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5A Girls Road to State

The Road to State for the 5A girls will be reflecting district outcomes and the ranked wrestlers. Like always I can wait to see who the over achievers and under achievers are, now is the time for the cream to raise to the top and the hard work, perseverance  shows.



The #1 and undefeated Kelly Reyes of Carrollton Turner and  #2 Riley Morrison of Princeton just happen to be in the the same distict and met in the finals, and could meet in the regional finals as well.  For now Morrison will be your new #1-5A wrestler at this weight as she defeated Reyes in the district 9-5A finals.  #3 Kylie Hernandez of El Paso Eastlake, #4 Jacey Burreson of Frisco Lebannon Trail, and #5 Brooklyn Diaz-Mesics of Ft Worth Chisholm Trail had no problems winning their districts and maintaining their current ranking.

Region I Has 7 of the top 20 ranked women at this weight.  Hernandez and Mesics are the top 2 at #3 and #5.  Audalie Cruz of Amarillo Palo Duro comes in at #7 and has a win already over #9 Audree Garcia of Amarillo Caprock from the district 3-5A finals.  #12 Kiarah Gaines of Lubbock Monterey, #13 Leticia Juarez of El Paso Austin, and #18 Stacy Porras of El Paso Chapin will try to wrestle their way into the top 4.

Region II This region only has 3 of the ranked women here with #4 Burreson leading the way.  #6 Ava Storms of Frisco and #10 Shanmya Lewis of Lancaster are sure to make the cut leaving room for another.

Region III The battle of the top 2 wrestlers will continue here in the regional tournament as Morrison and Reyes are sure to meet again unless the 3 ranked wrestlers from other parts of the state have their way about it or an unknown waiting to make a name for themselves.

Region IV Like region 3 this region has 5 ranked wrestlers as well with #8 Anisa Arredondo-Argotti of Corpus Christi Ray and #14 Jerilyn Peralez of Mission Sharyland both in their senior year.


State Tourney Picks


Reyes-RL Turner


Burreson-Lebanon trail

Diaz-Mesics-Chisholm Trail


Cruz-Palo Duro

Arredondo-Argotti-CC Ray



Perez-CS A&M
Peralez-Mission Sharyland



Pick the Rest


If all goes as planned #1 and returning state champ Jasmine Howard of Azle who hasn’t been challenged all season should retain her title here however #2 Odelia Lopez of Corpus Christi Ray, #3 Avery Ashley of Lucas Lovejoy, #4 Jayden Cordova of Amarillo Palo Duro, and #5 Avery Martinez of Canyon Randall all retained their ranking and will hope to dethrone the queen. Howard will meet up with Cordova and/or Martinez at region 1 tournament.  All Regions are pretty much balanced with top wrestlers.

Region I With Howard I would say should be the toughest route to state here for the remaining 4 ranked wrestlers and others trying to get there.  #5 Avery Martinez of Canyon Randall is the only returning state qualifier/placer in the group of ranked wrestlers here excluding Howard.  But #9 Kylie Robledo of El Paso Hanks will look to better her 6th place finish from last year in regionals to make the trip.  #4 Cordova as said earlier has already defeated Martinez last week so they should be split in the regional bracket unless they don’t do seed criteria.

Region II Has only 3 ladies here all ranked in the top 10-20. #11 Dereqa Clarks of Dallas Samuel a returning state qualifier will be contending with JaKaiya Franklin of Lancaster and Tessa Wood of Frisco Independence whom both are coming off district wins like Clarks.

Region III The top 3 wrestlers here are all from the same district “9”.  #3 Avery Ashley of Lovejoy who is the returning state runner up, #7 Mia Uvaldo of Carrollton Turner a state qualifier, and #8 Avery Campbell of Carrolton Creekview.  The next 3 ranked wrestlers are from the Houston area.

Region IV. Has #2 Odelia Lopez of Corpus Christi Ray whom is a returning state 3rd place finisher. #6 Kalli Lea of Leander Glenn, #10 Joe Vasquez of Brook Acd, and #12 Chasey Oglesby of Beeville Jones all 3 are returning state qualifiers.


State Tourney Picks


Lopez-CC Ray


Cordova-Palo Duro








Oglesby-Beeville Jones




This is the killer weight here, it has 9 of the top 20 ranked wrestlers in region 1 with the top 4 wrestlers in order.  Notable returning state champ of 2018 and last years state runner up and nationally ranked #1 Victoria Nunez of El Paso Hanks avenged her earlier loss a couple weeks ago against #2 Sarah Martinez of El Paso Eastwood in the district 2 finals.  Martinez is a 3rd place state finisher in 2018.  Then on to district 3 finals we had #3 Vanessa Macedo of Amarillo Caprock who is a 2x state placer from 2017 & 2018 that got passed #4 Jaryn Ortegon of Canyon Randall a state qualifier last year.

Region I As said above, region 1 is loaded and 5 ladies in the top 20 will be sitting at home come next week.

Region II Has returning state 3rd place finisher Sha’Kiya Scott of Lancaster.  #13 Jalene Romero of Burleson Centennial and #14 Felicia Martin of Arlington Sequin will complete with #16 Marilyn Villegas of Dallas South Oak Cliff and Lizzet Salazar of Dallas Jefferson  along with Scott for the top 4 spots.

Region III With region 1 taking all the top ranking spots region 3 only has 2 ranked wrestlers that being returning state qualifier #6 Katherine Heath of Lucas Lovejoy and #14 Sadie Maddin of New Waverly leaving room for a couple of newbies to join in here.  Heath should control this weight regardless.

Region IV  2 state qualifiers lead the race here with #7 Cassidy King of Cedar Park and #8 Alisha Flores of Beeville Jones.  Bailey Chapa of Uvalde and Baby Lopez of Edcouch-Elsa round out the top 20 and both won their district .


State Tourney Picks







Villegas-Oak Cliff



Maddin-New Waverly

King-Cedar Park






Just like the 110 weight 119 has the top 4 ranked women but only 6 of them vs 9.  #1 Tatianna Garcia of Amarilla Caprock a freshman last year when she placed 3rd in state is looking to better that this year but another freshman #2 Alexis Montes of that El Paso Eastwood team who has been raising to the top this season could make it difficult as Montes herself was nationally ranked earlier this year.  Montes also has beaten #3 Annette Enciso of El Paso Hanks a 5th place finisher last year and qualifier the year before. #4 Morayma Montes of El Paso Austin is a returning state qualifier herself.

Region I Was explained basically above but #6 Tabitha Garner of Ft Worth Chisholm Trail is from a different district and has the potential to upset any of the above wrestler. Garner was a state alternate last year.

Region II #7 Joniesha Kennedy of Dallas Carter, #8 Johana Munoz of Dallas Samuell both look to make the journey to state happen.  #10 Tabitha Wood of Frisco Independence a state runner up last year will look to regain and better her 2nd place finish leaving #17 Timaris Williams of Lancaster as the last of the ranked girls in this region.

Region III. Like region 2 only has 4 ranked wrestlers making the scene led by #5 Ariana Rodriguez of College station a 3x state qualifier looking for her place on the podium her senior year.  #12 Shelby Baker of Carrollton Creekview a returning qualifier herself will be in contention.  Leslie Cuevas of Waller and Alicia Brown of Houston Northside round out the top 4.

Region IV. Ranked ladies are on in the top half of the rankings with district 15 having 3 of the 6 ranked women.  Leading is #9 Catalina Miller of Dripping Springs followed by, Emily Trevino of Sharyland Pioneer both state qualifiers.   Carissa Pena of CC King, Leandra Leal of CC Vet, and Trinity Garcia of CC Miller are familiar with each other all from the same district.


State Tourney Picks





Rodriguez-College Station





Miller-Dripping Springs



Pena-CC King

Leal-CC Vet




This weight has variety from all regions. #1 Aubrey Yauger of Burleson Centennial is the highest returning state placer here finishing 3rd last year.  #2 Kya Battle of CC Veterans Mem. Is a returning state qualifier as well as #3 Angelina Prado of El Paso Eastwood.  #4 Angelina Baltazar of El Paso Hanks isn’t a stranger to state as she has bee there her freshman and sophomore years placing 2nd her sophomore year.  Baltazar didn’t wrestled last season

Region I has the 2 El Paso women Prado and Baltazar with #9 Colby Velasquez of Amarillo Caprock and #16 Jocelyn Ramos of El Paso Austin.  Ramos a returning state qualifier from 2018.

Region II. Home of the #1 all year Yauger.  Yauger will have some topped ranked Dallas girls to contend with.  #6 Graciela Saldana of Dallas Adams, #7 Nora Reyes of Dallas Adamson, and #8 Onaja Johnson of Dallas Kimball.

Region III Has the top side of the rankings here with 5 ranked wrestler from #13 -#20.  #13 Alexander Melendrez of Houston Northside starts out the pack here followed by, #14 Kayla Molina of Friendswood, #18 Anastasia Guerra of College Station, and Ashlee Flatt of Princeton.

Region IV #2 Kya Battle of CC Veterans Memorial will have to contend with #5 Madison Hill of Leander Glenn. Hill is a returning state 5th place finisher from last year.  Battle is a returning qualifier herself.  #10 Teresa Gallegos of Edcouch-Elsa and #11 Brooklyn Garza of La Joya Palmview  round out the top 4 ranked wrestler here.


State Tourney Picks


Battle-Vet Mem









Radcliff-SA VET Mem

Garza-Palm view




Guerra-College Station



The top 5 ranked women here are all returning  state placers or qualifiers led by #1 Maddie Sanquist of Humble Kingwood Park.  Sandquist is a 2x state qualifier and a 4th place finisher last year.  #2 Mea Mohler of Leander Glenn is a 5th place state finisher a year ago. The #3,#4, & #5 are all region 2 women.

Region I Is led by a DFW wrestler #6 Giovanna Gordon of Ft Worth Chisholm Trail a senior who missed out going to state last season but qualified the year before.  #8 Rebekah Chavez of El Paso Eastwood is coming off her district win along with #11 Nina Chavez of El Paso High School & #20 Faith Anderson of Amarillo.

Region II #3 Sariah Ferguson of Frisco Independence a state qualifier has the latest win over #4 Karina Quiros of Frisco Liberty a returning 6th place state finisher.  #5 is Maya Lewis of Dallas Sunset  a state qualifier herself.  The problem here is the #7, #9, & #10 ranked women are in this region as well setting up a spoiler for someone.

Region III Is where Sanquist will come through. #12 Bailey Mayrant of New Waverly  is the next highest ranked wrestler out of the next 4 women and is the only other returning state qualifier in this region ranked. #15 Julie Cano of Pflugerville, #16 Abby Rodriguez of College Station, #18 Veronica Venegas of Carrollton Creekview and #19 Daniella Brown of Georgetown will all compete for the final 2 spots.

Region IV Is Mohler land.  #13 Vanessa Ramirez of Sharyland Pioneer, #14 Jennifer Lopez of Rio Grande City, and #17 Joselyn Carriera of Corpus Christi King round out the top 4 ranked wrestlers.

State Tourney Picks

Sandquist-Kingwood Park
Gordon-Chisholm Trail
Chavez-El Paso
Lopez-Rio Grande City
Rodriguez-College Station


#1 Kayani Ayala of El Paso Burges is the only returning state placer here, placing 4th last year.  4 others are returning state qualifiers leaving the door wide open for new comers.  6 of the top 10 women are all seniors.

Region I Has 7 of the top women here including #1 Ayala.  #3 Samantha Bonilla of El Paso Eastwood, #6Molly Gribble of Vernon, and #10 Savannah Chavira of Hereford are the top 4 wrestlers here.  #11 Karla Cano of Amarillo Caprock  come in at the 5th girl.

Region II This region only has 3 women leaving room for new comers.  #13 Nataly Torres of Dallas Wilson, #18 Cassidy Jacinto of Frisco Heritage, and #20 Daley Burkett of Frisco Liberty.

Region III #4 Heaven Johnson of Houston Northside and #4 Linda Marroquin of Conroe Caney Creek lead the top 4 girls in this region.  #14 Emily Flatt of Princeton and #17 Meagan Alexis of Houston Waltrip should make their state debut as well.

Region IV Heats up here with 6 ranked wrestlers here and 4 of them top 10.  #2 DeUndria Anderson of Beeville Jones and #7 Ashley Aleman of La Joya Palmview are both returning state qualifiers.  #8 Viviana Ayala of Mission Sharyland and #9 Carla Cruz of Donna round 0ut the top 4 wrestlers.

State Tourney Picks

Marroquin-Caney Creek
Anderson-Beeville Jones


The top 9 wrestlers here all held their state ranking after districts. Leading the way is returning 3x state qualifier and returning state champ #1 Destiny Miles of Dallas Kimball.  #2 Princess Egbuchunam of Frisco Liberty a returning state 3rd place finisher will met up with Miles at regionals to give a preview of the potential state finals match.  One can’t count out any El Paso wrestlers especially a Hanks wrestler. Coach Carter always has his women wrestlers ready to roll and #3 Victoria Hinojo a returning 2x state placer, placing 5th in 2018, and 3rd last season is no exception. Hinojo along with #4 Judith Rivas of La Joya Palmview a returning state qualifier and #5 Vianna Barbosa of Amarillo Caprock a returning state qualifier, alternate, and 6th place finisher can make this weight one of the toughest 5A women weight classes.

Region I with Hinojo and Barbosa the 2 returning state placers the favorite here.  #7 Arkajai Walker of Lubbock Estacado, #8 Belen Chavez of Fabens, #9 Desiree Sanchez of Hereford, and #15 Kelley Rodriguez of El Paso Burges will all be battling themselves and newcomers for the remains 2 spots to the big show.

Region II  Has Miles and Egbuchunam. everyone else will be wrestling for 3rd and 4th.  #11 Renautica Marshall of Lancaster a returning state qualifier, #13 Cairee Jones of Frisco Independence, and #19 Melissa Vazquez of Dallas Adamson are the ones in contention.

Region III #6 Makia English of Bryan Rudder a senior and 2x state qualifier leads the race here.  #12 Venecia Weaver, #17 Comfort Eking of Rosenberg Lamar Cons, and #20 Krystoni Garza of Houston Northside round out top 4 here.

Region IV #4 Judith Rivas of La Joya Palmview and #10 Phoenix Talamantez of SA Brooks Academy  are the 2 returning state qualifiers here with #14 Noemi Gonzalez of Corpus Christi King, #16 Mia Martell of Lampasas, and #18 Raquell Summers-Saenz of Leander Rouse competing for the final 2 spots.

State Tourney Picks

Eking-Rosenburg Lamar
Gonzalez-CC King


With 5 state placers and 7 state qualifiers returning here one could argue this weight is tougher then the previous weight.  The top 2 wrestlers are both 2x returning state placers with #1 Natalia Villegas of CC Veterans Memorial aslo a a state qualifier her freshman year. Villegas now a senior placed 3rd the last 2 state appearances.  #2 Zoe Hankins of El Paso Parkland is another senior and placed 5th in 2018, and 2nd last year.  #3 Malachi Kyser of Arlington Seguin is a returning state qualifier and 4th place state finisher.  #4 Emma Lozada of Princton is a returning state qualifier and #5 Hayley Montez of Victoria East is a 5th place state finisher. #6-#12 are all returning state qualifiers with #11 KiAundra Green of Dallas Kimball is a 6th place finisher as well.

Region I This is where Hankins hangs out and could have a rematch of the district 2-5A finals with #9 Zipporah Rios of El Paso Eastwood.  #14 Evany Goodmen of Hereford, #15 Shay Espositio of Canyon Randall, #18 Savanna Stewart of El Paso Chapin, and #19 Brenna Trammell of Lubbock Monterey  will be competing for the final 2 spots.

Region II. This region has 2 returning state placers. #3 Malachi Kyser of Arlington Seguin who placed 4th and #11 KiAundra Green of Dallas Kimball who placed 6th.  both are state qualifiers from the previous year as well.  #6 Abilgayle Szanto of Frisco Independence and #7 Elizabeth Grabiec of The Colony are the final ranked wrestlers as well as being qualifiers themselves last year.

Region III. Region 3 heats up a bit with 6 ranked wrestlers here starting with #4 Emma Lozado of Princeton and #8 Lexy Shannon of Humble Kingwood Park both state qualifiers.  #10 Jazzlyn Dora of Rosenberg Terry is a 2x state qualifier. Sitting at #20 is Faith Livington of Houston Northside a sophomore who just happens to be a returning state placer with a 4th place finish who in my opinion is ranked low.

Region IV. #1 Villegas and #5 Montez will more then likely battle here for the regional championship.  #16 Mariah Holder of San Antonio Veterans Memorial and #17 Mikaitlyn Anderson of Beeville Jones  are the final 2 ranked wrestlers in this region.

State Tourney Picks

Villegas-CC VET
Montez-Victoria East
Shannon-Kingwood Park
Holder-SA Vet Mem
Anderson-Beeville Jones


Only 1 state placer returning this year and that’s #1 Samyra Thomas of Houston Kashmere. Thomas placed 6th last year as a freshman.  #2 Camila Flores of Sharyland Pioneer a returning state qualifier should give  her some resistance.    this weight is lopsided with 8 girls in region 1, and 6 in region 4.  Region 2&3 both have 6 girls together.

Region I starts out with #4 Lourdes Duran of Ft Worth Chisholm Trail and #5 Norma Salomon of Bushland. None of the 8 ladies here are returning state qualifiers or placers.  #8,9,10,11,17, & 19 will all battle the top 2 wrestlers for the final for spots

Region II. #3 Jimena Garcia of Dallas Samuell a returning state qualifier, #4 Katera King of Dallas Kimball, and #20 Fatima Mendy of Frisco are the only 3 wrestlers here leaving room for a new comer.

Region III. #1 Thomas should have an easy road to the finals.  #12 Taylor Rich of Richmond Foster a returning state qualifier  and #18 Iyanna Scott of Bryan Rudder are the only 3 ranked wrestlers here as well.

Region IV. 6 ladies here with #2  Camila Flores of Sharyland Pioneer, #3 Mia Epps-Hicks of Corpus Christi Ray and #7 Angel Cerda of Corpus Christi Moody are the top 3 wrestlers here.  #13 Precious Hernenadez of Donna, #14 Shaniya Walker of Austin Crockett,  and Rachel Villarreal of Rio Grande City make up the final 3.

State Tourney Picks

Duran-Chishom trail
Hicks-CC Ray
Cerda_CC Moody
Villarreal-Rio grande City