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What Region had the Girls Toughest Wrestlers?

We break down the girls in this issue going by the top 6 state placers just like we did the boys

By: Ray Shoaf

More so then the 5A boys, the 5A girls basically rule region 1.  The top 3 teams at state were all region 1 teams with the winner El Paso Eastwood, 2nd El Paso Hanks, and 3rd Amarillo Caprock accounting for almost a third of the 60 state placers with 26 total and 5 champs to boot.  Region 2 came in 2nd placed and had the next 4 teams in order placing at state with Dallas Kimball, Northwest, Frisco Liberty, and Burleson Centennial accounting for the 15 state placers  with 2 champs.  Region 3 came in 3rd with 11 state placers and region 4 had 1 state champ and 8 placers total.


Girls 5A

Grand Total
Grand Total10101010101060


The 6A girls follow the 6A boys path in region 2 being the toughest however not as dominant.  Region 2 has 21 state placers and 4 champs but the top teams only placed 3rd and 4th with College Park and Plano West. Region 1 came in 2nd with 16 state placers and only 2 state champs. Euless Trinity was the Team State Champ.  Region 3 came in 3rd with 14 state placers and 3 state champs with Katy Tompkins placing 2nd in the team race.  Region 4 like in the 5A had less then 10 placers with 1 champ

Girls 6A

Region123456Grand Total
Grand Total10101010101060