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Caleb Mata, Avery Beckman & Cayden Rios are Freak Show Champs

Caleb Mata with Vici Wrestling Club and Cayden Rios with NXT Level Wrestling Club were the lone champs coming out of Idaho where the Freakshow that is normally in Las Vegas was this year.   Houston and El Paso appeared to be the cities making the trip.  Like always its hard to pick out Texas Wrestlers due to Flo not putting the states or separating teams by states, plus wrestlers are always putting the wrong club name down so if we missed someone please let us know.
At the 18U, Caleb Mata went 7-0 on his route to a 145lb boys championship where he beat Conway Christensen in the finals. Jackson Crandall of the Katy Wrestling Club got him a 3rd place finish @ 126lb.  Crandall won 5 straight into the semi finals before taking his first loss.  Ironically Crandall beat fellow Houston wrestler Xavior Harrell in the consolation semi finals by fall to reach the 3rd place match.  Harrell  took a 6th place finish.
Roberto Bautista wrestling for Texas Tech a Spring Klein HS wrestler and Kobe Pablo wrestling for Cypress Springs wrestling club each placed 5th.
In the 15-6U divisions Cayden Rios who was double enter into 2 different weight classes took the championship at the 86lb class in the 12U boys going 5-0.  Rios took 3rd in the 12U-90.  Bo Rios, am sure related to Cayden took 2nd in 2 different weights placing in the 6U.
NXT Level and NB Elite wrestling clubs had youth placers as well.

Meanwhile some of the El Paso and one San Antonio Wrestlers stayed late into Sunday to wrestle into the 18U Elite division.  Jeus Diaz and Dylan Prieto of NXT Level, Donavan Fisher of NB Elite, and Daniel McGurk of Tech Fall.
Fisher with 15 seconds left in what should be the  blood round gets an escape and a takedown to go ahead 3-1. The ref even screwed up a blew the whistle 8 seconds to soon as Fisher was about to get the takedown at the end of the 2nd period.  You could hear Coach Horton going crazy, lol. Awesomeness.  McGurk made it to the should of been blood round and goes into Sudden Victory where he pulls out the win to AA as well. great match at 6-6 going McGurks way.  Not 2 minutes later he has a 2nd call for his next match.  You could tell McGurk was exhausted still from the last SV match, McGurk loses 15-2 and that’s the end for him.  Fisher didn’t get much more rest before his next match and loses his match 1-0 shutting him down 1 match short as well as they only place 1-6th.

Also Avery Bechman with Vici wrestling won a championship at 15U-145 and took second at 18U-145
Great Job to all the Wrestlers and Coaches!!


Below is a list of know wrestlers competing

106Jesus Diaz18UNXT LevelDNP
99Jesus Diaz18U EliteNXT Level6th
106Dylan Stark18UCypressDNP
113Troy Guerra18UNB EliteDNP
120Bam Paz18UNXT LevelDNP
126Jimmy Benne18UNB EliteDNP
126Jackson Crandall18UKaty3rd
126Dylan Plows18UViciDNP
126Xavior Harrell18UW4R6th
126Dylan Prieto18UNXT LevelDNP
126Dylan Prieto18U EliteNXT LevelDNP
126Ty Broussard18UCypressDNP
132Donavan Fisher18UNB EliteDNP
132Donavan Fisher18U EliteNB EliteDNP
138Jeremy Manibog18UKatyDNP
138Mario Anaya18UCypressDNP
145Daniel McGurk18UTech FallDNP
145Daniel McGurk18U EliteTech FallDNP
145Roberto Bautista18UTx Tech5th
145Caleb Mata18UViciChamp
145Tony Armstrong18UViciDNP
145Alec Strange18UCypressDNP
145Connor Timmons18UKatyDNP
152Cisco Cuomo18UNXT LevelDNP
170Samad Al-Khatib18UViciDNP
195Kobe Pablo18UCypress5th
195Rey Romano18UCypressDNP
195Corban Phelps18UTech FallDNP
106Tristan Forsman15U-6UViciDNP
144Efren Arizmendez JrNB Elite4th
74Dimas SosaNXT LevelDNP
98Buck RogersKatyDNP
95Jimmy RomeroCypressDNP
43Bo RiosNXT Level2nd
46Bo RiosNXT Level2nd
90Cayden RiosNXT Level3rd
86Cayden RiosNXT LevelChamp
130Gavin RamosNXT Level6th
106Valo PazNXT LevelDNP
                    145Avery Beckman18UVici2nd
                     145Avery Beckman15UViciChamp
80Charlotte RogersKaty3rd
80Elliotte StrangeCypressDNP

cover photo from Vici Wrestling Facebook.