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From: Kyle Stevens President

We have received messages and phone calls regarding the media and other reports regarding changes to the upcoming competition schedule. Specifically rumors about a change to traditional competition seasons.

We realize that everyone has a lot of idle time and no news provides opportunity for speculation and concern. As coaches we like to know how things will be so we can plan things out. We also understand that with the fluidity of our current situation and the inability to predict where things will go next, that takes away from our ability to plan as we normally would. The UIL has provided us with a good lead time to all changes to allow us to adjust our planning for these new situations. Once there is some stability in things and as the UIL coordinates with the State of Texas, we expect this lead time to continue.

That said, we spoke with the UIL recently in regards to the recent rumors.
Per the UIL:

No change in sports planning happening right now. We are not looking at moving anything around but we are prepared to make accommodations to seasons if need be.