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Returning to the Mat UPDATE

From: President of THSWC,  Kyle Stevens

We sent the following message out via our email list to all members to help clarify the upcoming changes to permitted training. We encourage all THSWCA members to check their email as there were a couple additional messages and a few items of information we requested from members. Trust this information helps everyone to sort things out over the next several weeks.

Return to Training:

As with most things during recent times, we are in a highly fluid situation and things evolve every day. In the past twenty-four hours we have seen updates to State guidelines and accordingly to the UIL guidelines. Those of you also involved involved in USA Wrestling should have previously received the return to mat guidelines from USA Wrestling. All of these guidelines work together, but there has been confusions and misinterpretations in these various guidelines.
USA Wrestling Guidelines
The USA Wrestling return to mat guidelines, most recently published 14 May, outline a four phase guideline in returning to mat training. As noted in their guidelines, “These guidelines and recommendations were developed based upon the review of the Return to Sport recommendations provided by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the information and advice from the USA Wrestling COVID-19 Committee members.” The USA Wrestling phases work in conjunction with the current State and local heath guidelines, allowing for different States to begin training locally as local policies permit. In speaking with USAW and TXUSAW officials considering the announcement by the Governor’s office yesterday we are in early phase 3 of the USA Wrestling guidelines. USA Wrestling Phase 3 guidelines include small group training limited to no shared equipment and no partner activities (hand-fighting, drilling, etc). It is not until phase 4 when public facilities are open and no limits on group size do USA Wrestling guidelines permit partner activities.
In speaking with TXUSA Wrestling and USA wrestling, USA Wrestling chartered clubs fall under youth sports. Based upon the Governor’s announcement yesterday, youth sports are allowed to open up on 31 May. So those of you involved in USA Wrestling related clubs and are looking to begin training as such, ensure your club is following the USAW and State of Texas guidelines when you resume training on 31 May at your club facilities. It should go without saying that we do not want someone to jeopardize their USA Wrestling club sanctioned charter by pushing beyond the permitted training.…/OpenTexas-Checklist-Youth-Sports-Op……/OpenTexas-Checklist-Youth-Sports-Fa……/USAW-Return-to-the-Mat-Guideli…

UIL Update:
All high school coaches should have received an email via the UIL Portal this morning notifying coaches of an 8 June start date for Strength and Conditioning training. The UIL has been and currently is working with state health officials regarding how training will look upon our return. As with the USA Wrestling guidelines, the UIL will have guidelines and restrictions on our return to training beginning 8 June. The UIL intends to release those details this week. So as we mentioned yesterday, keep up with your emails.
We know the excitement level of everyone in returning to training. Just as we tell parents and supporters of our programs, we need to trust the knowledge and experience of the expert in the room. For both the safety of our athletes and for compliance with our various governing bodies, be thankful for the beginning of our return to training and as things progress without negative instances we will eventually return to full training. If you are either a USA Wrestling club coach, a high school coach, or both ensure that you are following the appropriate guidelines so that if there are any negative instances we are in compliance with permitted activities and covered with how we are training.

Enjoy your day,

THSWCA President