the consolations to reach the consolation semi finals where they both lost to face each other in the 5th place match which went to Ian Sandoz giving Teed the 6th place finish.

John “LJ” Richardson was the lone Texas wrestler here and he managed to pull out a 7th place finish going 2-2 on the day.

Zane Davis in a 16 man bracket and a first round bye won his first match in the quarter finals then dropped the semifinals match putting him into the consolation semifinals where he lost again but came back the next match and took a 5th place finish.

Rylan Bonds went winless and took 6th again.

Ryan Johnson went 0-2 and didnt place.

Congrats to all the men making the trip.