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The Quad of the Season

Mark your Calendars as next Tuesday at Allen High School the Quad of the Season will go down with Allen and Arlington Martin taking on Broken Arrow and Tuttle Oklahoma.  You will have to take off work or school to attend these duals as they start at 2pm and will end with Allen and Martin starting approx. around 5pm.  This is also Senior night for Allen.  The early start times were necessary to make this dual happen as the Oklahoma teams can’t miss 2 days of class and still lets them get home before midnight.
The latest team rankings with Intermat has Allen @ #13, Broken Arrow @ #25, and Tuttle @ #26. Martin has been hammered with sickness and bad luck all season but expect at least the 3 power house wrestlers to be in attendance Chavez, Whitted, and Two Lance.  Broken Arrow boys won the Geary Tournament earlier this month.
This dual will also have the Junior High and Girls getting in on the battle,  Broken Arrow has its first year Womens wrestling team with nationally ranked girls while Allen actually has a team of girls this year and Martin has always had a top Womens team.

Below is the schedule for the duals on 1/28.  They will try and hurry up the Jr. High so that Tuttle and BA can get on the road. Girls will be worked in on mat 3 between the duals.
Mat 1
2pm- Allen vs Tuttle
3:30pm- Allen vs BA
5pm- Allen vs Martin
Mat 2
2pm- Martin vs BA
3:30pm- Martin vs Tuttle
5pm- Allen vs BA jr high(will split up the matches left from mat 3)
Mat 3
2pm- Tuttle vs BA
3:30pm- Allen vs Tuttle
5pm- Allen vs BA