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State Champion Womens Tournament Bracket

Welcome to the State Champion Tournament for Women.  Starting Monday next week from the start of the UIL era  the champions are matched up in FUN match ups to see who would be the best UIL wrestler per weight class in a 32-women bracket.  There is no seeding done, Champs were lined up from 1999-2020.  We took 2020 vs 1999, 2019 vs 2000, etc.   Vote for 1 champ per match, per day, per computer.  Please try not to make this a popularity contest.  YES it is possible to have 2 of the same guys from different years going head to head.    1st round Voting will open May 4th thur May 10th. 2nd round voting will follow the next week and so on.
There will be links in the forum under each weight class to tell stories, post old pics, give your thoughts, etc. We are using the forum as a go to for conversation because of so many social media outlets being used I can’t catch them all

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