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6A Boys Weight by Weight Preview

The guessing is over!!!  The Brackets are set and on Friday morning, the whistle will blow, and the wrestling will begin! We said last week that there were no easy matches at region, but now…. Every match has State Title hope on the line.  When you are down to the final 16, NO ONE can be taken for granted!!

By: Anonymous Reporter

Brackets can be found here:  State Brackets

Just in case you want a reference.



This one has to be one of my favorites.  7 of the top 16 are freshmen!! This is some of the cream of the crop of the youth scene, and some seasoned high school veterans coming together to battle it out.

#1 ranked Ryncarz of Arlington Martin has been ON FIRE late in this season, and as a reward, he should have a quarters match against one of his toughest wins all season, Garcia of Allen!! On the same side, there is returning state qualifier Guerra of SA Johnson and surging Freshman Marino of College Park.  This should be an INCREDIBLE MATCH!!  Should Marino Sneak away with the win, he should have a quarters match up with one of his youth training partners, Robeson of Cy-Ranch!  Robeson and Ryncarz used to battle each other in the youth ranks, so there’s a story line there should they meet in the semi!  ANY of these 4 young men can make a justifiable argument for the final, and that’s just the top half of the bracket. Hernandez of SA Reagan has a TOUGH 1st match in Richardson of Prosper, and then IF he can get to the quarters, he has former #1 ranked and returning state qualifier, Melrose of Morton Ranch. Jimenez of Killen Ellison should make his way to the Semi assuming all goes well for him.  Look for and Incredible final!!   Tough one to call, but I’m saying Robeson and Jimenez in the Final, then Garcia and Marino in the 3rd place match.  I’m barely brave enough to guess these matches, no way I’m predicting the winners!


Rodriguez of EP Pebble Hills has quietly outworked everyone out West, but he may have one of the toughest draws in the bracket.  The winner of McGuire (Klein), and Harrell) Cy-Ranch, should face Rodriguez in the quarters.  History says Harrell (he has won the only 2 matches these 2 have had), but McGuire has a win against half of his losses this season in true freshman fashion.  Can McGuire pull the upset?  No matter who wins, Rodriguez will not have an easy match to the Semis.  Ross of Vandegrift drew the other freshman in the bracket, Manibog of Katy.  This is another toss up.  When Manibog is on, he can beat almost anyone in this bracket.  If he wrestles like a freshman, he’ll be on the backside quick.   The winner of Ross/Manibog, should face returning state placer  (106)Laughrey  of Lake Travis. I’ll say Laughrey  makes the Final over Harrell.  On the bottom, There are talented wrestlers, but I don’t see anyone outclassing White of Kingwood, or Brown of Allen with Brown of Allen earning the trip to the final.  The easy pick here would be Brown, but I like the underdog, so I’ll pick Laughrey for the win.  I’m picking McGuire and White in the 3rd place match with White taking 3rd.


Moore of Allen makes the semis here, but the opponent is not an easy pick.  Crandall of Katy or Chavez of Arlington Martin will limp into the semi after an incredible quarters match that will look like a final.  I say Chavez takes the win here, then ekes out a win over Moore to make the final.  Lopez of Westside should meet up with De La Cruz of College Park in the semi finals.   A month ago, I’d say this goes to Lopez, no question, but now……   De La Cruz Has looked stronger than ever as of late.  We should see Flowers of Rockwall and Rodriguez of Converse Judson in the other quarter.  I’m picking a couple of Upsets to see De La Cruz and Flowers in the Semi. Flowers makes the finals to do battle with Chavez in this bracket.  Win goes to Chavez here. I’ll pick DeLaCruz and Moore in the 3rd place match, but this winner is not as easy to pick.  College Park, and Allen are slowly building a rivalry.  Look for the team factor to play a role in the emotion of this match.


Can anyone pull one out over Camden of College Park?  This kid has been electric the last couple of tournaments!  I think we get a rematch of Waigand of Allen and Camden in the semis. Expect this one to be just as exciting as their regional match! Camden gets the win here and goes to the finals.  This kid is just having fun doing what he loves right now!! Returning state champ (106) Whitted of Arlington Martin is on the bottom of this bracket, and should end up in the semis against either Gochburg of Vandegrift or Calderon of Cy-Falls.  Will Gochburg’s injury from region be a factor here? If so, Calderon makes the semi and barely gets by Whitted to make an all Houston area final between Camden and Calderon.   There will be NOTHING conventional about this final, but I’m putting my money on Camden. Whitted and Waigand should see each other in the 3rd place match, and I’m picking Whitted here!



This will be an exciting bracket!! The easy thing to do here is pick a final of the undefeated in Jamison of Plano West, and Decker of Keller, but neither have an easy road.  I’m going with an upset alert here and picking Gasarabaga of Dallas Skyline in the Semi against Jamison.  I still say Jamison gets the win, but it will not be pretty! On the bottom of the bracket, Bone of Katy Taylor should be in the semi, but he should expect a few bumps and bruises along the way.  I still think Decker makes the semi, but his quarter match will be one of the most intriguing of the bracket.  Moore of Allen is a Hammer, but Goodwin of Morton Ranch has looked All World at times.  If Goodwin is the All World Goodwin, then I say he gets the win by a point or 2 to be able to take a shot at Decker.   Unfortunately I don’t know if Goodwin will have enough in the tank to defeat Decker, setting up Decker vs. Bone in the Semi with Decker earning the final berth.  When it is all said and done Jamison will remain undefeated, and Decker will have a 1 loss season. Look for Gasarabaga and Bone in the 3rd place match, and this is where Gasarabaga’s magic ends with a loss to Bone.


The best 1st round match has to go to McClain II of EP Franklin and Richardson of Prosper.  They will both need the required 45 min to recover to battle Sanchez of Clear brook to make the Semi, after Sanchez squeaks by Dismore of Lake Travis.  I say McClain rides the momentum from a 1st round win over Sanchez into the Semi, only to face Cosby of Shertz Clemens.  Cosby will handle business to make the final on the top of this bracket.  On the bottom, expect Two Lance of Arlington Martin and Sloan of Vandegrift to be in the Semi. I’m going with history, tradition, and Two Lance in this one.  Who wins in Cosby Vs. Two Lance?  Head is Two Lance, Tail is Cosby…….. and….its…….Heads.  I think Nakamura of Allen and Sloan in the 3rd place match with Sloan coming out on top.



Timmons of Katy will have to get through Thomas of College Park to get to the Semi.  Thomas looks like he is hitting his stride, so I say Thomas gets the nod to the Semis.  Rodriguez of EP Franklin is a bit of a mystery this season.  9 matches, all wins.  The win streak will continue through the 1st round and the quarters, where he will barely earn a win over Aragon of Plano West .  I think if he can get by Aragon, he can get by Thomas, and earn a spot in the final.  The best 1st round match in this bracket will be Bautista of Klein and Hartmangruber of SA Lee without a question! Bautista does a great job of keeping focused here and earning his way to the quarters to meet Lizama of Morton Ranch.  Lizama wrestles Bautista well, and even has a win over him this season, but I think Bautista wins when it matters and earns a spot in the semis.  Danzi of Allen should be his opponent   Danzi gets a hard win here, but not without drama, and will face Rodriguez in the final.  Danzi comes out with the win here.  Look for a rematch of the regional 3rd place match in the State 3rd place match between Thomas and Bautista. You can flip a coin for this one! Expect a 1 to 2 point win in this match!


Mata of Clear Lake will get a wild card in Bayliss of Klein in the 1st round, but I don’t see why he doesn’t eke out the win. The hard match will be with Alfaro of Martin in the quarters.  Again, I think Mata Sneaks by to earn a semi match with Lofton of Vista Ridge. Mata has the ability to hand Lofton his 1st loss of the season to make the final. The bottom half of the bracket will be full of incredible matches.  Thomas of College Park will need all 6 minutes to get by Wright of Katy, just to get a match with another undefeated Decker of Keller.  Thomas will give Keller all he has, but Keller remains undefeated to make the Semi. He should see Cavazos of Allen in the Semi. Decker remains undefeated to meet Mata in the final.  Mata will wrestle his second undefeated wrestler of the tournament and come out on top as State Champ.  Look for a rematch of the Region II championship match in the 3rd place match between Cavazos and Lofton.  Cavazos gets revenge and the bronze medal here.




Hull of Schertz Clemens is in danger of losing his undefeated season in the quarters against Wertz of College Park.  Wertz gets to the Semi after an overtime match against Hull, to match up with Delgado of EP Pebble Hills.  Region I comes out on top here with Delgado making the final.  Brown Ton of Allen and Endene of Arlington Bowie should see each other in the semis, with the history and tradition of Allen taking the win here.  This sets up Delgado and Brown Ton in the Final.  Expect this to be one of the most exciting matches of the tournament.  I think Brown Ton Gets the Win, but not easily. I’m Picking Wertz and Endene in the 3rd place match with Wertz taking the win.


Higgins of Katy  being opposite Marsh of New Braunfels, Nichols of Allen, and Mobarak of Plano West could be a blessing in disguise.  On the other hand, the Semi on the bottom of Mounshed of Arlington Bowie, and Higgins will have all the look and feel of a finals match. I think Higgins takes the win here, and Mounshed takes it out of some poor soul in the consolation semis to make the 3rd place match.  On the top, Nichols of Allen, and Marsh will meet in the 1stround.  The Battle of talented freshman will be epic. I say Nichols takes the win here and rides the emotional high until he runs into Mobarak of Plano west in the semis.  Mobarack brings him down to earth and earns a spot in the final against Higgins. Nichols still has the ability to rebound and make it to the 3rd place match, but I think he meets up with Marsh again in the consolation semis, with Marsh getting revenge.  In the 3rd place match, Marsh puts up a good fight, but Mounshed finishes his season in 3rd place.


Sheeren of Klein has 3 losses, only one of which was in the state of Texas to 170 Higgins. Bold Prediction here: Sheeren Pins his way to the final.  The top of the bracket will be a bit more unpredictable. #1 seed Soliz of San Marcus should make the semi, where he will run into Grange of College Park.  Grange has really come on at the end of the season. The only person in the state that seems to have him figured out is Sheeren.  Look for these 2 to meet in the final.  Sheeren wins, but not without a few scrapes and bruises.  Soliz should battle his way back to the 3rd place match, but who will he meet?  Going out on a limb here, but I think Oliva of Allen makes a run to the 3rd place match to earn some points for the team title. Bronze goes to Soliz, but Oliva feels better when his team takes the gold.


In the top half of the bracket, we should see Davis of Allen Vs. Kidd of Weatherford.  No surprises there.  Only issue may come from Soto of Arlington Martin. Martin has all the tools to make a run at challenging Allen for the state title, and when a kid is wrestling for his team over himself, crazy things can happen!! Kidd barely gets the win here and gets to the final, against……..Rucker of Klein Collins.  This kid is on fire right now.  Son of the coach in his senior year!  Too much emotion, talent, and hard work to go against Rucker here.  Rucker gets the State title in dramatic fashion. Long shot, but I think Davis meets up with Soto for 3rd place creating the most exciting 3rd place match as we come to the end of the tournament with team title implications!!


Another Mounshed of Arlington Bowie takes control of the top half of this bracket.   Just like Sheeren at 182, I think Mounshed pins his way to the final.  Not that the others are not good, it’s just that I’m almost afraid of the kid myself. Mounshed is an undefeated senior on a mission.  On the Bottom, I think Diaz of Klein makes the semi, but his opponent is hard to tell. Expect an INCREDIBLE quarter between Bell of SA Lee and Escobar of EP Montwood.  Escobar earns the semi with Diaz, but can’t close the deal as Diaz earns a 1-2 point win to make the final.  Mounshed finishes his season undefeated and Diaz ends his career draped in silver. Escobar goes on to make the 3rd place match against Cole of Brazoswood to make an all senior top 4. Cole gets the bronze here, but not without a fight!


Don’t see too much interruption of the top 4 seeds’ path in this bracket.  Only kink may come in the form of Bell Jr. from Klein Cain.  Possible upset in the 1st match, but when he sees McElroy  of Conroe Oak Ridge in the Semis, Bell gets thrown to the backside of the bracket.  Wilkins of Katy Taylor and Marsh of New Braunfels should meet in the semis, and Wilkins pulls the upset to meet McElroy in the final. This should be the most athletic 285 match all season long.  If Wilkins can escape Marsh without getting banged up too bad, he gets the win here.   Marsh is in the 3rd place match against Garland of Killeen Ellison.  Marsh puts the hammer don here and walks away with bronze.


Would not be surprised to see ALL of these predictions blown out of the water.  The level of talent will be incredible.   Good Luck to all of the wrestlers this weekend and safe travels to and from the Berry Center.   May the best wrestler win!!!!