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College/USA Team Wrestler of the Year Poll

Vote for your Mortgage X-Change College/USA Team Wrestler of the Year.The top 3 will enter a new Poll with other divisions to vote on the All State Wrestler of the Year. Voting will end April 10th. This Poll has an option to add a wrestler.


Wrestler Bios

Nathan Rankin of Ozarks University.  D3 NCAA Qualifer


Tamyra Mensah-Stock of Team USA.  World Champion


Chase Vincent of Oklahoma University. NAIA Championships finalist, placed 2nd.


Allie Mahoe of Schreiner University.  NCWA Womens National Champ, National tournament winner.


Quentin Perez of Campbell University. D1 NCAA Qualifer and SoCon Champion


Jack Mueller of Virginia University. D1 NCAA Qualifer


Brian Andrews of Wyoming University. D1 NCAA Qualifer and Big 12 Champion


Jack Skudlarckzy of Northern Iowa University, D1 NCAA Qualifer


Quincey Monday of Princeton University. D1 NCAA Qualifer


Kennedy Monday of North Carolina University.  D1 NCAA Qualifer


Bo Nickal of Team USA—Was the U23 World Champ this past season.  Plus its Bo Nickal J  3x NCAA Champ


Ty`Rae Carter of Texas A&M University- Won his 2 consecutive NCWA National Championship.


Cody Cabanban of Schreiner University.  Won the first NCWA Championship for the University in the mens tournament.


Anderson Salisbury of Colorado School of Mines University.  D2 NCAA Qualifier


Amanda Averado of Wayland Baptist University Champion


Other—A Texan, College or Team USA wrestler that Won, advanced to the NCAA Championships.  A lot of Texas women made the NAIA.