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Schreiner University Women Win NCWA National Championship

Schreiner University Women’s team made the short trip north to Allen Texas for the NCWA National Championships to compete in what turned out to be the only wrestling nationwide.  Bringing 11 qualifiers from their Southwest Conference division they took the tournament by storm and with 7 finalist, winning 3 individual National  Championships.  They won handily their first National Team Championship one upping their 2nd place finish of 2019.

No Texas Placers

Schreiner finalist was #3 seed Allicia Mahoe @ 109 who settled for 2nd in a 6-3 decision. Other placers were #5 seed Hanna Bae of Texas University and #7 seed Erika Trujillo of University of Houston.

A Schreiner final with #4 Kamile Beageal and #2 Jazelyn Ruelas happened here with Begeal taking the National Championship.  #1 seed Kira Emma of University of Texas Arlington took a 3rd place finish over Kahindo Musongera of Texas A&M University.

#1 seed Allie Mahoe won her first National  Championship bettering her 3rd place finish from last year winning a 9-2 decision for Schreiner University.  Placing 3rd was Itzel Esquivel of University of Houston and Ashley Meadows of Texas University All American as well.

#1 seed Serena Cervantes who also placed 3rd last year won her finals match in 4:05 by fall to become a National Champion

Cassy Favela took a 3rd place finish for Schreiner the only Texas wrestler at this weight class.

#3 seed Mackaula Rosales of Schreiner University took a 2nd place finish.  Nina Ortega of Texas A&M University made All American as well.

#5 seed Megan Thomas of Schreiner University the 7th finalist a Katy High School wrestler had to settle for 2nd place.  Jessica Carbajal of Richland College and Emily Resch of Texas A&M both made All America as well.

Mikayla Mata of Schreiner and Jasmin Olvera of University of Houston Downtown both made All American

Alayna Curnan of Schreiner finished with 3rd place.

Miriam de la Garza of Schreiner finished with a 4th place finish.


Team Standings
1. Schreiner – 170.5
2. Umpqua CC (Wash.) – 119.5
3. Grays Harbor – 105.5
4. Liberty – 77.5
5. Big Bend CC (Wash.) – 50
6. Pacific Lutheran – 37.5
7. UCLA – 31
8. Texas A&M – 27.5
9t. RPI – 22
9t. Springfield Tech CC (Mass.) – 22