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Sisters on the Mat take 2nd in Midwest Mat of Dreams Preseason HS Dual

Sisters on the Mat take 3 teams and place 2nd in Midwest Mat of Dreams Preseason HS Dual.  SOTM with Team Pink and Team Purple, Purple Team being the strong team for the High School duals and 1 Texas Team for the Youth Duals.   Traveled to the Coralville Marriott Conference Center in Coralville Iowa and was 2 of the 12 teams competing in the High School division and 1 of 11 in the Youth division.
The youth Team placed 1st in the Bronze A bracket.  The team had 11 weight classes and the Texas Youth team only had 8 wrestlers, so it would be hard to compete with full teams.
However the Purple High School Team was loaded with state placers and champs.  They breezed through their Pool on Saturday taking 1st place which put them into the Gold Bracket.  They handled the first team in the Championship bracket from Iowa with ease but the Wisconsin team was loaded as well, and beat SOTM 37-18.
Aubrey Yauger, Madison Sandquist, and Brittyn Corbishly all went 7-0 on the weekend. Yauger had an impressive weekend with all 7 wins by fall within the first period.  Corbishly had her 4 matches all falls in the first period as well. Newcomer to the High School scene Madison Canales a freshman this year almost made the undefeated weekend until her last match in the championship finals where she took her first loss.  Tatiana Garcia also only lost one match.
Team Texas Pink did make the Silver Bracket by placing 4th in their pool. Where they took 8th over all.
Below is some stats with Aubrey Yauger having the 3rd fastest Most pins least time and Brittyn Corbishly and Aubrey Yauger was tied for 1st with most team points scored.
Congrats to all the girls and the coaches for making the trip.

Wrestler NameTeamPinsTotal Time
1Larissa KazWisconsin Red76:01
2Valerie HamiltonWisconsin Black710:02
3Aubrey YaugerTexas Purple715:36
4Rachel SchauerWisconsin Black66:27
5Madison DiazFEWTeamIowa66:50


Wrestler NameTeamTeam Points
1Brittyn CorbishleyTexas Purple42.0
1Valerie HamiltonWisconsin Black42.0
1Larissa KazWisconsin Red42.0
1Aubrey YaugerTexas Purple42.0
1Hanna ErrthumWisconsin Red42.0
1Kaylie PetersenIndiana42.0
1Katie LangeMinnesota Red42.0
8Ella PagelMinnesota Red41.0
9Flavia NagataniNebraska40.0
10Sofia MetcalfWisconsin Black39.0
10Reannah UtterbackPotentially Dangerous (IA East)39.0
12Madison SandquistTexas Purple37.0

Some other Team Stats

Wrestler NameTeamPin Time
1Brittyn CorbishleyTexas Purple0:17
2Madison CanalesTexas Purple0:19
3Tatiana GarciaTexas Purple0:24
4Madison SandquistTexas Purple0:32
4Zurri ZamoraTexas Purple0:32
6Aubrey YaugerTexas Purple0:44
6Madison SandquistTexas Purple0:44
8Madison CanalesTexas Purple0:49
9Kareli CadenaTexas Purple0:51
10Tatiana GarciaTexas Purple0:54


Wrestler NameTeamPinsTotal Time
1Aubrey YaugerTexas Purple715:36
2Madison SandquistTexas Purple43:30
3Madison CanalesTexas Purple44:25
4Brittyn CorbishleyTexas Purple45:56
5Tatiana GarciaTexas Purple35:06
6Malaina BowlbyTexas Purple313:27
7Zurri ZamoraTexas Purple21:37
8Kareli CadenaTexas Purple25:49
9Alyssa RuizTexas Purple27:17
10Laylla LilesTexas Purple12:21


Wrestler NameTeamPinsTotal Time
1Tyla EngstromTexas Pink39:13
2J`Nessa ReynosoTexas Pink21:55
3Jaden CuliferTexas Pink25:34
4Gracie MartinezTexas Pink26:34
5Avery StoutTexas Pink11:33


Wrestler NameTeamPin Time
1Jaden CuliferTexas Pink0:34
2J`Nessa ReynosoTexas Pink0:52
3Gracie MartinezTexas Pink0:55
4J`Nessa ReynosoTexas Pink1:03
5Tyla EngstromTexas Pink1:22
6Avery StoutTexas Pink1:33
7Tyla EngstromTexas Pink2:16
8Jaden CuliferTexas Pink5:00
9Tyla EngstromTexas Pink5:35
10Gracie MartinezTexas Pink5:39