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What Region had the Boys Toughest Wrestlers?

Now that all the dust has settled we go through the state placers to see what region had the most placers and break it down to see who had the toughest region per the 6 state placers per weight

By: Ray Shoaf

We start with the 5A boys and region 1 pulled out the most placers with 30,  however region 3 had the most champs with 5.  Canyon Randall the 5A Boys team champ is from region 1 which backs up the the toughest region stat.  The 2nd place team  Midlothian came from region 2 that had the 2nd most state placers with 23. The team that finished 3rd in the 5A boys team race is Carrollton Creekview who is in region 3 that had the 3rd top state placers with 20 and the most champs.  Region 4 came in last with only 11 state placers.

5A Boys

Region1st place2nd place3rd place4th place5th place6th placeGrand Total
Grand Total14141414141484


The 6A boys was in no doubt Region 2 with 36 placers which had Allen High School and their 10 state placers and 4 of the 9 state champs. Plano West, College Park and Klein added to the region 2 totals.   Allen doubled up the team score over 2nd place Arlington Martin who happens to be in the region 1 who came in 2nd with 23 state placers and only 3 state champs.   Katy High School who came in 3rd at state had 5 of the 13 state placers in region 3 with 1 state champ  and Region 4 had 12 state placers with 1 champ as well.

6A Boys

Region1st place2nd place3rd place4th place5th place6th placeGrand Total
Grand Total14141414141484