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By: Brittany Vo

The UIL Wrestling Championships are only a couple days away. As the excitement builds and teams are making their final preparations for the trek to the Berry Center, we’re going to do a breakdown of the 6A girls match ups. The seedings have already created some very interesting match ups leading up to the finals!

Of course, this is wrestling where you are never out of a match as all it takes is a pin to win the match. It will be a great couple days of wrestling where the favorites are only favorites on paper….what happens on the mat is another matter.

So hold on to your headgear and let’s get started!

Girls 95

The bottom half of this bracket will be tough as a potential semis match could easily be a finals one with #2 Moe Cruz and #3 Mia Diaz going head to head. But don’t overlook #5 Brooke Martin. She has #12 Rachell Cotter in the first round and if she makes it out, a Martin vs Diaz match is definitely a possibility in the quarterfinals!

In the top half of the bracket, #1 Olivia DeGeorgio will be tough to beat. She faces some competition from #4 Chalimarys Rodriguez but is a favorite to make it to the finals and possibly win it all.

Girls 102

Undefeated #1 Amanda McAleavey is the favorite to come out on top in this weight class and it appears that her half of the bracket is easier as the next 3 wrestlers are all on the bottom half of the bracket.

The bottom half of the bracket is tough with #2 Brittany Cotter and #4 Mia Arcenaux on track to a quarterfinals match-up. #3 Carlie Allred is the favorite to make it to the semis to meet one of them but don’t overlook #8 Mikayla Herber as she might be a roadblock at the quarterfinals for Carlie.

 Girls 110

#1 Samara Chavez is undefeated and is the favorite to win it all also.  One of the first round matches will feature #5 Stephany Juarez vs #8 Alexis Hanks. That should be a competitive match to watch. #2 Carmen Allred is always a tough competitor and with her being in the bottom half of the bracket, there is a good chance she will make it to the finals against Samara. If so, it would be a rematch of the regional tournament which Samara won 4-0.

Girls 119

This is a competitive bracket as you have 12 girls who have 30 plus wins.

#1 Camille Fournier is the heavy favorite here and should make it to the finals with ease and barring a major upset, should win it all. She will probably face #6 Sophia Rivera in the semifinals on her way to the finals.

The lower half of the bracket is where it gets interesting. You have #2 Jessica Crane and #3 Jayden Bazemore possibly going head to head in the quarterfinals! The winner of that match will probably see #5 Lily Broadrick in the semifinals.

The prediction here is Camille vs Jessica in the finals and like the 110 weight class, would be a rematch of the regional tournament which Camille won by fall.

Girls 128

This is one of the tightest weight classes in this year’s tournament. There are 2 undefeated wrestlers on opposites of the brackets with #1 Gianna Moreno and #2 Devon Patton on track to meet in the finals but there are several wrestlers who will be playing spoilers. The skill level of the wrestlers here are very close and that makes for great wrestling. The winner will probably be the one who just happens to be rolling on all gears at just the right time or one who takes advantage of a single mistake her opponent makes.

In addition to your undefeated wrestlers, at the top of the bracket, # 7 Josephine Igengbai goes head to head with #6 Juliana Baugher in the first round! Watch out for #5 Hedda Forare-Berg as she has been wrestling very well lately and may play spoiler here.

At the bottom of the bracket, #4 Sydney Harper should make it to the semis where she meets Devin Patton. They are very familiar with each other as they have gone head to head many times with Devin having the edge.

Girls 138

The favorite here is #1 Lexie Basham. She is 61-0 this season and that’s quite a feat in of itself. #2 Jordan Suarez is in the same lower half of the bracket and it will mostly likely be a #1 vs #2 in the semis! What a semi that will be! The lower half of the bracket will be tough as 4 of the top 5 ranked wrestlers are in this bracket.

In the upper bracket, #3 Taylor Martinez appears to have an easier trek to the semis with a probable match up with #6 Krista Garcia.

Girls 148

Four of the top 6 wrestlers are in the top half of the bracket. It will be brutal! You’ve got a probable quarterfinals match up between #2 Leilani Hernandez and #6 Joylynn Wegman. The winner should see #3 Brooke Massaviol in the semis.

At the bottom of the bracket, #1 Jason Foster should make to finals after meeting #4 Nia Miranda in the semis.

Girls 165

Undefeated #1 Kaitlyn Bryant should make it to the finals by going through #4 Marisol Lopez in the semis in the top of the bracket. In the lower half of the bracket, former #1 Aremie Steele (now #14) and #3 Fahydat Bello will be battling #2 Hailey Wilcox to get to the finals.

 Girls 185

We have another undefeated in #1 Brittyn Corbishley and should be favored to make it to the finals and win it all. #2 Daniella Seely, in the same half of the bracket, will be looking to change that if they meet in the semis.

In the lower half of the bracket, #3 Lessly Sandoval will meet #4 Arista Najera in the 1st round! Whoever makes it out will most likely see #5 Nicole Blinn in the semis.

 Girls 215

There are also two undefeated wrestlers in this bracket with #1 Hannah Francis and #2 Traeh Haynes both in the upper bracket. They are on a collision course to meet in the semis and what a match that will be! But keep an eye out on #3 April Vera or #5 Valerie Ramos in the lower half of the bracket to make it to the finals.

We have some great wrestling in store this weekend. Safe travels to all the teams and their families as they head to Houston. Good luck to all the wrestlers and may they all have a safe tournament!

**Special thanks to Coach Phil Esposito for giving great insight on some of the potential match ups!**