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Wrestling Needs YOU!!!!

Rex Anderson-State President – Texas Wrestling Officials Association

From: Rex Anderson, State President – Texas Wrestling Officials Association                  01 SEP 2020

Re: Critical need for wrestling officials – 2020/2021 season

Wrestling family – I’m writing to you to make everyone aware the critical need we have for wrestling officials for the upcoming season. With the expected changes in competition requirements, the potential to tax our current roster of officials is going to be monumental. We will need more officials at more locations to be able to properly give our sport the attention it needs and ensure a smooth flow of rules administration across the entire State.

Several benefits of being a Texas Wrestling Officials Association official are:

  1. The only association providing registered NFHS officials to the UIL. This includes all season competitions, Districts/Regionals and State Tournament for the high school Folkstyle season.
  2. Our pay structure is extremely attractive to anyone willing to go through the training and rules clinics preparing them to be an official. Current dual pay $65 for an individual Varsity dual, $52 for multi-team Varsity duals, and $305 for a one-day Varsity tournament, averaging somewhere around the $30/hr mark to be on the mat with the sport we love.
  3. Extensive training, mentoring and exposure throughout the State to instill confidence and prepare all officials to adjudicate at the highest possible level, pushing your potential constantly.
  4. Constant opportunities to advance and officiate post-season events, State Tournaments, Collegiate competitions, and officiating experience for those who may also be interested in Freestyle/Greco-Roman styles during the Folkstyle off-season.
  5. An opportunity to give back to the sport that has done so much for each and every one of us.

I ask everyone involved in the sport to reach out to those you may know and ask them to contact us by providing your information here – TWOA – Join Us! – and we will get you in touch with one of our 7 Regional Chapters across the State. Please forward this note and link to anyone with wrestling experience or knowledge, we would love to hear from them!


Rex Anderson